Tears falling.
Heart breaking.

Looking at my hands
Wondering why
Why you did this to me

My world
Once full of hope
now gone,
dissappered to nowhere.

It's not your fault.
It's more like mine.
That fact I don't deny.

It seems right from the start,
You doesn't love me at all.
You used me for your revenge
And I ,being a fool,
believed it all.

I should have known
That you couldn't have love me suddenly
for I am not your type.
And that you still love her.
That's why you still care
Even if you hated her for
What she had done to you.

I decided not to blame you.
Cause if I was you,
Maybe I would do the same too.

Let's just forget it.
I am tired
of this revenge business.
It's not like you will come back for me.
So goodbye.
And don't worry.

Our relationship will be
gone with the wind.
Along with the memories attached to it.
Along with the love I had
For you.

Thank you for the memories
you gave me.
I had fun
when I was with you.
And I hope you had too.

Farewell my love
though it was one-sided.
Let's not meet again.