Juline, Nigel, Sascha, Vera, George, Mike, Peter and Pauline.
Eight names that, at first sight, didn't have any connection. But they were all single and all present at the party. They all knew at least one of the others as good friends. And they all had enough of the party sooner or later and hid in a room. They also all knew Timothy.
And they were all in love with one of the others, but weren't sure if their feelings were replied.
The feelings needed a little push forward.

Vera was the first one to separate herself from the rest. She was in need of some time alone to reconsider her feelings.
It was a party of an ex of hers, Timothy. He invited a lot of friends of his, he was known amongst his friends for great parties. He had just become seventeen, so he invited a lot of friends into his place to celebrate it.
Because, in his opinion, you'll only have a birthday once a year. Why not celebrate it with a lot of friends? He had a lot of them and invited them all over.
He could afford it, he had a very big house and his parents never had problems with having a party.
Vera's love, the one she wanted, was invited as well. Sascha.
A blonde guy, short hair and medium sized, stole her heart. She was in love with him, and not just a little bit. It was there for a month now and it was about time she would tell to Sascha what she felt for him.
While the music was on, Vera conquered a seat next to Sascha and wanted to tell him what she felt for him. But just when Vera wanted to say "I love you", her mouth opened and three completely other words flew out of her mouth; "Want to dance?"
Vera hated dancing. She was about the worst dancer this world ever had – in her own opinion. That's why she felt so bad when Sascha replied with a big smile he did want to dance with her.
So, they got to the dance floor and they tried to dance.
But, as predicted, Vera was a horrible dancer and often stepped on the toes of Sascha, who eventually gave up on it. Vera got very confused about that and decided she needed some time for herself to think and figure it all out, not very sure if her feelings were replied at all. She told Timothy and he told her she could use his bedroom.
But her time alone was over, since all of a sudden, the door opened.
Peter had lost his heart to the one, the single one he didn't want to lose his heart to. His enemy.
They were in the same class, but each other's complete opposite. He was silent, withdrawn and easily embarrassed. He didn't have that much courage, but was someone who wasn't distracted easily. He was good with languages and hated math.
Juline, however, was always the first one to be sent out of the class. When she felt or thought something, she was always the first to mention it and was usually the one who disturbed the lessons. She was distracted easily and didn't seem to know the meaning of the word 'embarrassed'. She loved math and hated languages.
Even in their looks, they were completely different. Peter was tall, had brown hair and green eyes. Juline was blonde, small and had blue eyes. They weren't very kind to each other; Juline was usually the one who bullied him. Even though Juline was a lot smaller than him, Peter didn't have the guts to do anything back.
That's why he had declared her his enemy in his mind.
But suddenly, about a week ago, he realized he couldn't keep his eyes off her. He had been in love before and knew exactly how it felt, that's why he recognized the feeling immediately. He hated it, but the feeling didn't want to go away. His eyes were fixed on her face since that week. Strangely, Juline didn't notice.
If he liked her, it would've been a lot easier. But he hated her and that was why he hated that feeling.
He was invited to the party, since Timothy and Peter played a lot of baseball together. They were good friends, Timothy knew him quite well. Peter suspected he also knew about Peter's crush… Anyway, Peter quickly had enough of the crowd and tried to find a room for himself. He knew where Timothy's bedroom was, he thought no one would be there. But he was wrong; when he opened the door, he saw Vera sitting there.
"Hey, what are you doing here?"
"Nothing." He knew Vera from baseball as well. She used to be Timothy's girlfriend, but they broke up eventually. She was sitting on the bed in the room. He sat on the chair in the same room without saying a word. He wasn't really into making contact right now, and it seemed that Vera wasn't either. Good.
Nigel was in love but couldn't tell anyone, because they'd only laugh.
He was gay.
No one was allowed to know it, absolutely no one. He found out about a month ago about his sexuality when he fell in love with somebody that wasn't a girl. He stopped seeing that person, but it happened again, two weeks ago. He realised he was in love with another guy.
He was an open guy, always ready to talk, always nice, someone to be relied on. He rarely lied to people and told the truth often.
Of course, he had his negative sides, but Nigel never saw those, blinded as he was by the things he felt for him.
George was a guy with long, dark blonde hair, in a ponytail that somehow didn't look girl-ish.
The first guy he ever fell in love with, Timothy, invited him over for a party. He reluctantly accepted it, knowing that maybe his old feelings for Timothy might be visible again, but also wanting to talk and dance.

