13th of January

in the year of our Lord 1560

Dear Diary,

Today was the burial of my parents, Lord Reginald and Lady Faith of Ealing. As I stare at their graves, a torrent of emotions flow through me, denying the fact that they are dead-dead because of the unfortunate carriage accident, leaving me fourteen-year-old Louise, an orphaned child.

Aunt Thelma and Uncle Silas are on the way from Marlborough Downs to watch over me, they said, but I know better. All they want is this vast manor with these uncaring servants, and useless (for me) treasures that dear mother and father left me. They did not even bother to attend the funeral.

So I have decided to flee from this place full of bittersweet memories and go where the road leads me. That is my only option.

Louise of Ealing

14th of January

in the year of our lord 1560

Dear Diary,

Last night, I ran away from the manor with only the barest of essentials with me. Going down the marble steps, I surveyed, for the last time, the grandeur of the manor with its intricately carved furniture, tapestries and portraits.

It was a moonless night and I had no notion of where I was going. I kept on walking, taking unlit cobblestone paths for a precaution until finally I arrived at the Tower of London.

I decided to shelter in the Tower since I have always been fascinated with it. Its many old towers and structures hold many secrets and tell numerous tales.I crept silently and stealthily inside so as not to wake the slumbering guard. And they say that it's a heavily-guarded place!

I was befriended by this lone raven. It was smaller than the others so it was and so it was isolated. I can understand. I am on my own now too. I named him Stanbury which means stone fortification which is what the Tower is. I call him Stan for short.

Louise of Ealing

15th of January

in the year of our Lord 1560

Dear Diary,

I have settled in quite well at the Tower. Stan and I sleep in a small and dusty room hidden behind a large painting in Tower Green. It is a little spooky here at night especially because of the tales about Good Queen Bess's mother, Anne Boleyn, but then I have Stan for company. I consider him as my only friend in the world, aside from you of course, Diary. I'm getting fond of him.

I feel blessed that I haven't been caught yet. Marlborough Downs is a distance away from Ealing so I suppose Uncle Silas and Aunt Thelma are still on the way.

The other inhabitants of the Tower are busily preparing for a banquet in honor of Queen Elizabeth I. Oh! To attend a banquet with bright lights, merry music, lively dancing and delectable food!
I have almost run out of the food I brought from the manor. I must find a way to procure more food!
Louise of Ealing

16th of January

in the year of our Lord 1560

Dear Diary,

I almost got caught stealing food from the pantry in the Queens House! (in the Tower) I know that it's wrong to steal, but what else could I do?

I went to the pantry when the maids left, with Stan perched on my shoulder as always. And lo and behold! It was filled to the brim with all kinds of cheese, smoked sausages, freshly baked bread and more tempting food!

I hastily got some, but I was in such a hurry that I dropped an earthenware caught the attention of one of the armor-clad, sword-bearing sentries who entered the pantry.

And guess who leapt, I mean, flew to my rescue! Little Stan pecked the eyes of the sentry while I scrambled out of the window and ran into my little corner at Tower Green.

I was so worried until he flew back, battered, but triumphant. "So how is my hero?" I asked him. He cawed loudly and I laughed, thinking how great it was to share happy moments with friends, even feathered ones.

Louise of Ealing

18th of January

in the year of our Lord 1560

Dear Diary,

Last night was the night of the much-awaited banquet. It was held in the Queens House. I was so eager to see that I climbed up the roof and peered through a window.

As I scanned the hall, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. Magnificently-dressed people were dancing, laughing, and chatting amidst all the splendor. I couldn't help but lapse into a daydream as I watched.

And to my complete shock, I saw Aunt Thelma and Uncle Silas who unfortunately also saw me. I decided to stay on the I went down, they would be sure to catch me, but staying gave me a hope that they would give up.

But this was to no avail. As soon as they spotted me, both of them, even plump Aunt Thelma, started climbing. They reached the top, pretty quickly probably out of desperation to catch me.

"You'll never get me." I said while throwing rocks at them. "Oh yes we will,we will and once we do, the money is ours.

The ruckus caught the attention of the guests. The queen even hurried out and told her sentries to climb and help me. They were going very slowly what with all their heavy armor and time was running out.

Uncle Silas lunged at me when suddenly, Stan darted out of nowhere and started pecking at him which distracted my evil relatives. I reached for a hanging torch. I waved it in front of them, intending only to frighten them, but one of the flags caught fire and it quickly spread.

I hesitated for a split second and jumped off the high roof. It was both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I thought I would fall to my death until the Queen herself caught me.

However, Aunt Thelma and Uncle Silas did not fare as well as me. They were engulfed in flames. I couldn't see Stan until I looked and found his poor, charred little body. He died saving my life.

I wept bitterly, pouring out all my unshed tears for my parents, my life and Stan. It began to rain as if the heavens too were aware of my grievous loss.

The queen embraced me and asked me if I wanted to stay with her at her palace and be one of her ladies-in-waiting .I consented as long as the manor was made into a haven for animals in honor of Stan.

The queen led me away to her carriage. Looking back, I saw that the rain had stopped and a rainbow had appeared. And for the first time since my parents' death, I felt a glimmer of hope.

Louise of Ealing