so i am adding a prologue to queen of the damned, and the story will be a little bit the same aka same main characters but a different plot. the other one wasn't working so i desided to change, i this one will be alot better and more fun.


2000 B.C. some where in Egypt

Pharaoh Mentuhotep IV died signifying the end of Eleventh Dynasty. His son Amenemhat I started to rule soon after, starting the Twelfth Dynasty, one my people would still quake in fear over generations later.

My people and others would soon have prices on all our heads; every man woman and child. We were sand people: scum of the kingdom, unfit for the gods. Amenemhat I wanted everything to be perfect and I mean everything. In his mind we were a stain on the purity of his nation. So in order remover the stain he tried to wipe us out. What he didn't see was that our people were strong and would take out anyone who wished harm on us. My clan, especially, would not go down without a fight. We were assassin. We were the ones that had killed his father. Who was he to try and kill us?

"Sara your bothers have called a meeting you best go and calm them down."

"You know nothing can calm them down now," I chuckled.

She had given me a disapproving stare. I knew she was as angry as everyone else, but unlike us she was passive: married into a clan of assassins.

"Sara," her stare although held the spirit and fire of a warrior, not someone to ever mess with when angry.

"Alright, but I doubt there is anything I can do. Besides their tempers are as bad as a king cobra."

I think she forgot that I was one of the more 'vocal' assassins in the clan. My temper and skills almost equaled those of my father. There would be no way that I would try to quell my brothers' anger. Not when I could use it to help protect the welfare of the clan. But mother didn't need to know that.

You know what they say what they don't know can't hurt them. Right?

"Mom said you went to a council meeting," I scolded my oldest brother, Pharisee.

"No, that was a lie. We wanted her to get you to come and 'calm' us down." A large almost comical smile plastered on his dark face.

Punching his in the shoulder I laughed at their little plan. It was simple but effective, and very funny!

Who knew that this little chat we had would be that last one I would have with just him?

Our plan was foiled. His guards met my brothers at the gate and executed them like pigs. I could only watch from the side of the throne with a pitcher full of poisoned wine. Blood was spattered, like if a painter got over zealous with the red paint. I looked into the eyes of my sovereign and his advisors; all they had was indifference, like the lives they just took meant nothing. Scorn and malice burned their place into my soul right next to my undeniable anguish for my brothers.

The king looked at the scene before me with a slight smile.

"you really thought that you could trick me, little girl?" at first I hasn't thought he was talking to me until he said, "I knew that the assassin clan of the sands would soon come to kill me. It was just a matter of time. Fortunately for me, your anger blinded you and you couldn't see that you fell right into my trap. I would like to thank you little one, for delivering me the most renowned assassins to their death. I am going to reward you," he looked at with a smirk that would've sent any other girl to her knees. I just glared, "aw, don't give me that. You should be happy that I am going to let you live-"

His face turned from cocky arrogance to surprise as my wine burned his face.

"BITCH! You are going to pay for that! Guards take her to the slave chamber and tell the forge that I want a collar to be made as soon as possible."

Although I knew I would be beaten destroying that handsome face gave me much joy. No matter what the pharaoh did to her, she would make sure he trembles at her feet. The guards wouldn't touch me until someone bound my wrist, legs, hands, mouth, and feet. Smirking through my gag I watched the pharaoh rolling on the floor in agony.

Two years later

High pitched squeals alerted me to the arrival of three of my most hated people. I couldn't understand how they could be so happy under the rule of such a dog. They were always fawning over the pharaoh, kissing his feet, and offering up their bodies like meat! If it wasn't for the collar, cuffs on my hands and feet I would beat some sense into them. Or just kill them, either option sounded good to me.

"Did you hear? Some princes from Mesopotamia are arriving this after noon!"

"Really? Why haven't we heard about this until now?"

"Apparently he just heard of this princes' arrival this morning, Pharaoh has been rushing around all morning to get the palace ready."

"I bet he is beyond angry. Better watch out slave or you will get beaten again," the blonde sneered. Blondes are very rare and often thought to be a god, because of this she is still alive even after stealing god out of the pharaoh's room. I sighed and stood up. They backed away in fear, but caught them selves after the first step. I still had even then.