Eventually, a girl he knew, Norah, asked him if he wanted to dance. He accepted that one reluctantly too and they danced, but Nigel had his
mind with George and didn't think about the person he danced with.
Unfortunately, Norah did think about the person she danced with. Eventually, she bent over and tried to kiss him.
Nigel broke the kiss very quickly and stared at her with open eyes in shock. After that, he ran away, shaking his head, in deep shock.
He wanted to be somewhere Norah couldn't find him and thought of Timothy's bedroom, which he found quickly. He opened the door and saw two people sitting there. One in the chair, the other one on the bed. He greeted both of them and sat on another chair. He recognized Peter from baseball and tried to start a conversation with him; but he didn't seem too eager to start a conversation and cut short all the attempts that lead there.
So, Nigel gave up and just thought about George.

Juline was weird.
Something she knew since the day she was old enough to know things.
She was in love with someone, but had a very weird way of showing it. That someone wasn't even someone who looked a lot like her. In fact, they were each other's opposites, but that didn't stop her feelings. From the moment she saw him, she realized she was in love with him.
But she bullied him a lot. Why, she didn't know. She never knew why she did what she did. She just did it, like she cared. She rarely did, but she had started caring more and more about her actions since she knew Peter. She held back more and more, even though she thought Peter didn't notice. She also started to think more and more her feelings were replied, but she knew that was just nonsense. Peter could never love her.
She knew Timothy via George – he was in her class and played baseball often. When George threw in a party for his own birthday, she met Timothy and they had a conversation. That was enough for Timothy to invite her over.
But she didn't really feel like dancing. She felt like finding Peter and telling him she was sorry about bullying him – although it would probably just end up in her bullying him, she felt it was worth a try.
So, she checked every room and found Peter eventually, together with two other people. She recognized Vera as Timothy's former girlfriend, but didn't know who Nigel was. She nodded towards Peter, whose facial expression changed when he saw her.
Anger, frustration and sadness were in his eyes when he saw her, she could see that. But, did she see that well?
Was there a tad of confusion in there?

No, she was probably wrong. She decided to focus on Peter later, because she wanted to know more people. She stepped towards the only guy in the room she didn't know, Nigel, and started a conversation with him.

Sascha was someone who lacked tact.
He was about as tactless as someone could be and he knew it.
There was only one girl he wanted, only one girl he loved. It was at first sight and they knew each other for a year now. But all that time, he wanted to tell her how much he loved her.
She was blonde, had long, curled hair. They met each other at Vera's hobby, swimming. They became good friends eventually, but Sascha wanted more.
That hurt when he found out Vera went steady with a good friend of his. All his hope was crushed, but he didn't try to find someone else. When they broke up, Saschas hope returned, especially because he hoped there was a reason for their breaking up…
They sat next to each other at the party, when suddenly Vera asked if he wanted to dance. He accepted happily, he was a good dancer.
But Vera wasn't, she stepped on his toes often. He eventually stopped dancing and went back to his chair. He didn't see where Vera went, but when he turned around, she was gone.

