Myth Among Men

The phoenix who once flew alight in the sky,

Her song silenced, doomed to die.

The magic city of Avalon is lost to a world of despair and gloom,

Hidden within the cold mist lies the great king's tomb.

Coyote the trickster's laughter is silenced,

Innocent mischief cannot be found in violence.

The willowy dryads droop in sorrow,

Wondering if the forest will see tomorrow.

The mighty dragon sleeps in its glittering cave,

Denied battle, there are no more knights brave.

Magic is still around us if we don't kill it,

We can still dream of a good world, if we will it.

The burning song bird can be born again,

And sing a sweet sound,

A pure hearted soul is needed,

To make the lost city found.

Laughter can be renewed and innocence found,

In but a gust of wind.

Trees can again be planted,

To ease humanity's sin.

A battle of fang and steel,

A noble fight,

A true contest,

To show the heart's might.

What path will you choose,

The pocket or the heart,

What amount of paper can compare,

To the reward of magic and the arts?