A/N: Just a quickie on my partake on World Peace, American Justice, and Ron Paul.

Have you ever heard the saying:

"You don't need to believe in your government to be a good citizen. You just have to believe in your country."

While this is completely irrelevant to my current situation, it was always something that struck me from time to time. Corruption, madness, rape; all that nasty, imperfect bullshit. I wonder what the older generation thinks of the younger (me) generation. Though, I need not worry about this, as when the younger generation grows up, it'll worry about the next young generation.

So, is it basically pointless to worry?

I guess.

I don't really know what's up with the world right now. I mean, why are we still in a world where conflict still exist?

From a neutral perspective, world peace isn't really all that hard to obtain. Quite frankly, world peace isn't exactly loving every human in the world. It's not that it could be the definition, but it's just that-that definition is humanly impossible. There's truly only one way to achieve a true world peace: trade.

Hell, Europe and England hate each other, probably for the right reasons, but their smart enough not to cause a big war-epidemic and as an alternate, they trade. They help each other's economy build, and isn't that what we should all be doing?

I remember a person running for the 2008 presidential election, saying:

"Why should we be trading with communist China? Aren't they the enemy?"

In my opinion, we trade with China because their shit is completely awesome. Who makes the best plates in the world?


Who makes the best toys in the world?


What are the shoes: Adidas, Sketcher, and Reebok made in?


I suppose I've proven my point. Whether or not the Chinese gets paid enough for the things they do, I don't really care. To be honest, communism sucks big time. Less freedom and less rights equals =( for me.

That actually reminds me of a question asked by a reporter from a T.V show, to one of my most favorite candidate that ran for President, Ron Paul.

It was after Ron Paul has said that the Iraqi war should not have been made through a decision of the UN, but rather through Congress. Ask them if they were ever a threat to our national security, ask them if they ever threatened us. To which, the answers would have been no, and we wouldn't have lost over 3,000 Americans.

"What if Kim Jong-il (North Korea leader) were to invade South Korea? Should the united states intervene?" asks the reporter.

With Ron Paul replying immediately that it should all depend on what the Congress would say. "We certaintly shouldn't have do what we did back in the Truman Years (Korean War).

Personally right now, it isn't threat to our nation security and I wanna make a point, though, that if we weren't over there, Korea would be unified just like Vietnam is unified." Ron Paul also states that because of the unification of Vietnam, they have become a better nation. "Railroads being open, they want to share information…" before being cut off for another question.

"If China took back Taiwan, today, would you say 'go to the congress' or does the president not have the authority as commander in chief?"

"Absolutely he does not have the authority," Ron Paul replies, once again as immediate. "Where does he get it? You can't go to war without Congressional approval, and that's not a threat to our national security. That's something of an internal affair, why should we send hundreds of thousands of Americans to die in a Civil War? Are we over in Russia right now over Chechnya? I mean, it wouldn't make any sense. Did we go to war over Hong Kong?" Ron Paul ended by saying that we should follow the Constitution, the words of our founders, and don't go looking for unnecessary trouble.

This is a man that has inspired not only me, but Americans all over the world. His truthful speaking, and his use of cold hard evidence is something that Americans really need to take a grasp of.

I think the real problem is America's take with justice. I mean, when 9/11 happened, the Americans wanted someone to blame the people responsible. But oops, the people responsible are already dead, they killed themselves if you don't remember. Now, this wasn't good enough for them, so they blamed Bin Laden for supplying the money. What happens then? They couldn't find him, so they blame it on Saddam.

Boom, more than 3,000 Americans dead.

Peace is not a bad thing people.



I suppose this is where I stop my ranting. Thanks for listening (if you did), and good night. I'm a bit tired -.-