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!
He should have taught her how to dance, he should've been understanding. He wasn't sure what to do but eventually, he ran after her, trying to find her to apologize and telling her he wanted to try again.
Timothy was a good friend of Sascha and even though he went steady with his crush for a while, the friendship remained, which was why he was invited over.
But his house was big and he had a hard time trying to find her.
Eventually, though, he did. She was in a room with three other people, sitting on the bed. They looked at each other. After that, Sascha looked around and saw Peter, a good friend of him, someone he knew from his other hobby, baseball.
He also recognized Nigel, but he didn't have as much contact with him as with Peter. Juline was a stranger to him.
He also went sitting on the bed.
"Hey, I'm sorry. Want to try again? I'll teach you how." Vera shook her head.
"No, thanks, I'm not that much into dancing right now."
"We can also just talk." Vera agreed.
Pauline danced with everyone she could meet who wanted to. It was her way of celebrating a party, dancing. She loved dancing and danced with everyone who wanted to. To her, it didn't mean much with who she danced.
She thought while dancing about the life around her. About the guy she loved, about her next crush.
She lost count which one, but she believed this was about her fifteenth. She wasn't really good with boys and fell in love a lot of times, but it was never replied.
This crush, Mike, was her next one, but it felt different somehow. All her previous loves were at first sight, but this one wasn't. It felt strange.
They were in the same class, but weren't that close at all. They talked a couple of times, but it never really meant much. Nevertheless, she fell in love with him a month after meeting him.
That was three months ago now. It was strange; her crushes usually lasted only one month, so Mike surely was different.
Timothy was one who came before Mike, probably crush number fourteen; they knew each other because they were at the same school. They had a conversation once and for Timothy, that was enough for him to invite her over and enough for Pauline to fall in love with Timothy. It didn't matter, because her feelings lasted only a month.
She was tired of dancing and stopped. She went sitting on a chair close to the dance floor and saw Mike dancing in there.
He had black, short hair and was a really nice guy, but she didn't want to talk to him now. She wanted to rest, away from all the noise. She searched for a room and found one, eventually. But it was one where five other people were sitting. She entered it nevertheless and looked around, wanting to find familiar faces. She found just one, Juline.

Who didn't know her? They were on the same school and sometimes had lunch together. She was really nice to Pauline, but she had a conversation already.
So, she decided she was going to sit down on the floor, wanting to start a conversation, but being too shy to start one herself.

Juline had a great idea.
"Guys, why don't we play Truth or Dare?" She looked around daringly, hoping someone would agree. Nigel, who told Juline his name, was the first one to agree.
Vera came second, followed by Sascha. Pauline was fourth and after some time, Peter reluctantly agreed to join them.
"Great!" She sat herself down on the floor and wanted to start, before she realised wasn't sure if the other people knew each other, even though she knew all the people in the room now.
"Let's first introduce ourselves. I'm Juline." She nodded to Nigel, who introduced himself as well. After that, they all started to introduce themselves. Juline decided to start and picked her favourite victim.
"Peter. Truth or Dare?"
"Truth." He lacked the courage to say dare.
"Do you think Pauline is attractive?"
George had a problem and it was a big one.
He was in love and not a little bit. But it wasn't a girl, it was a boy.
Nigel, to be precise. He liked him, but wasn't sure if it was replied. It was the very first time he fell in love with someone who wasn't a girl and it felt strange.
He went to Timothy with it; they were good friends and were in the same class, telling each other everything. Timothy didn't laugh at him and just said he would have to give it some time. George did, but his feelings didn't go away.
He knew Nigel from baseball which they played together. That was about a month ago since they first met and it was love at first sight, for him.

Nigel was black in his skin colour, but had blonde hair. He was tall and skinny. He wasn't very open but he wasn't much closed either, always willing to talk, but never telling someone all his secrets. It was that controversy that attracted George in Nigel.
Timothy invited him over and, without George knowing it, invited Nigel as well. He saw him at the party, all of a sudden. He ran away, trying to find a place for himself. He went to the toilet, because he didn't feel like meeting Nigel for now.
When he left, he heard a familiar voice in a room close to him, one he recognized as Peter's. He knew him from baseball, too.
He entered the room and saw there were six others sitting there, playing Truth or Dare. After introducing himself, seeing Nigel, and hearing the introductions of the others, he was allowed to play along.

