Stepping lightly on the sand,
Looking deep into the sea,
Blonde hair glistens,
With a smile directed at all.

Stepping out of the sea,
Surf board in hand,
Her eyes are brown, not green.
And as she passes, another watches.

The green eyes in the purple bikini
Watch with sadness,
A blonde of a darker hue
Watches that of a lighter one.

An upside-down smile
Graces her face.
"Why can I never be like her?"
"Why can no one ever see me?"

All who laid eyes on her
Loved her instantly.
Except for the one
Who was always watching.

Green eyes living in the shadows
Of the one with brown eyes.
Silently following,
Without a word.

Darkness behind that bright light,
Like moths, everyone is drawn
To her, always to her.
While the other is alone.

The one with green eyes never knew,
That also like moths,
They are trying to get to the darkness.
The darkness behind the light.

In disbelief, she ignores them,
To remain in solitude,
Ever jealous of her older sister,
Believing she is invisible.