Friends With Benefits by Omnia Vanitas


"Heroes know that things must happen when it is time for them to happen. A quest may not simply be abandoned; unicorns may go unrescued for a long time, but not forever; a happy ending cannot come in the middle of the story." -Peter S. Beagle

November: Six Months Later

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride," the minister said, looking at the young, blond bride. She grinned up at her husband as he pulled her into a kiss in front of the entire church.

Kennedy smiled softly as they kissed. The kiss got heated before the minister cleared his throat. They pulled away and she shot the man a sheepish look. She picked up the skirt of the white dress and stepped away from him.

He grinned widely as he watched his new bride flush a lovely crimson clear down to her neck, a sharp contrast from the snowy white dress.

"And, for the . . . . I can present to you Mister and Missus Maxwell Anderson."

"That was a beautiful ceremony. Amanda looked stunning," Kennedy whispered, sliding her hand around Dante's upper arm. "Don't you think?"

"Of course, just like the others . . . how many brides before him? And, how many ceremonies? To be completely honest, it's getting a little old." He got up after the wedding party was out of the church. He shifted Wyatt in his arms, pulling on his jacket and hat. The little boy grinned up at him.

Kennedy followed him out of the church, rolling her eyes. His father stood with his new bride near the front doors of the church. Dante made sure to lead them through the side door, effectively keeping them away from his father. Kennedy looked behind them as she was pulled through the door, making eye contact with his father. Maxwell shot her a suggestive wink before shaking the hand of a guest. She shuddered as she looked back in front of them. He pulled her to the black SUV in the parking lot.

Kennedy got into the front seat as Dante put Wyatt in the back seat. He slipped into the seat next to her, sliding his hand into hers.

He leaned over, kissing Kennedy's cheek. "Thank you for coming with me. I don't know if I could have handled that alone. How about we head back?" he asked quietly rubbing gently on the back of her hand.

"Sounds good." With a smiled, she pulled his head back over and kissed heatedly. He pulled away, looking back at the church as people began to pour out, around them.

"As much as I would love to continue this, I don't want to see my father and his new child bride. And, this is a little inappropriate for a church parking lot."


"So, let's head back to the bedroom," he said, raising his eye brows suggestively. She smirked and rolled her eyes exaggeratedly.

"Good luck with that, darling."

He snorted, falling back against the seat, head in his hands. She pulled his hand back into her own, kissing the back of his. She intertwined their fingers.

"Let's go home," she whispered, leaning over for one last soft kiss on his cheek.

With a final squeeze, they left.

"Are you sure you don't need any help? At all?" Kennedy asked the three boys, receiving a matching scowl from each one. "All right, but don't say I didn't offer."

Dante turned back around, picking up the paper. "So, I think that goes here. Or . . . there. Maybe it's an extra piece. Wait . . . is this the other way around?" he shoved the paper into Jacob's face before showing it to Avery. Both of them shrugged their shoulders.

"Dante, come on! We still have more boxes to move at the apartment. Plus, I don't think that you'll get that done even if I gave you until tomorrow."

"I'll get this, woman. Stop nagging me!" he growled.

"Fine, but if you break our new armoire, your new room will be in the living room, on the couch. Got it?"

"Well, we could always finish this later. I mean, we still do have to go and get those boxes at the apartment. This can always wait until tomorrow or some time soon."

"I'll call Lanny or Jeremiah in the morning." She picked up the screws that were laying around and placed them into the box as Avery and Jacob got to their feet.

Dante stood up, wrapping his arms around her. "Are you happy?" he asked quietly in her ear.

"Ecstatic. I finally got you away from that mess," she murmured.

"You know what I meant, Kennedy," he whined, pulling back. He stepped away, looking down at her.

"Yes, I'm very happy right now. You?" she asked.

"Definitely. We should have Wyatt stay with Nic and A so we can christen every room in the house."

"Wow, I don't know if you've got that kind of stamina. We should have gotten an apartment instead," she said, backing away.

"Just for that," Dante said, tweaking her nose, "we won't."

"That's fine by me," she said with a small smile, inwardly laughing at the way he had backed himself into a corner.

After a minute of staring at each other, Dante burst. "No! Please, I'm freaking dying here. Don't make me take another cold shower!"

"If you're a good boy," she whispered.

"Thanks again. I know that it's your first night alone together." Kennedy set Wyatt in the bassinet. His eyes slide open as she pressed a kiss on his cheeks and turned back to her friend. Avery smiled as we walked into the room.

"No worries, darling. It's no problem at all. Avery and I had sex this morning in the shower so we're okay for now."

And, with that, he moved out of the room once again.

Kennedy smiled. "Yeah, well, I've put it off for about a month or so. And, he really hates it. Plus, he wasn't getting too much before that. I really need to make up for it. And, that means christening each room of the new house like he wants."

"Better thank him asking you to play video games all night."

"True," she said as a car horn honked a couple of impatient blasts. She sighed. "I've got to go. I left the little boy in the car all alone. I think that, as Wyatt grows older, he'll be more patient and mature than his father."

"Probably," Nicolette agreed, laughing. Kennedy hurried to the car as Dante honked again. She slipped into the front seat before slapping his arm.

"Come on then, Danny boy. Drive."

He sped off to their new house. He pulled into the driveway and raced around to the other side. He pulled her door open and pulled her out, throwing her over his shoulder.

He kicked the door shut, pressing her back against it as they made their way into the house. His mouth went to her neck as he pulled her dress up. She heard his zipper slide down.

"No foreplay? We're just going to jump right in, then?" she demanded.

"I'm horny and about to explode right here and now. I don't need it. The drive home was enough time to get me revved up. Do you need more time?" he asked, looking into her eyes.

"No, I'd rather no fuck against the door but make love in our bed."

He shot her a devilish look before throwing her over his shoulder. He rushed up the stairs and into their bedroom. He let her down on the bed before he crawled up her body. Pulling off his shirt and belt, he hovered above her. He kissed her chin softly, bringing his tongue out and slowly licked up her jaw. He pressed one last small kiss below her ear.

She pulled the dress up and over her head before dropping her shoes to the ground. His hands came up, cupping her lace clad breasts. Dante rubbed a thumb pad over her erect nipple. Kennedy's back arched, rubbing herself against his groin.

Letting a low groan slip out, he peeled his pants off, kicking his discarded clothes and shoes into the corner. When he came back up, he pulled her legs up, slipping her panties off.

He rolled a condom on as Kennedy whipped her bra off and into the corner. He positioned himself above her, drilling into her as he kissed her mouth.

Her hands went to his back as he pumped in and out, thrusting himself all the way in. Her head lolled back and he pressed kiss after kiss on her neck and shoulders. Her chest heaved as she matched his thrusts. He cupped her rear, making it easier for him to slam into her with each thrust.

Nearing his peak, he sucked her nipple in his mouth. Her hands found his head, tangling her fingers in his hair. Her breath started to quicken more as her heartbeat picked up. He sped up his thrusts as he moved up to kiss her mouth again. As she climaxed, he intertwined their fingers.

And, as he came, she let a hand drag across his back. The stinging adding to his pleasure.

He peppered kisses down the valley between her breasts as they laid there, spent. He teased her nipple with his tongue.

"Only twelve rooms to go."

(And, they all lived happily ever after. . . .)


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