After introducing themselves once more, Juline focused back on him and asked him the question once more. Peter shrugged and replied, tactfully, "just a little bit".
He replied, so it was Nigels turn. It took him some time, but he chose Sascha eventually.
"Sascha, Truth or Dare."
"Do you have a crush on somebody?"

Mike danced happily, never wanting to stop. Dancing was one of his favourite hobbies and he loved it. In his opinion, one could never dance too much, which was why it was his favourite hobby.
But, eventually, he grew tired. He went sitting on a chair – ironically enough, Pauline sat there first – and watched the others. He went to the bathroom not soon afterwards and heard the familiar voice of Pauline, his next crush.
They met in the classroom and Mike liked Pauline immediately. She had black hair in a ponytail. Mike was fond of black hair – partially because he had it himself – and ponytails, so she was the ideal girl for him.
He knew Timothy fairly well; he was one of his best friends. He was the first to know Mike fell for Pauline. They lunched together a couple of times.
Curious as he was, he listened at the door and backed away when he saw someone else coming. When he entered as well and was welcomed by the others, Mike decided to give it a go and entered the room.
He introduced himself, recognized Pauline and Juline, with whom he had lunch a couple of times, and listened to the introductions of others.
They could continue once more.
After the interruption, Nigel asked the question once more and Sascha gave the answer.
"Yes, I have, but I wouldn't call it a crush." He replied truthfully. He didn't have the guts to tell Vera, but she couldn't guess it this way, he thought.
"Because this 'crush' has lasted for quite some time now." Nigel nodded, so it was Saschas turn now. He picked Juline.

"Juline, Truth or Dare?"
"Everyone seems to reply truth. I want dare." Sascha smiled.
"I dare you to… insult Nigel." Whatever. He wasn't really good in making up dares.
"Nigel, you're a fool and you behave very gayly." She said with a wink towards Nigel, but he looked like he couldn't appreciate it. Like she just spoke the truth and he was gay.
George saw it too, but decided he was imagining it. It was Vera's turn, who picked Sascha.

"Sascha, Truth or Dare?"
"Truth," Sascha said, seeing a chance to tell Vera his true feelings.
"Your 'crush', is she in this room?" Sascha blushed and tried to smile to hide it.
"Yes." Vera wasn't sure if Sascha knew other girls in the room, so she wasn't sure if he meant her. But she didn't dare to ask it so directly.
"George, your turn."

"Nigel. Truth or Dare?" Again, Truth was picked and Nigel did that for the same reason as Sascha.
"What's your sexuality, anyway?" Nigel blushed, but he didn't want to lose the game. So he whispered something that no one could hear.
"What did you say? Louder, please!" Nigel whispered it a bit louder, but still no one could hear him.
"I can't hear you!" Nigels face was now as red as a black face can be. He took a deep breath and shouted: "GAY!" Everyone was startled and laughed, but they seemed understanding anyway. After some time, George passed on the turn to Mike. He took sympathy on Nigel and decided to have revenge for him.

"George, Truth or Dare?" But George seemed to know what Mike was planning.
"Dare." Mike wasn't prepared for this, but made up a good dare anyway.
"I dare you to dance the cancan." George became red quickly, but did as he had to do. He wasn't really such a good dancer, so others laughed at him a lot. Eventually, Mike passed on the turn to Peter.

"Juline. Truth or Dare?" Juline picked the option she hadn't picked yet, truth.
"Why are so bullying me so much?" Juline got red, an indication she did know what embarrassment was. She hated the fact she picked truth, but she took a deep breath and told the truth.
"I'm weird. I'm extremely weird. I'm bullying you because I like – no, I love you. Very much and for a long, long while. It's my way of showing you I love you. I know that's weird. Sorry." Her smile was gone and her face was red. Peter was staring at her with open mouth while the entire room grew silent, waiting for Peters reply.
That's about the best and the worst thing I can imagine. Why did she tell me so quickly?
He was in doubt. His arch enemy fell in love with him and confessed it, and he was in love with her as well. Would he try to go steady on her?
He put all his doubts aside and did the thing he had never dared to do before. He kissed Juline on the lips and she kissed back.

