Taken Away

I remember her smile... strong and true. An amazing sight that lit up any room. She was beautiful. She was innocent. She was pure. Her eyes a light blue that shimmered in the weakest light. Her sandy, soft hair waved lightly in the breezes of my memory.

She was young in age but old in experience. Pain and hardship riddled her life. To understand what befall her was beyond most. But not me. I remember her strength and willpower. Battling through each day. An angel on earth.

No one could have foreseen what would happen. No one would imagine she'd be taken away. No one will ever know what went through her head... those final moments.

The pain of the news stung our souls, our being and our hearts. The call from a stranger... A police officer... Those few words that imbued to our fear forever...

"I've got some bad news..."

The moments that followed were surreal. A figment of my imagination... that stemmed from reality. Battling with my emotions inside, while terrifying silent on the outside.

I remember the trip... the hollow feeling inside. The darkness that surrounded me... Her smile keeping that ember of flame within alive. Would I ever see it again? Would that light of hope shine bright once I saw her? Or would the cold waters of depression extinguish me inside.

At the hospital I saw her. Still and... artificial. Tubes and machines. Noises of unnatural beings surrounded her. Beep... Beep... Beep. I felt my eyes blur at the sight. Warm streams of tears rolled down my cheeks. This wasn't her... This couldn't be her. How... could this happen?

I remember my sister... An amazing girl... that lit up any room with her smile. She was beautiful. She was innocent. She was pure. Her light blue eyes stay with me still. Her soft brown hair waving in the essence of my memory.

In loving memory of Clare

12/02/1980 - 24/03/1993