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1600- Ghana

The earth started to rumble and shake. Large cracks scored the land. Animals fled from their posts in trees and under the shade. Women and children screamed and wailed, many ran for their lives. Others weren't so lucky. Some fell through the cracks into the abyss below. Some tried to help those who were about to fall, but they too fell in to the whole. All was in complete chose in the fields.

Then the rumbling stopped, almost as quickly as it came. The people stopped, confused about the sudden change. Several warriors with spears and one white man with a gun walked cautiously over to the cracks formed into the sand. Pushing the warriors ahead the white man shrank back, trembling in fear. The tallest and most fearsome was the first to look down in the crack. What he saw almost knocked him over in surprise. In the crack there was a woman. A woman, who had the skin the color of the mud by the river, hair that was as bat black, and a body about a foot shorter then his. She had the curves a beautiful woman, but the aura of strength of one hundred of his best warriors.

The warrior called over his comrades, they were as stunned as he was when he first saw the woman.

"Hey, ni**er what's in the crack" the white man asked in the native Ashanti tongue.



"There is a woman. We are going to take her out."

Even the white man, with all his smarts and religion was flabbergasted, he even fell over. The man smirked. They liked seeing the white man vulnerable; he is destroying their land all for greed. Maybe this woman is a powerful shaman who will contact the gods for help.

Delicately they lifted the woman out of the crack. Now after the shock of the quakes subsided more and more of people's curiosity got the better of them. Mostly the white man circled around the warriors. They were curious how a woman could be in that whole.

Brushing off the dirt and bugs, the head warrior found that she was even more beautiful then he first thought. She had dark full lips, long eye lashes, and a delicate face. Her hands had strange red markings at the edge of each of her long fingers. The Warrior, with every fiber of his beings wanted to see her eyes. Would they be like the rest of her, dark? Or would they be supernatural like the way they found her? Another thought struck him, what if he never saw her awake? What if she was dead? He shuck his head, this woman was too unique to be dead. There was something special about her, like she held a great secret or power that none other in the world could know.

"Some one fetch the doctor…quickly!" a white man yelled, which in turned jolted everyone out of their trance. Some young boy ran off to the white man's huts. Then the white men started yelling orders for the Ashanti to start working again and for some of them to dig through the crater to see if there was anything else in the crack with the woman. Soon it was only the warrior, a white man, and two white women.

The two white women stood behind the white man and looked both fearful and elated. Both had some sort of recognition in their eyes. The smallest of the women whom had as red as the blood flowing through their veins clung to taller women whose hair was a bright as the sun. Their faces were very different; the red head had a very round, cherub like face. While the blonde had a face that screamed innocence, high cheek bones and a small nose. Both had full lips, but it was their eyes that held the most similarity and held people the most. The little red head had eyes so light they were almost grey, almost as if she was blind. The blonde had eyes the color of gold. Also the red haired one never talked, not even to the woman who was obviously a relative. They were different from the rest of the white devils, everyone knew that, but none could place why.

The two women tensed as the doctor approached, each looking at the other with worry. Hoping beyond hope that when their queen woke there would not be a disaster, that she would not wake in ever consuming hunger.

The doctor looked very confused when he was done checking her. He said that she was completely fine, only a couple of cuts and a few bruises. The worst thing wrong with her was the she was a bit dehydrated and would be hungry when she woke.

"I will take her to my tent and have my assistants give her what ever she wants when she wakes."

The warrior growled low in his throat, he did not trust the doctor, hell he didn't trust any of the white men. He was sure that they would curse her, hurt her in the vilest way, or even kill her while she slept. And it seemed as the two women shared his thoughts as well.

"No, Doctor, you already have too many patients in that little tent of yours. Why don't you let some one else take her? That way you won't have to worry about her spreading any new diseases."

"I don't know…"

"I would recommend it, especially since you don't want to cause unnecessary stress on any of your patients. You know that they will want to know everything about her, and the other colonists will want some information as well. All those people coming in and out asking questions will cause to much unnecessary stress on both you and the patients, don't you think?"

"I guess, but who will want to take of this girl? She will need constant monitoring, day and night. Also when she wakes, won't frighten her. Who knows what her fragile mind will be like when, no if she wakes up."

"Might I suggest another woman to take care of her, or one of the Ashanti people. they take good of their wounded and sick."

"The Ashanti, seem like a better choice of the two, because what woman we have would have enough time to watch this girl constantly and keep up with her other chores. No, I will ask the chief of the Ashanti to assign one of his people to watch over her and give me a report on how she is doing, and come and tell us when she wakes."

"Excellent, until then what do you plan to do with her, surely you won't leave her out in this sun in her condition?"

"No, I will get someone to move her over to the shade, while…one of you two fetch a bowl of water and a clothe"

"Right away doctor"

"You boy, help me get this girl into the shade." And almost to him self, forgetting the warrior knew the white mans language, "she should not be alive, judging from the bugs and the dirt around her, she must've been buried at least two weeks. No one could last that long without air or food. She must be some sort of demon."

"What name?" the warrior asked disregarding the doctors comment.

"What? Oh a name, I forgot about that…I don't know."


"French for queen, suitable"

It was Ashanti for goddess.

just for reference; Reine is french for queen, but i have no idea what the ashanti word is for goddess, so don't quote me.

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