The room grew silent for a minute, which was the length of the kiss. When it broke, both were smiling and the rest of the people in the room cheered. It was Paulines turn, who took some time in picking her victim.

"George, Truth or Dare?"
"Truth." Pauline had taken sympathy on Nigel too, so she did what Mike couldn't do.
"George, what's your sexuality?" Georges face became red, but he took a deep breath and repeated what Nigel shouted. The whole room was now laughing, except for Nigel, who just stared at George's face.
No… no way… that can't be…
It was Julines turn. She was determined to bring other people together and she had already picked her candidate.

"Sascha, Truth or Dare?"
"Dare." Sascha wasn't planning to give more away about the one he loved, so he didn't pick truth.
"I dare you to tell your true feelings to the one you love." There was no way out for Sascha now, even though he thought he was being smart by picking dare. He knew that.
Well, I'm stuck with these feelings for a year now. Might as well tell them.
Those were his thoughts and he tried to tell it to Vera, but he couldn't say it with words. He was too shy. So he found another way.
He took her hand and looked in the eyes of the girl, who became redder and redder with every second, realizing that all that time, it had been her. He smiled and after some effort, she smiled as well. She raised her eyebrows, asking with them if it was her and he nodded. Vera's smile grew bigger.
The room was silent all that time.
"I told them." It was much easier for Sascha to say these words now. He was incredibly happy, knowing the love of his life replied his feelings.
He grabbed her in a kiss and the room cheered once more.
When he let go, it was Nigels turn.

"Peter, Truth or Dare?"
"I dare you to kiss Juline and hold that kiss for at least five minutes." Peter looked at Juline, who shrugged. They kissed their second kiss and Nigel grabbed his stopwatch, wanting to know if they could hold their promise. No one said anything.
One minute passed and the two of them seemed to love the kiss, despite its length.
Two minutes passed and Juline moved herself, but the kiss wasn't broken. Vera looked at Sascha, raising her eyebrows, asking if they should kiss. Sascha agreed and they kissed when the third minute came.
Four minutes passed. Juline and Peter still hadn't broken the kiss, but it seemed clear they were both starting to gasp for breath. They weren't very experienced kissers.
At last, five minutes had passed and Nigel said it was over. They let go – all four of them, since Sascha and Vera had kissed as well – and it was Sascha's turn.

"Pauline, Truth or Dare?"
"Do you have a crush on somebody?" Pauline nodded. It was Vera's turn.

"Nigel, Truth or Dare?"
"I dare you to insult Juline back."
Nigel thought for a second, then made up a good insult.
"Juline, you're annoying, you don't know your boundaries. You can behave quite stupidly and want to talk to people they don't even want to be talked to. And you're a bully."
"Whatever. George." George swallowed. He wasn't so certain if his crush replied his feelings, so he decided to pick someone else.

"Sascha. Truth or Dare?" He looked Vera in the eyes and replied truth.
"For how long have you been in love with Vera?" It was silent for a little while, but Sascha replied.
"For a year now." Vera's mouth was wide open.
That would mean he was in love ever since I went steady on Timothy! Even before that!
"Mike, your turn." George said. Mike had some trouble in picking a victim.

