It gleamed in the artifical light. It's edge twinkling in anticipation. I held it unsteadily... reminiscing through my life. I was too far gone... Depression ate at my willpower. I looked back down quivering slightly. The blade in my hands was a tool of beauty... and of freedom. I smiled weakly. I wanted this. Life without the one you love wasn't a life.

The blade sent a flash of light into my eyes as I moved it to my arm. I was unsteady, unsure but deep down I wanted nothing more. I felt my blue lifeline beneath my fragile skin... It pumped faster as I moved my blade atop it. My hand shook with nervous dedication.

I positioned it best I could. I felt the beat beneath the blade. Da-dum da-dum da-dum. Poetically beautiful. It felt like it was time... I closed my eyes and kept my hand firm.

"I loved you... Why did you leave me?"

I pressed the blade harder and felt it pierce my arm. The sting of relief flowed up my arm. Once inside it sliced smoothly. I felt the pain mixed with warmness. My eyes opened slightly.

The view that behold me was... magnificent. My arm was red... My lifeline severed. My pain in this world was over. I watched the streams of my being flow down my fingers... dripping to the cold floor below.

I pulled on the blade... I wanted more... I watched it open my skin with ease. More blood flowed from me... I beheld the whiteness overtaking my arm. It spread like dye in water.

The faintness hit me soon after. My body grew heavy but my head grew lighter. The floor beneath me became slippery... I felt my legs give way. My strength was gone with my will. Everything grew blurry as I lowered.

I heard a distant voice call to me... its voice sweet and pure.

"I'll always love you."

I continued to smile... as my head lowered to ground. My essence had made a puddle around me. Rippling as my body started to shake. I felt the blurriness grow dark. A darkness that consumed me... I felt my pain leave me.

The Darkness over took me. And I felt freedom.

I felt the beauty of Nothingness.

I felt the beauty of Death