"You must assassinate those four senators!" snapped the voice as it battled the static coming through on the two-way radio. "Without their leadership, Tontor will fall into chaos and we'll be able to deliver the final blow!"

"Roger that," casually responded the leader of the squad as he deposited the radio back into his pocket. He quickly turned to the other twenty men behind him.

All of them were clad in dark clothes, hoping they seamlessly blended into the night. Hidden explosives concealed themselves in the pockets of some of the more experienced assassins, anticipating their call to duty.

The leader stared at his fellow men. "You guys ready to do this?"

The other twenty nodded their heads.

"Good. Let's move out!"

Like that, the twenty-one masked figures dropped out of a large tree they had been hiding in for the last several hours. Due to their expert training from the past several years, they landed on the ground without making a sound audible to anyone out of a four-foot radius.

All twenty-one assassins slowly crept their way through the darkness until they finally found what they were looking for.

"Target acquired," the leader calmly reported as he reached into a pocket to pull out a miniature pair of night-vision binoculars.

The 'target' he referred to was the Tontor Senate House: a large, majestic building on a piece of open land large enough to fit an entire college campus. It acted as the capital building for the country of Tontor, one of the four major countries on a planet known as Krevelium. In this building, the four senators of Tontor, who acted as the highest level of government, gathered to discuss plans and ambitions for the country. After declaring war with another major country called Hurst about nine months earlier, the senators met much more frequently. The need to develop battle strategies and tactics forced them to convene several times a week, which helped their enemy in more ways than they could imagine.

It was late at night. The four senators were meeting once again, and a squad of almost two dozen assassins from their rival country in this war quietly waited.

The lead assassin waited until one of the security guards standing out near the front of the building was looking in the opposite direction. After a few seconds, the guard turned his attention away, as expected.

The leader raised his hand to signal to one of the assassins behind him. Less than two seconds later, one of the other black-clothed killers fired a small gun. A dart launched from its barrel and lodged itself in the security guard's neck.

Quietly choking and gagging, the guard grasped at the dart in his neck before slowly sinking into unconsciousness. He hit the ground in a heap, and the path for the assassins was now open.

The assassins' leader stood up but remained in a crouching position. He looked over his shoulder at his comrades and aggressively used his arm to beckon them forward.

The small band of killers started quickly moving to a large window to the side of the building while staying concealed in the shadows as much as possible. When they finally reached the window, one assassin pulled out a glass cutter and began tracing a large circle in the fourteen-foot glass pane in front of them.

When the circle was complete, the cutter gently kicked the cut-out part of the window in.

"Yes!" hissed one of the assassins after successfully maneuvering their way into the senate house.

Soon all twenty-one darkly dressed killers stood upright for the first time in hours. Quietly, they stepped across the thin trail of crimson carpet, with some casually looking at the ornamental chandeliers and paintings lining the concrete walls of the senate house.

At long last, the squad reached a massive set of electronically locked doors.

"They're in there," whispered the lead assassin. "I can hear them."

"Alright. Let's blow'em to Kingdom Come."

The leader nodded. He reached into his pocket and drew out a tiny bomb with a digital countdown clock built into the front.

"Timers set for one minute," the leader reported as he set the charge and stuck it to the large door. "Everyone get back! When the bomb blows, rush in with your guns and let'em have it!"

Some of the assassins unintentionally started gripping the guns holstered in their belts. All were eager to empty several rounds of ammunition into the four senators.

The leader intensely watched the countdown clock on the bomb. "Thirty seconds…" he said, trying to conceal his excitement for what was about to go down.

All twenty-one assassins prepared themselves to finish their one-night mission, until a voice called out from the far end of the room.


All of the assassins jumped and saw a security guard who was simply doing his route and found them lying in wait to attack.

One of the assassins reached out his gun and shot it at the security guard, but just barely missed and instead blew a vase resting on a stand next to the guard to smithereens.

The guard reached to his belt and pulled out his radio. "We've got intruders outside the Convening Chamber! Evacuate the senators and send backu-Gwah!"

Before he could finish his command, a gunshot rang out. One of the assassins fired a shot right into the security guard's chest, killing him instantly. He fell backwards and hit the marble tiled floor with a hard thud.

Instantly a loud siren began blaring, and the assassins could hear the four senators getting up from their chairs and frantically demanding to know what was happening on the other side of the doors.

Before the assassins could even react to what was happening, several security guards swarmed from their posts and hurried over to the center of the building and didn't even wait to take aim before firing.

The guards were barricading all the doors out and firing one bullet after another from their handguns, and before long the assassins were dropping like flies.

Some of the assassins were able to gun down a few guards and hide behind pieces of furniture, but it was clear their band of twenty-one was no match for the endless amount of security guards coming at them.

One of the assassins hiding behind a large armchair noticed the clock on the bomb was only seconds away from reaching zero. He stared at it as if his own life was going to end when the bomb exploded.

Before long, the bomb exploded and the door was blown open. The remaining dozen or so assassins dashed into the Convene Chamber, including the assassin who saw the bomb just as it was about to go off.

Much to their dismay, though, the senators had already evacuated the room through a back door prepared just in case of an emergency.

"Dammit!" the leader cursed. "They've escaped! Everyone, move out! Now!"

A few more security guards came rushing in and started firing, and the number of assassins continued dropping as the guards continued firing their guns.

The few remaining assassins were busy gunning down any guards in their way and making a break for the exit. Getting out of the Senate House with their lives was their only concern right now.

Luckily, the leader of the weakened squad was still alive. "Everyone get to the front!" he ordered when all the guards standing at one of the exits to the room were dead now.

The eight living killers scrambled for the exit. They successfully fled the convening room and were back into the main hall. They all fired their remaining bullets at one of the massive window fixtures in front of them.

Eventually the proud display of a window crumpled into shards of broken glass as it came tumbling to the ground, making for the perfect escape route for the surviving killers.

Yes…I'm gonna make it, thought the gunman who saw the door to the convening room explode in front of him as he lunged toward the window. Just a little bit further…

But just as he was at the window, he felt something hard smack him on the back of his head.

"Greeeargh!" he moaned as he stopped in his tracks and hit the hard marble floor. He clutched the back of his head in agony as he looked to the side and saw an emptied gun a few feet from him. He assumed a guard ran out of ammo and instead threw a gun to subdue him. "Ugghh…"

The assassin soon heard the sound of almost a dozen guns clicking. He didn't have to look up to know all the guards had their firearms aimed right at him.

"Don't shoot!" screamed one of the guards.

The assassin slowly grunted as he heard one of the guards furiously walking over to him.

"We need to know who he is and where he came from…as if we had to guess," the guard decided.

Moments later, the assassin felt the guard grab him by the back of the neck and pull him up until he was kneeling on his knees. The throbbing pain from being clobbered in the back of the head still made it difficult for him to show any sort of resistance.

"Let's see what you really look like, hmmm?!" the guard rhetorically suggested as he grabbed the top of the black skiing hat concealing the assassin's face.


The guard yanked off the assassin's hat…revealing the face of a nineteen year old by the name of Hank Sorel.