Battle Scars

Please, don't think twice

I hope that you'll remember to forget

Because I grow stronger when I'm in pieces,

I really do

No, honestly, it's all my fault

I thought that I would be safe with you,

That your promises, "I love you's " and devotion

Meant something

Back to the starting line

Why do I have to re-learn this lesson?

It nearly killed me the last time-

So what essential piece did I misplace?

Sick of being a soldier on love's battlefield

A silent witness to the happy endings of others

Some kind of sadistic martyr to the optimistic

Just a sick statistic, I guess

Dying to be another 'half' to complete

The whole broken picture

"Wait, you'll meet someone"

Sick of hearing that and starting to believe it's a lie

You must really like glossing it over

When am I going to learn

Just hit the ground harder

But please, I beg you, don't hesitate

To look back at the destruction

Your well-phrased words

Left behind