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"Oh come on Sand, it'll be fun!"

"No, absolutely not, I just got here and I need to un-pack and get organized." I groaned back at my cousin.

To bring you up to date, my name is Sandra Hennesey and I'm seventeen years old. My parents got a divorce when I was seven years old so I've lived as an only child in California with my Mom for most of my life. But lately I've been thinking that I don't see my Dad enough and that I wanted to change things up, go live with my Dad. I used to come visit for a month every summer, but as I got older, it became harder to find the time, until I kind of just stopped coming all together. I'm used to living in a pretty big city in California. My dad however, lives in a fairly smaller town a few hours from here. The new school that I'll be going to has one of the best soccer teams in the state though, which is great considering soccer is my life. I've been playing since I was a little kid, I'm captain of my varsity team here in California. But now, I'm here.

I layed sprawled out on my bed surrounded by un-packed boxes while my cousin Kylie who has lived here her whole life tried dragging me to some party. Don't get me wrong, I like going out and having fun. But there is no way I'm going to some party where I don't know anybody.

"Exactly! You just got here, look at it as... an opportunity! Think of all the new people you'll be able to meet!" She sat in front of my mirror trying to tame her wild mane of blond curls. I love my cousin, but sometimes I'd really like to hit her.

"You know, somehow I don't think there will be to many sober kids there who will be interested in meeting the new girl." I shot back at her sarcastically, rolling my eyes.

"Oh don't you act like you're a little goody two shoes," she stopped applying her makeup and eyed me through the mirror. "I know you too well." she winked at me before turning back to her reflection in the mirror.

I heaved a sigh and sat up, leaning back on my elbows to look at her. "Kylie, give it up. I'm not going and nothing you can say is going to get me to that party."

Two hours later, I found myself standing in some house with music blasting, teenagers running around and the smell of alcohol. What a wonderful combination. I absolutely hate my persuasive personality.

"How the hell did she talk me into this?" I muttered to myself. I started pushing through crowds of kids in search for my cousin. She had left my side the minute we walked through the door.

I made my way through the sweaty kids until I reached the kitchen which had a little bit more room to move. Nobody even gave me a second glance to wonder who I was. I doubt the majority of them were really in their right mind to notice anyway.

"Hey, you look kind of lonely over here." My head snapped up as I heard the slurred words coming from some guy standing in front of me. Clearly he was loaded and I was wondering how he was even able to stand up straight. "Want some company?" he grinned, sliding an arm around my waist.

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. "No thanks." I smiled, sliding away from him. He looked confused for a moment but shrugged and grabbed another bottle of beer before leaving the room.

I was not going to let some guy I don't know get too close when he was clearly strongly intoxicated. However, that was when I was sober. Which unfortunately didn't last too long. I don't exactly know how it happened but I eventually got some alcohol into my system, and turned into one of them drunk kids who didn't know what they were doing.

Now I won't go into too much detail because I'm really not that fond of my actions. But you can say that instead of finding Kylie, I found myself all over some guy who I have never met in my life. You can also say we were pretty friendly with each other. His name? Don't ask because I really have no idea. I could remember his face anywhere though. He was extremely attractive, if that makes things any better. But sadly, I know it doesn't.

The sun shone through my window the next morning, causing me to shut my eyes tight and cover my face with my blanket.

I hate mornings. Correction, I hate mornings after you get drunk off your ass and hook up with some random guy. Note to self: Don't ever get that drunk ever again. Hangovers...not that fun.

After laying in bed and sulking in my misery for long enough, I dragged myself out of bed and threw my hair up into a ponytail. My head was pounding and I felt like I might hurl at any moment.

As I walked down the stairs, my father was coming up them. "Morning Sand. Have a good night last night?" Good thing my father was so oblivious and didn't realise the kind of things teenagers did.

"Yeah Dad, it was great." I lied. I furrowed my eyebrows together and looked down the stairs confused because I could hear voices coming from the kitchen.

"Oh, two of my players from the football team are here." He said as if he could hear my thoughts. My Dad's been the coach of my new high school's football team for the last eight years. "Um, I probably should have let you know in advanced, but my captain's usually over everyday, he lives three houses down and we plan and discuss plays and stuff like that. He's kind of like my other son seeing as my real kid was never around" He said, nudging me with a smile. "He's pretty focused on football, hoping for a scholarship.." He trailed off. "Anyway, I hope that's not a problem with you." He smiled cheerfully at me. He was always such a happy person.

