Summary: It started out as a simple friendship. Acquaintances, really. A wave here, a smile there. Not too much effort. Things changed after a party. Slowly, they became more friendly. One night was all it took to turn their lives upside down. One night was all it took to change their lives for good—whether that be for better or worse. One night of no protection, and their lives are changed forever. Will she tell him, or keep it all to herself? Will he care? One thing is for sure, neither of their lives will ever be the same again.

Friends With Benefits by Omnia Vanitas


Rules Of Friends With Benefits:

1. It's all about sex ― Do not get emotional. There should be no common ground but sex, there should be no dating - no talking about feelings.

2. There should be no sleepovers ― Sleeping together brings an intimate aspect to the relationship. That is a no-no. It comes down to sex, getting off and passionate hours.

3. Don't become friends ― Friends with benefits is just a nice way to put it. Inevitably, the relationship will become complicated and need to be stopped because one person always develops feelings for the other if you become friendly. There is a reason that you are not dating, there is a reason that you are seeing other people.

4. Be completely truthful ― If, at any point in the relationship, you start to feel more for the other person you are sleeping with, it is very important that you are up front and discuss your true feelings with them.

5. No hand-holding ― holding hands is more romantic than sexual. Avoiding any intimacy is the key to making it work.

6. No calling just to say 'hi' ― You should like the person you are sleeping with but that should be checked at the door. Text messaging, calling or emailing just to say 'Hello' is not allowed. Emails, phone calls and text messages should stick to the logistics of the meeting and that is all.

They were just friends with benefits. That was it. They weren't even that close to begin with; they had met through mutual friends and just saw each other every once in a while. Seeing each other on campus every once in a while, she didn't expect him to really notice her at the party. But, he had come up to her, talked to her. They partied together that night. It was only supposed to be a one time thing, never to happen again.

Things change, she was the queen of that.

They started slowly, only a couple of times every once in a while. The rendezvouses became more and more frequent.

She relied on him more than she would ever admit. He made her feel wanted, beautiful. He made her feel as though someone gave a damn about her. He made her feel loved, even if he didn't really feel that way. It was a wonderful feeling, even if it wasn't the truth.

He was important to her, a major part of her life, even if she was only a small part of his.

They changed; broke the rules. They lied to their friends, their parents, everyone. No one knew about it, they all thought they were just friends.

One day changed everything. One day, they didn't have a condom. Usually, that meant that they would go and find one or save it for a different day. Usually they'd find some other way to get off. But, that day, they didn't.

One time, they didn't think it would turn out that bad. She didn't think anything about it; he barely had given it another thought.

Until, she was late. They should have listened more in health class. She couldn't remember what Mr. Howe had said about pregnancy. She should have been smarter. He should have been smarter. She should have believed them when they said, it only takes one time. It does only take one time of being unsafe. She wouldn't have thought this could have happened to them, out of wedlock. To the man that was also known as her fuck buddy.

He wasn't ready to be a Dad and she wasn't ready to be a Mom. But, it was too late for that. Late, there was so many meanings for that simple four letter word. And so much meaning in her own life. Not to mention, his life. Their lives, intertwined forever, no matter what happened to the child. Intertwined, no matter what they'd wanted.

Secretly, she was happy. But, she was doing the one thing she promised myself would never happen. She was falling for her no – strings – attached friend with benefits.

A/N: The rules come from the article on the website associatedcontent written by Layna Johnson.