Hm. Love. It such a small word, but so…powerful, so heartfelt, so…real. But not everyone gets to experience this one thing that everyone yearns for, to be in love, to have someone to hold, to care for, to protect.

To share your life with.

No. Not everyone gets that chance.

Not everyone.

So close yet so far.

I saw you

You never saw me

I guess we weren't

Meant to be


Up in the stars

We're worlds apart

I didn't mean for things

To get this far


I never really thought of a way

To get you back into my place

But now that I think of it back then

I knew you wouldn't do it

Without his consent


It hurts me to know that you don't care

About anything other than his welfare

I guess I'm just another shadow in your light

Enough of a problem

For us to fight


I always ended up backing down

I didn't want to see you with a frown

Your pretty little face meant everything

Even if I had to call this a fling


Past memories are locked away

Never to be seen until this day

The crack in my voice as I try to speak

Is that tell tale sign that my eyes were going to leak


When my tears fall, the rain comes crashing down

The key for my heart is hidden to be found

I wait for something to be real again

But nothing comes other than this pain


I reach out to touch your skin

To just turn your face to see that grin

Just one last time, I needed to see

So you could see everything that was me


You turn away before I could touch

I guess the love in my heart was just too much

I tried everything to make you believe

That he wasn't everything you thought him to be


He's a murderer in my eyes

He's the one sole thing in this world I despise

But I don't touch him because I know

That if he died your dry eyes will flow


He lied and cheated behind your back

I protected you to prevent your heart to crack

I hated myself because I knew it was me

That prevented us to even be


I loved you with all my heart

But I guess we were just worlds apart

Your happiness meant the world to me

And because of that

I guess we weren't meant to be…

This poem I think is just….all over the place. The thought process' change constantly so the flow of the poem is a bit too jagged. I'm not happy with it, but I made a promise to someone that everything I write id put up. I never break my promises if I can help it. It originally started up as a song, I like making songs, so it has a tune, but I guess you just have to find one that suits it, because I can't describe the tune I was using in my head.

Hey, so sue me! I'm only human! And nuu voice clips XD

But despite the horribleness, I think I relate to this in some way, as does many more others.

I hope its good enough =] I enlarged it and added a few more stanza's than the original and removed some repeated verses so…

What do you think?



[Oh and by the way, if you have constructive criticism? SAY IT! Pwease? If you do, I promise I'll listen =D JUST NUUU FLAMES! Flamers can go to hell =D or I'll kick 'em in the butt until the go! xD]