"I have no need to dear a pansy ass child who would faint at a drop of blood or this prince. I am an assassin. The only reason that our 'beloved' pharaoh is still alive is because of these chains. Tell I say bring on the blows he can do nothing to break me; he killed my family so I have no one to protect." Jumping forward with a growl, the three girls ran away screaming. I nearly fell on the floor laughing. If those girls weren't protect by these walls they would've been killed for their insolence.

Turing back to the sill I was sleeping in, I contemplated in whether I should make the pharaoh's live hell and not do my chores or just embarrass him in from of his guests. Smirking I dipped the clothe into the bucket.


"SARA! Where are you?!" Amenemhat screamed. Sauntering out of the shadows I fixed my bi colored eyes on him. Without blinking I walked till I was right up to his chest and gave him a predatory smile.

"You called master?"

"You will serve Prince Lucifer's wife Raine wine," he ordered.

"I will, will I?"


I grinned. He looked scared. This was going to be a fun night. Grabbing a pitcher I stood at ready.


Soft conversations echoed throughout the throne room, every imperious noble man and women wondering who and what the princes of Mesopotamia were. Why they were coming and when this so called treaty/alliance was formed. Even the servants were questioning among themselves after who the princes were. There was even a rumor at to the price of the treaty. Some people say that the Mesopotamian prince only agreed to the alliance if Amenemhat gave him something in return and that is the reason why he has come.

I didn't care why this prince and his brothers were coming; I just cared about embarrassing Amenemhat so bad that this prince would want nothing to do with him. I had the perfect plan; I just hoped that this pig of a price sat close to his wife.

The guest silenced as a cold draft wafted through the room. A sense of dread and fear encased every one. Even the best and most fear of warriors were quaking. Then as if out of no where four people appeared in the arch way leading into the throne room, they stood proud and walked like predators. The warriors along the way inched farther away from these people. Something about them sent alarm bells ringing in my head. They were not normal.

"Ah, prince Lucifer you made it. We were beginning to wonder if you were coming at all," the pharaoh wheezed a force laugh. The tallest of the four just nodded. Then the prince turned his back to Amenemhat as if he was nothing more then a lowly servant. I smiled at his dismissal. It wasn't until I turned my attention about to the group of royal that I noticed he was staring straight at me: they all were.

He and his brother had white blonde hair, all tied in a low hanging tail. They all had a great deal of muscle on them, but not enough to over power. But it was their eyes that held me the most. They were black like the bats down by the Nile. Dangerous and savage.

The woman though held a different air about her, she was kinder and softer then the men around her. Despite that fact that her head reach beyond our pharaoh her body was delicate, and held a quite but deadly power. Her hair was as dark as her husband's eyes. Her skin was like the red mud that the pyramids were made of and her kind set eyes were purest shade of green I had ever laid eyes one.

She whispered to her husband. Smiling he crocked a finger at me, silently ordering me to come. For once I obeyed without resistance; there was just something about this man that demanded that I do what he says.

"Amenemhat who is this lovely girl? And why is she in chains?" even his voice held restrained power. There was something different about his and his family.

"Oh her? She is just a slave, from an assassin clan of the sand. She is in chains because lately she has been giving some grief," Amenemhat tried to sound like the price but in my opinion he sounded like a mouse caught in a trap gasping for breath.

"You did not answer my question mortal!"

"H-her name is Sara, she was one of the lead assassins of her clan. She is in chains because she has killed several of my guards," he stammered. I snickered; it looks like my job of embarrassing the pharaoh is being done by none other them himself.


The women had the pharaoh's arm in her grasp, fire dripping from her eyes.

"My wife does not like the mistreatment of servants. It would be wise to refrain from hitting any servant or slave why are here, I cannot be accountable for her temper," Lucifer chuckled.

"You let your wife harm a man!? You let her do what she wants!? Don't you know that giving-" the last bit didn't make it out of his mouth because one of Lucifer's brothers had his hand around Amenemhat's neck.

"Pharaoh I will warn you once and only once, you will never insult my wife like that again. You will give her the same amount you give me. In my culture the woman is equal to the man and I expect that you respect that," I would not want on the receiving end of his anger, "- and I want to take off Sara's shackles its disgusting-" say what!?!


"Not buts I will not have it."

And here I thought this meeting would be boring.

