It's dark.
It's scary.
It's lonely.
She's stuck in this place
Somewhere in her mind.

Every time
she screams,
she shouts,
she yells,
nothing comes out of her mouth.
It's like this place sucks all her voice.

She cried and cried
till no tears left.
She hated herself
for being weak,
or letting herself
in a place where
there's nothing
but walls and barriers.

She's scared.
She's tired.
She had enough.
But what could she do?
There's no opening or exit
where she could escape.

She stops struggling.
She gives up.
She surrenders
and waits for
this darkness,
this void
in her grows and grows
till one day it completely swallow her.

Now she's just a person
with no soul.
She's just an empty shell.
Forever waiting
For someone to use her
and then destroy her

Now she's just a doll
being used to wait,
to be played with,
to be the forgotten,
and then finally,
to be thrown away.

She's mad.
She's crazy.
She doesn't care at all.
She just wants to be free...