He hated the rain. And he envied it. He wanted to be it.

He always watched it as if through a window. His eyes. When the rain fell on him, sometimes it would blur his vision, or make his clothes stick to him, or make his shoes squelch. But he never felt any of it.

He'd been born without the ability to feel touches, sensations, anything.

Imagine a baby not laughing when tickled.

Imagine a lover not getting pleasure from making love.

So he stood in the rain because he hoped that he would feel it, and if he could feel it then he would feel the tears on his cheeks.

But he never did. And he envied the rain, touching people all around the world while he couldn't even touch himself.

So he dove into a pool, swimming for the bottom, and breathed in deeply.

Finally, he could feel the cool rain.