Each passing second on the clock is a minor heart attack as I desperately try to keep alive. Tonight, time is not on our side, and nothing seems to be able to prolong my wavering life. My short-lived paradise will fall into ruins once again within hours, but I do not want to go home right now. There is a taste that I could not find elsewhere, and there is only one scent that I savor so dear. There is only one place in the world that I want to be, and my darling, that place is right here.

Seconds are becoming as precious as gold, and I cannot help but cry a little as you hold me. No one in the world was ever good to me before you; no one in the world is gentle to me but you. I am only human for as long as you are holding my hand, and I want to avoid the transition back to myself again. Please do not make me return to my wasteland. I shield my eyes and turn my face away from you. I just hope that you do not see me through, but being you, of course you do.

Seconds are becoming as precious as gold, and I know you can feel my fingers trembling as I comb it through your soft, red hair. My quivering breath cannot be denied, and this pain I simply cannot hide. I cry now, but did you know? Did you know that I am so happy? That I have never been happier than this? My days with you are as close to heaven as I will ever know, and I simply do not want to be without you.

And as our fingers lace, and your gentle fingertips caress my bold, red nails, I lay my head against your shoulder and I exhale. Come tonight, I will return to the cell where I have grown so old. Come tonight, your bed will return to being cold. I know…

Time is running out, and I feel as though a terminal patient waiting for death. Any moment now, she will come to claim me. When the clock strikes six, I will know… it is now my time to go.