Just the beginning

Soaking up the atmosphere, you casually sip your wine. You are no stranger to these events, but you can't help but be surprised at the amount of people present. You smile and allow your boss to introduce you to many powerful and influential people, but you are careful that you never stray too far. Kevin is here tonight. If you had your way, you would be sitting at the table, laughing at his jokes. Unfortunately, that is a luxury unavailable at the moment. You are working, much to your disgust. Procedures must be obeyed. Important guests entertained and new acquaintances made. Despite all this, your gaze constantly wanders. His eyes find yours. You share a smile and then return to the matter at hand. Tonight, you don't want to leave him for any longer than necessary. It's the first work event of yours that he has attended since the wedding. You want to go home.

You and Kevin were high-school sweethearts. A term often affectionately used. You love the sound of it. You love the sound of anything Kevin. Last year he proposed. Two months ago you married. You don't want to be here. You have no choice.

Upon finishing the rounds, and meeting all whom you were required to meet, you retreat back to your table. Kevin is talking with a short young woman. As you approach, his smile grows bigger. As Abigail turns to greet you, Kevin scratches his head. He wants to be saved. You're willing to help.

"As I was just saying to Kevin, children are such a lovely addition to any family aren't they? Even new ones like your own. Oh gosh, I'm so excited. Should we expect the pitter patter of tiny feet any time soon?"

You watch Kevin's face. He is highly amused. Although you suspect behind that smile, he secretly agrees with Abigail. He wants children. You can hear his voice echoing in your head; Why wait honey? We can start our family now. The bigger, the better. Having dated for almost seven years, you sometimes know him better than himself.

"You know Emmy, I always saw you as the type to have kids. I mean look at the way you are with the patients! You're always so kind and polite. Even on the worst of days! We had this patient the other day, Kevin, and you would have died if you had seen him. He was so rude and inconsiderate. And he was making the most inappropriate suggestions. All the other nurses flat out refused to go anywhere near him! And you know what Emmy here does? She volunteers and helps the guy. She was so nice to him and never once complained! I was with him for two minutes and I wanted to punch him. Patience of an angel this one…."

You roll your eyes as Abigail rambles on. She's known throughout the hospital as a big mouth. She's friendly though, and easy to get along with, so you don't take much notice.

You are however surprised at Kevin's whispered response.

"Maybe, if she didn't work so much…"

Ever since graduating from University, you have worked long and tiresome hours. Kevin wants you at home more often. He wants to see you. Not just see you sleep. You try to compromise.

On the way home, Kevin brings up what Abigail said. You hear what he has to say and argue your point. Children aren't a possibility at the moment. You both know this. With a wedding still being paid off, and a newly purchased house, they're just not an option.

Lying in bed that night, you can't stop thinking about what Abigail and Kevin said. Children would be nice, but not realistic. Listening to Kevin snore lightly, you stumble across his constant questioning in your mind. Why not now? What have we got to wait for? While not specifically spoken, you hear his undertones. His hidden meaning. You work too much, that's why. Discontented, you fall asleep.

Your dreams are haunted by images of the pair of you years later. There are no children because you worked too hard. In your dreams Kevin no longer asks. It's not an option. You're too old. He doesn't talk about it. He tries to make out he doesn't care. You know he does, its written all over his worn features. It's entirely your fault. He wanted kids: you wanted an occupation. You made your job more important than your family and he paid the price.

When you wake, Kevin is gone. Alone and unnerved, you make your decision. Now is not the time. But you will make the time. As soon as you're closer to paying off your debts, you will work fewer hours. As soon as you're pregnant, you will quit. Family first: No matter what.

One year later, you quit. Kevin has never been happier. You can't deny it even to yourself that the extra sleep is heaven. You've never been better. Six months later, Katie is born. You have your family. Life is perfect. This is just the beginning, and for the first time in you entire life, you feel complete.

A/N: This is the third installment of the 'My Katie' series. While this is set before "Katie's Chair," its important that you read that one first, or some of the magic and work is lost. This series was kind of fun to write, yet hard at the same time. I've never written in second person, and I usually avoid it like the plague. But I sort of like how this one turned (and the rest in the series) turned out, so please R&R and let me know what you thought. What works and what doesn't. Any confusion? etc..

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