Quickly Amenemhat ordered a guard to unchain me. The guard approached me cautiously. He was afraid I would suddenly attack him. I gave them a beastly smile. As if I was a poisonous snake, when the shackles were off the guard jumped back and help up his spear. I laughed a deranged and malevolent screech. Only the four people who ordered my release didn't flinch. I saw the pharaoh's eyes grow huge, bravado gone when he realized now I could kill him. I was tempted but torturing him now would be so much fun.

Bowing I gave the prince my thanks and an assassins oath of protection and service.

"We thank you for the give young one, but it unnecessary."

"How did you come to be a servant to the pharaoh?" inquired the shortest of the brother. Although in my eyes he wasn't short at all, but that comes with the territory of being short.

"I was sent to assassinate him, but he knew of our plan. He killed my brothers and in exchange for my life I was forcibly made his servant."

"Now that you are free will you kill him?" I don't know who asked me this.

"Yes, he murdered my family and 'purged' this great land of all the sand tribes including my own. He killed woman and children just because they were born in sands outside of the cities. The sands run red with so many senseless deaths. Why wouldn't I want to kill him?"

"I like her brother; I think she would be a nice addition. Besides we needed another girl." Lucifer smacked his brother on the head.

"The choice is not yours Damien, now shut your mother before I rip out your tongue," he enforce by grabbing said brother by the tongue and yanking on it. Raine put a restraining hand on her husbands arm before he continued, "Pharaoh you did not mention. We were hoping that this assassin clan would still be standing or alive rather. It was one of the only reasons we decided in considering this alliance with you."

"They were tainting that good name of my father's kingdom!"

"So you killed your own father to preserve the 'good' name of the kingdom!? You murdered hundreds of innocence in the name of looking good!" I screamed, I was held back from attacking the pharaoh by one of the brothers. I was then dragged out of the throne room by said brother out into the hall.

"Calm down! " I didn't stop struggling until he slammed me against the wall. He curse again when I hissed in pain, "sorry, but you wouldn't stop moving."

"That bastard-"

"We know but now we need you to calm down so we can take you away-"

"You want me?" not the other slut servants?

"Yes, we have certain standards for who we invite into our family. They have to be able to control the power and abuse it, and you fit that bid. At least we hope," he explained.


"Shit, my brother will explain everything once he gets back from negotiating with Amenemhat."

"Was my clan the only reason you wanted to have an alliance with Egypt?"

"Pretty much. We had heard about your clan, how powerful you were. How you never missed a target. Your whole lives were devoted to your cause. And how your clan was not corrupted with power, you lived in the sands so you would not be tempted. The blood that flows through your vain is powerful and strong, a perfect match for our family," he looked up quickly searching my face for something, I had no idea what though.

Before I could ask him what he was looking for, a scream erupted from the throne room and Lucifer, Raine and the other brother came sprinting out. The brother who had dragged me out of the throne room picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and ran after his family. They were all laughing which was the strangest thing about this whole situation.


Once outside the village walls, the four royals slowed to a walk. The brother put me down, I nearly fell over but the man who carried me caught me.

"What in the gods name is going on?" I yelled once I got my balance back.

"Damien scared the pharaoh so much that he fainted. The guards attacked and we ran," Raine laughed. I could only stare at them in confusion.

"I know what you are."

They all froze.

"You are gods aren't you?" Lucifer relaxed somewhat but the others stiffened.

"To some yes we are."

"Then tell me what you are," I demanded.

"We cannot unless you decide to join us," he answered.

"What will I get in return?"

"Power, life, to able to live without fear"

To many these weren't much, but to me what they were offering me was worth more then all the gold in the world. Those three things were what my clan was based off of, what each and every one of us tried to achieve.

"I will not be a servant, I will be equal to you." They all smiled.

"Before you join I want to properly introduce us. I am Lucifer the head of our family, Raine is my mate. Damien is my middle brother, and Tyre my youngest brother," he said pointing to everyone.

I nodded to everyone, growing slightly nervous.

"Tilt your head to the side Sara," Damien uttered. I did but slowly, I didn't know what to make of this. Assassin sense was telling me something bad was about to happen.

"This will hurt for a while, but I promise it will get better," Lucifer reassured me as stepped up to me. He wrapped his arms around my body, and dipped his head toward my neck, "see you in the after life," he whispered before sunk his teeth in to my neck. I think I screamed, but I don't remember. But what I do is the blinding pain searing though my body until the blackness took over.

When I woke after my death, I truly started living.