Morton Grammar School for girls had the highest rate of juvenile crime in the past three years, with at least four cases of non intentional murder. Alarmed by this rate of crime, the school board and the local police devised and idea to deter girls from branching into breaking the law. A class would be picked at random and given a full tour of the high security prison in Morton. This would be no ordinary tour as the girls would be treated as actual prisoners for the seven days of the tour. The exact details of the prison are classified so the girls were given basic consent letters to their guardians but not allowed to divulge at action that occurred or any detail of the facility. This is the account written by Lauren Waldron, who took part in the "tour". It was disseminated amongst all girls afterwards but kept away from the public eye.

My class was the "lucky" one to be chosen for the Morton High Security Exercise. After Lunch on Monday, we were all assembled in the hall were a contingent of policemen were present. We were in our full uniforms that meant blazer, blouse, skirt and tights since it was winter time. The main officer spoke to our form teacher for half a minute and then she left us to face him.

He introduced himself as Station Inspector Thomas who would conduct the first part of visit—getting us to the facility. "As you all are aware, it is a high security facility, so that means high security transportation. You will be placed in cuffs and chains." A murmur rumbled across the room as all of us were shocked by this. "Yes, don't be surprised. It is part of the deterring experience. Allow me to introduce your chains."

"This is non standard handcuff," Lieutenant Thomas began, "It has one of the short chain links and a triple lock, ensuring no escape from it. You will be cuffed behind your back and the chain attached to this device," he said holding up a long length of chain. "This is a waist belt which with be tightly secured around your waist, preventing you from moving your restrained wrists."

"For further security, we will locking to bands of long plastic ties above and below your breasts," he continued, with the girls gasping in surprise. "Silence. The bands will be tight but not to too tight to hamper your breathing. As you might have suspected, your ankles will be chained by short leg irons, although for movement in the prison we may change to longer length chains. These leg irons will be attached to your cuffs and the belt. No doubt you will find walking difficult but the guards will assist any one with difficulty."

"Next," he said, holding up a leathery device, "the police force is recent years had many youngsters spit at officers while being arrested or during transportation. For the health safety of our officers, all of your will be gagged with this panel gag" The protests again grew. "Quiet. This part," he indicated "will go into your mouth while the rectangular band muffled much sound and it is strapped behind your back. You will also be hooded to prevent you from remembering your destination."

I was totally shocked and couldn't believe my ears. However, there was no argument about it especially since we were alone facing dozens of men who had batons in their arms. The Inspector ordered us up and each of us lined up to an officer. Mine was a black man at least six feet tall who immediately pushed me down to my knees. The handcuffs came and although I played with toy handcuffs when I was younger, this was like nothing I've experienced before. The cuffs really bit into my skin and I wondered if there was any blood coming out. Next came the belt which was equally tight around my waist and my wrists were locked in place. The bands around my breasts came next and being a C-Cup they really forced by breasts out. Contrary to what the officer said, I at first felt a tightness in breathing but calmed myself slowly. The leg irons and chains came swiftly and I was pulled up. "Open your mouth, hun" he barked. I did so and tasted a leathery tube and my cheeks pushed in due to the straps. He didn't even bother to shift my long hair away and finally the hood was lowered, plunging me in darkness.