My Soul Bleeds a Silent Hue of Blue


My soul bleeds a silent hue of blue

My body aches the pain of sadness

I place my hands upon the door

And fall downward into glassy abyss

Transparent forever still

My soul awakens

The pain ceases but remains gradual

I place my hands onto my arms

And I walk into the night

Evermore waiting

The night air utters my name or to my soul

My body falls downward unto my knees

My hands come upon the clear white stone

Tears fall or rather rolls down my cheeks

Knowing forever there is no more

In the twilight hours my soul slumbers

My body lying there almost still

My hands clutching the moist dirt and warm grass

The tears once shed no longer remained

Under the cascade of moonlight I remain

My soul awakens in a new sort of way

My body no longer remains on the grass I fell upon

My hands are upon a warm blanket

My tear dried eyes open, and to my surprise I see a smile

Providing sudden warmth; I smiled knowing forever there is


[Explanation of Poem]:

The poem begins with a man inside of his home. He has just recently lost a
loved one, and explains how he is in pain. In the second stanza, he
opens his door and walks into the night (into a cemetery). In the third stanza, you
may notice that he falls to his knees next to a stone slab (his loved one),
and he begins to cry harder. The fourth stanza shows him still there. The man
has cried so hard that he is now asleep or unconscious. The fifth stanza shows
that someone has found the man, and has brought the man into his home. The man
is now in a warm bed, and as he opens his eyes, he sees someone else that he
really cares about. In the process, he goes from utter hopelessness to a
renewed sense of hope. This was my reflection on this poem.