"Vera, Truth or Dare?"
"Okay. I dare you to… erm… I don't know, err…" Juline walked over to Mike and whispered something in his ear. Mike suddenly giggled, finding it very funny. He walked over to Vera and whispered it in her ear. Her face reddened, but she did see the humour in it.
"No, sorry, I can't. I… I have to go to the bathroom." Vera left the room. Sascha ran after her, wondering what happened.
"What did you tell her, Mike?" Pauline asked, curious as she was.
"I told her she had to manage to bring Sascha in the ladies' bathroom." They all giggled, the sight of Sascha in the ladies room amongst all the other ladies was something they all found funny. Timothy had a big house, so he also had a couple of bathrooms. He appointed one being the bathroom for males, the other one for ladies.
Eventually, Sascha and Vera came back. Sascha had the print of a hand on his cheek to the amusement of the others. Apparently there was a girl in the ladies room who didn't find it funny. When they asked Sascha about it, he replied that he just came in and got slapped.
"Good, next one. Peter?" While Sascha and Vera were away, Juline whispered something in Peter's ear, something he approved of.

"Pauline, Truth or Dare?"
"Truth." Peter found it sad she didn't choose dare, but he had a solution for truth as well.
"Is your crush in this room? And if he is, does he have a girlfriend?" Pauline's face reddened.
"Yes, no." Pauline replied to both questions. It was her turn now, so she decided she was going to overcome her fear. Sooner or later, he would find out anyway. And she grew tired of not knowing if her crush felt the same way. But it should've been obvious now.
"Mike, Truth or Dare?" She winked and mouthed truth after the question. Mike followed her orders. Now, there was no turning back for Pauline. She took a deep breath and asked: "Do you love me?" Mike smiled a big smile.

He walked over to her and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was short, but passionate. When they let go, they were smiling big smiles and the room cheered once more.
It was Julines turn. She noticed there was only one couple left, one couple that needed to be brought together and she thought it was her task to do so.
"Nigel, Truth or Dare?" For Nigel, there was no way out and he knew it. He knew Juline either knew or guessed, so he didn't even bother to reply. He just stood up and kissed George on the lips. He kissed back and the room cheered for one last time.

One hour after the last kiss. The four couples were tired of the game, after playing it for so long, so they decided they had enough. They went to the dance floor, dancing with the ones they loved.
Finally, they had a dance partner, all of them.
Sascha held Vera's shoulder lightly and taught her how to dance, how to move her feet. It was hard, but she was motivated and eventually, she managed to dance without hurting Sascha's toes.
Juline and Peter danced. Juline promised Peter never to bully him again and told him she loved him a lot as they moved with the beat of the music.
Pauline and Mike danced enthusiastically. They both loved dancing, they were the perfect couple. Pauline knew this would be her last 'crush'. She wanted to be with Mike, forever if she needed to.
Nigel and George got some attention – two boys dancing is a strange sight, no matter how open-minded you are – but neither of them cared. They just danced, showing each other all the love in the world.

Timothy looked at them. Things went just the way he planned. He knew all of them and knew how to manipulate people. That was why he invited all of them to the party, welcoming them and hoping something good would come out of it.
He had told Juline about the Truth or Dare game and they played it a couple of times. Timothy knew Juline would use that as soon as she could.
To him, things were so very obvious between Juline and Peter; they only needed a slight push forward. He provided that push and saw he did well.
Of course, it hurt a little to see his ex-girlfriend dancing and kissing with another boy. But she deserved to be happy. Timothy and Vera broke up because Vera confessed to him she loved somebody else. Besides, he already had someone else.
He knew Juline, he knew the way her personality worked. He quickly figured out that Juline was in love with Peter. Peter acted differently the week before the party and Timothy quickly knew what that meant.
George stepped towards him and told him everything, the fact he loved Nigel. Nigel wasn't someone to show his true emotions, so he could only guess towards that. But he decided to have a go and bring them together.
Mike told Timothy about his crush and he figured out that, for the sake of his friendship, he should try and invite Pauline. It had success, he saw it.

A girl with dark blonde hair walked over to him. He smiled, seeing her approach. He asked his girlfriend, Norah, to help a little with the process by scaring Nigel off into Timothy's bedroom and she agreed. She smiled when she was close enough.
"I guess you did good, Timothy. Your plan worked." Timothy smiled back and kissed her on the lips.
Sometimes, he thought, a game is all it takes to bring people together.

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