There was Fate on your heals as you ran towards death
where your Beautiful Wonderful lay In wait of judgment.
She tried to leave, like so many before her, yet
She got to stay where the sun shines and the earth blooms
but also where you cry, drowning yourself in memories
and fear of the past repeating itself.

Now, you smother the panic with alcohol,
weed and an occasional nick of the skin.

You intrigue me, with your past so similar to mine,
with your holey jeans and talent.
I want to learn from you, learn to erase the world with music.
It is breath taking to watch you submerse yourself
in the notes and words, forget where you are
and who you're with and just

You make me smile, but inside,
I whither in fear of the same fears you harbor.

This world is a cruel place, where people die,
or live when they would rather die,
torture themselves with the endless possibilities of maybe,
abandon hope in place of emotions easier to keep alive.
This world is ruthless in its reasoning's, and we are helpless
without a road to follow to take us away from misery.

You can't get away from here,
and even if you could, it wouldn't be worth it,
this world is too cruel to forget.