The rain began to fall.

Sky aglow as the sun beams bounced off sparkling faucets of water; shattering the light and refracting it into perfection.

I looked out across the bay, taking in the gently swaying boats, and hurrying figures. Bah! Why do they hurry, those figures? I thought, why not enjoy this rare pleasure?

The perfect rain.

The opposite coasts had disappeared entirely now, this little seaside town was engulfed in its own personal rainbow.

It was dazzling.

I carefully slotted my glasses into a pocket on my dress, as the red material began to turn dark with moisture. There was no other sound bar the gentle swell of the waves and the pitter-patter of water falling through gutters. It was like being lost in my own other world. Sure my sister was calling, sure she wanted to complain of this sudden cloudburst, sure she craved my attention.

But no.

This moment was mine.

My jacket hit the rusting bench beside me at the same time my sandals flopped out onto the grass. Turning my face to the heavens, and happily ignoring my siblings cries, I started to run.

Beads of water suddenly soaked all my dress through, the thin cotton sticking freshly to my glowing skin, and I felt the hair on my head—curly from the sea—start to plaster itself to my back and neck.


A cool wind blew up from the motion of my running. It felt so good. I speeded up, and was soon slipping and sliding over the wet grass, my toes unable to gain purchase, but my heart too terrified and exhilarated to stop.

I was alone now. No one out. No one around. Even if they were, do you think I would have noticed them?

My world.

My perfect moment.

My perfect rain.

I was spinning. Utterly lost and at peace. Tears joined the gentle beads on my cheeks, and I felt full to overflowing with joy. Uncontainable and pure joy.

A high, whooping laugh. I realised it was mine: I giggled as I danced through the sodden cascade. There was a break in the clouds, and suddenly everything was on fire. The ground on which I stood, the buildings which bordered me, the cliffs and beaches and boats and world beyond, all of it glittered with infinite beauty.

I couldn't breathe. My breath was gone. Stolen by the rain.

That perfect rain.

That perfect moment.


Utter and perfect.