Creatures of the Night



ravaged the fields of your
homeland. Phantom smiles,
they beckoned upon your
foolish king. He collapsed
upon his ignorance and
flirted like an imbecile with
the idea of discretion. Their
conscience held no space for
forgiveness and upon your
pasture they built the

First comes the fear, and
then the bankruptcy of
your being.

The resurrection of
yesterday inked the sky up
into black and blue, missiles
astray in your storage room
of memories. The war has
been fought, the war has
been lost. Bodies clinch
against the stale grate of
metal. Dust dances in a
symphony of silence,
contained in cinched
darkness and swirling in
leeched debris.

Dark eyes grapple to
the horizon, screeches
an echo on the night.

They has taken over. With
Styrofoam hearts they rule
mercilessly, sold their soul
for a coin and control. Back
and forth they bend your
hope, snaps it apart and
watches it roll around the
floor in marbles of glass shard.

Petty laughs cross through
jagged teeth, dripping,
drowning in malice and

The storm has woken, and
it will not cease. Not for you
and not for me.