~The New Year~

So this is the new year,

Reality's just sinking in

Rolling each new wave of pain over my raw emotions

Had been wanting to write again –but not at this cost,

Paid for my mistakes with the new year's regrets-

And I've only just begun to collect the change

Thought I'd try and trust again-

All too eager to leave behind the solitary

Alas, it wasn't ready to leave me

Sitting here with a new set of memories

Two month's worth of making

All came crashing down

The second day of the new year

Thought I was supposed to have a Revolution

Discovered it should've been more like Rejection

Allowing myself to let go and trust got me burned

This Phoenix reburies itself deep under the ashes

Tired of picking up the scattered pieces

Tinier shards and splinters every time

Harder to see, and much longer to put back together

But please, don't allow yourself to trip,

As you cradle your reputation close,

Just remember one thing before you exit the scene-

I'm finding it hard to search in your shadow


*Copyright_CostumeForAGutterball_2009 *