"A bunny."

"Wow, that's really imaginative." He mocked. I shot my death glare at him. As usual it just made him laugh. I should realize by know that my "I will kill you and you'll be dead" glares would always make him crack up and not tremble in fear, but hey a girl can hope.

"Well, at least my sightings aren't R rated."

"It's not my fault that two clouds that were close together happened to look like a girls…OW, that hurt." He said after I whacked him on the head.

I raised an eyebrow at him. "You deserve it and you know it."

"Fine." he said.

"Fine."I said back, just for the sake of being childish.

We resumed watching the clouds drift across the summer sky.

Neither of us spoke for awhile. I looked over at him periodically to see if I could tell what he was thinking but was only greeted by a serious, contemplative look on his face.

l l

We met in kindergarten, back when we both thought that the other gender had this contagious disease called "cooties" (he got over that belief rather quickly, me well I still believed it to some level.) After he stole my cookie and I whacked him in the head with my lunchbox our relationship was formed, we decided we would be best friends forever and ever. To him I was like one of the guys and to me, he was like a brother. Well, sort of. It was like that until he started dating.

I didn't quite understand why I had a grudge against everyone he dated until my sister told me that "Well, like, you're like totally into him." Obviously I remained in denial awhile longer but eventually I accepted the fact that I was crushing on the boy that I whacked over the head every day for one thing or another. In my opinion he is the only boy that doesn't have cooties.

Of course I would never say anything to him for the obvious reason; I valued his friendship too much to ever risk losing it. Plus the fact that I had no experience with guys and so could never tell if he possibly liked me back could have had something to do with that decision.


We came out here every weekend. We came out with a blanket and lay in this field watching the clouds drift over head and made shapes out of them. This was our thing. This and whacking him on the head.

Of course now that I figured I held a torch for him, lying next to him was near torture, near torture and probably my favorite thing to do on the planet. I could feel his heat lying just a few inches away. I could see the rise and fall of his chest and watch him flick his hair out of his eyes. I could watch him shift lazily and point out R rated clouds in the sky. I could whack him really hard whenever he did that. However, I couldn't touch him besides that, which was the hard part.

l l

Five minutes later and we were still silent, him staring at the clouds pensively and me staring at him. When he spoke it was quiet, "I see two people, one guy and one girl, holding hands."

I jerked my gaze away from his face and back to the sky. "Well, I don't see anything of that sort."

"I do," he said, "right here." And with that he reached over and tangled his fingers with mine. He pointed to out joined hands with his free one, "See?"

I nodded slowly, "Yup, those look like hands that are holding to me." He smiled at that.

We lay there holding hands quietly for a few more minutes, his thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand. We lay there quietly until I spoke up. My voice wasn't exactly what I would call strong, more like shaky. "I see something else. I think that the guy and girl are kissing," I heard silence on his side.

It's now or never I thought and I leaned over him quickly and pecked him on the lips before lying down rather fast and blushing furiously. Still, silence on his side, until, "You know, I think you're right, except for one thing."

"Oh?" okay, if I thought that my voice was shaky before, now it's going through an earthquake. I shifted so that I could look at him, my face facing his.

"Yeah," he said, "I think they're still kissing." He turned his head to look at me.

"That's definitely a possibility." That was all the prompting he needed.

I had never been kissed before; the peck on his lips didn't count. I had never been kissed before, but I'm sure that any kiss I could have had would be blown out of the water by this one. He moved his lips against mine, I had never figured on lips being warm before, but his were, warm and soft and definitely skilled. His hand came to rest on my side, and pulled me closer to him. My hand came up to tangle itself in his hair, his nice, nice, silky hair. He rolled us over so that he was resting on top of me, but took enough weight on his forearms so that he wasn't crushing me. He tilted his head and the kiss deepened. I felt like I was on fire, everywhere that his body touched mine was burning. Some people say they experience fireworks… me, I was caught in the middle of an explosion. When he pulled away, I said, "I think that they're still kissing." Needless to say, we continued on in that manner for awhile, and quite a few other weekends as well.

l l

Six years later we were lying in the field, our sixth anniversary. We were both twenty three.

"I see a fish."

"Terrible, terrible imagination you've got." He muttered. I whacked him on the head.

"Well, you haven't seen anything so far. I at least saw a fish."

"Yes, I see the fish."

I scoffed, "Okay, now how about you make some of your own discoveries. The fish is mine."

"Fine, hmmm. I see a ring."

I scanned the sky, "I think you're lying, I don't see any ring."

I felt him move next to me. "Close your eyes." He said. I did.

"Now open and look again." I did. He was holding a jewelry box over me and in that jewelry box was a ring.

He gave me a look. And I smiled, "You know, I think you're right, except for one thing."


"Yeah, I think that the ring is actually on a girl's hand."

Needless to say, it soon was.