Chapter One: 459

Once upon a time there was a huge eight-storey building jammed in the middle of the town's hospital and the town's funeral home. Locals say that this building was haunted because of its location. Almost every year groups of adventurous people stay inside the building overnight to uncover the mystery inside the building. They found nothing but rats and other pests.

The hospital's owner wanted to buy the building as an extension of the hospital however, the hospital's owner died the second he signed the papers to the ownership of the building. The ownership was forfeited and they got their money back.

The building then was turned into a store. People from the hospital bought most of their stuff from the building. After a few years, robbers got inside the store thus, bankrupting the store. No one planned to buy the building after that. They said that it naturally brought bad luck to anyone.

A few more years passed and a businessman then bought the building. He turned it into an apartment. The building had many rooms. All the building needed was a few repairs and repainting to make it look like newly built. The locals were doubtful that the apartment would stay long. The building was cursed and no one can change that.

The day of the grand opening finally came. The owner waited patiently outside for anyone to greet him. He was feeling extremely lucky this day.

The owner then saw a fortune-teller with long sleeves and glasses coming towards him. The owner greeted her. She warned the owner. She said that all that she could see in that place was bad luck.

"Are you sure about what you just did?" the fortune-teller with the long white sleeves and glasses asked.

"Yes. Thank you," the owner said with a smile.

This time the owner saw a Shaman with a weird necklace wrapped around his neck. The Shaman also came towards him. The owner greeted him. He warned the owner. He said that the place was inhabited with bad spirits.

"Are you sure about what you just did?" the Shaman with the weird necklace asked.

"Yes. Thank you," the owner said with a smile.

The day went on. The owner did not know why he was still standing outside. It was as if he was waiting for someone.

He then saw a priest with a bible in his hand walking towards him. The owner greeted him. He warned the owner. He said that he has a bad feeling about the place.

"Are you sure about what you just did?" the priest with a bible in his hand asked.

"Yes. Thank you," the owner said with a smile.


The apartment unlike the others was surprisingly successful. Every year more and more residents come. The owner also had a family. He fell in love with one of his tenants. They had one child. Her name was Clio. They do not live in the apartment for the owner had enough money to have a house built on a subdivision nearby.

Everything was supposed to be fine except for one thing. The building was still cursed no matter what happens. The other units were fine except for one. No one wanted that unit. They said that they just don't like living there. It was not that scary but it was not comfortable either. That room was just weird.

Since no one ever considered living in that room the owner inspected it. He did this so that he himself could testify that the room was habitable. He planned to stay for just one night. The next morning when his family came to get him he then decided to stay for a week.

The weeks turned into months. The months then turned into years. This continued on until the owner finally decided to live in that said unit. He did not even want to give the unit to anyone else. His family and the other tenants were asking him if he was fine.

"I like that room. What's your problem? Don't worry I'm fine." He answered with a chuckle.

His family just let him stay there. His wife even offered to stay with him so that the three could be together but the owner rejected the idea. He said that the house needed her more than ever. His family could do nothing.

They still continued to have a normal happy family. The only difference is that the owner goes home in that unit and not in their house.

They had no problems ever since.


The next day the owner woke up. He saw the usual scenery inside his room. He then stood up and looked outside his window.

There were flashes of lightning. It crossed across the sky creating magnificent tree-like images there. The sound of thunder echoed throughout the land. It boomed as if proclaiming to the whole world that it was its ruler.

The wind howled carrying in its tail the cries of a thousand souls seeking revenge. The streets outside were quiet. There were only a few vehicles roaming around. Not a single person could be seen in the streets.

It was an unusual sunny morning.

The owner sighed. He then turned around and decided to go back to bed. He was somehow becoming lazy today and he doesn't know why.

He walked towards his bed as if it was the only thing he wanted to do that day. The slow ticking of the clock echoed in his head. He doesn't really care what time it was. He just wanted to go to bed.

He sat on his bed. He took off his slippers and laid his back on the bed. The bed took his weight. He spread his body on the bed as he stared blankly at the ceiling. He slowly felt drowsy. He slowly closed his eyes. Somehow he was starting to hear various voices inside the room. He lifted his eyelids and peeked. He found nothing. The voices grew louder. He tried his best to peek again. His eyelids were getting heavier than usual. He was having harder time to focus.

The moment he opened his eyes a bit he discerned someone hovering above him. It was a little girl with a long black hair.

He wanted to open his eyes wider but the opposite happened. His eyes suddenly shut close.

He felt himself having a hard time to breathe. The air was getting heavier. He wanted to wake up but he couldn't.

If it was all a dream then why couldn't he wake up?

"Maybe this was it!" he thought to himself, "the curse of this room."

Just when he thought that he could finally think straight it vanished.

The voices become louder and louder until he couldn't hear himself anymore.


There was a knock on the door. Clio brought her father some cookies she herself baked. She was very proud of herself. Since no one answered she knocked once more on the door. No one answered. She knocked again.

"Maybe he is still asleep." She thought.

She then searched her pockets and found the key to the room. She inserted the key to the keyhole and turned it. She then slowly pushed the door to open. She peeked inside. Her father was not around.

She looked at the wall clock. Her father must've overslept. It was either that or he was out.

She went inside and placed the cookies on the table. She then smiled and decided to look for her father. She first went to his room. Since she knows that he must be there.

When she got there she noticed that the door was slightly opened so her father must've woken up. Still she decided to go inside. She opened the door. She stepped in. She went to his bed. She saw her father. She screamed.

Her voice echoed in the apartment. That day she lost her father.