The saying should be,

I like what you like

You like what I like.

No friend can be the same,

But is it fair to let them share?

I let you like what you like,

And you disagree with me

You cut me down for being me

So what am I supposed to be?

Do I need to be a carbon copy

And say and do whatever it is you do.

Should I give up myself to be your friend?

I can't like who I want without being judged,

But when I judge your love

You make me feel the pain.

If you are a hypocrite, can I be the same?

When friends are put together

There is no room for sayings.

It's I like what I like

And you bash it

So you like what you like

And of course I'll bash back.

There is no common ground

For which to stand

It's either your way or my way

There's no middle plan.

So you stick with your loves

And I'll stick with mine.

Maybe then we'll this continuous hurt.

I'll let you like what you like

If you let me have the same.