I covered my mouth as a yawn found its way out of my mouth. "No Dad, it's fine."

"Good, why don't you go introduce yourself then." he suggested then continued walking up the stairs.

"Sure Dad." I replied back tiredly, not really thinking about what I was saying. I tend to do that a lot, say things without thinking. It's not one of my better traits.

As I approached the kitchen, I looked down at myself, realising I probably didn't look all that great right now. I thought about changing for a second and then shrugged, not really caring that much and continued into the kitchen.

I entered the kitchen and immediately made eye contact with him. "This is not happening right now." I muttered quickly under my breath.

I stood there in my pyjamas, hair a mess, staring straight into the face of him. The guy I had hooked up with last night. His face was vaguely one of the only things I could remember. I took the time to take in his attractive appearance. He had brown curly hair that wasn't too long but wasn't too short, with dark blue eyes. I assumed that his friend sitting next to him was another player on my Dad's football team. He had a confused expression on his face and looked back and forth between his friend and me, noticing the shocked expressions on our faces. He was also quite attractive. He had blond hair that slightly hung into his eyes. I mentally kicked myself for the fact that I was in a terrible situation yet still found the time to observe how attractive they are. I'm pathetic.

He sat there with his mouth slightly opened in shock, realising that his coach, his second father happened to be the father of the girl he hooked up with while drunk last night.

"Maybe he won't remember" I thought to myself hopefully.

His shocked expression then changed into an arrogant smirk.

He remembered.

"That's her isn't it?" His friend grinned, his eyes lingering on me. Well I see that he's decided to share last night's events with his friends.

He smirked at his friend, answering his question and then looked at me with a smug look on his face. "Have fun last night?" He crossed his arms and propped his elbows on the counter.

I rolled my eyes, not feeling intimidated the slightest bit. I was always a little on the outgoing side. "No as a matter of fact I didn't. I hooked up with some asshole. I tend to make bad decisions when I'm drunk." I shot back bitterly, offering a sarcastic smile.

I walked over to the fridge to get something for breakfast and tried my best to ignore the idiots behind me.

"My name's Lucas Pearson... in case you were wondering." I could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Don't care." I smiled bitterly.

"I'm Troy." His friend added in. I couldn't recall seeing him last night but he seemed just as arrogant and annoying. I just moved here, I was really not in the mood for this.

"Aren't you going to tell us your name?" Lucas asked in a mocking voice.

"Nope." I replied simply, smiling to myself.

"Hey, if you weren't satisfied with Luke here, you and me could always get together" Troy said with the same annoying smile Lucas had on. Lucas leaned over and punched him in the arm grinning. Oh this was just perfect.

I dropped what was in my hand onto the counter and spun around to glare at them. "Okay first of all...ew! And second, lat night meant nothing. Sorry to break it to you but I am not that kind of girl. I clearly didn't know what I was doing so drop it, forget about it and do me a favor and don't bring it up again!"

The two of them sat there with the smirk still plastered on their faces. Completely unfazed by my words. They were hopeless. I rolled my eyes and spun back around so I wasn't looking at them anymore.

My Dad entered the kitchen smiling like usual. He was way too oblivious to even notice the tension withing the room.

"I see you boys met Sandra." He smiled. I rolled my eyes, there goes my hidden name identity.

"We've had the pleasure." Lucas replied innocently, smiling back at me.

"Lucas here is our quarterback, and Troy's our wide receiver. Best ones I've seen in a while." He said proudly, punching them in the arm.

"Sorry Dad but not only do I not understand football, I don't really care either." I smiled at him to which he rolled his eyes smiling at me.

"Well sorry that not everything here is about soccer Sand. Get used to it." He grinned. Lucas and Troy both looked at me with raised eyebrows at that. I didn't want them to know anything more than necessary about me so I knew I had to get out of there soon.

"I'm gonna go get a shower." I mumbled, passing them to go back upstairs.

"I'll see you in school tomorrow Sandra!" Lucas yelled from inside the kitchen.

I groaned and suddenly wished I was back home in California. "Don't count on it." I muttered under my breath.

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