something's inside her.


it was in her, perhaps in her fallacies, but she had it.

she didn't steal it, or take it from someone who didn't deserve it

she was always a bit of a devil.


crank that light dark room girl,

I have the dreams, and the wicked stepsisters to keep you clean,

and something under the bed to own you.


I'll show you how to use the things between you knees,

and give you flowers if you forget my name.


and the universe goes on screaming,

Karl Marx rolls in his grave.

gravity is lifted, and the sins break out.


I fell in love, but couldn't hold her, she slipped from my grip

years ago… and when I cross her, I vomit. and I can't keep my insides alive.


so crank that fucking light! dark room girl…

come find me.