A Note on Life

Is life really linear? Whereby we go from one thing, to the next, to the next, with no real purpose, it's just the next step.

Perhaps life is actually a puzzle, a puzzle when once put together the person, becomes whole. Discovered. Perhaps complete in life and being?

I believe that careers can be the greatest destroyer of life, which creates the greatest order of life. I refer to two different lives. A can put you into the hands of those who wish to bring order into society. They seek to control, to organize, to bring structure. They bring about linear progression, a life planned out before you. Sometimes you feel you've already died because of this. But perhaps the counter balance for some is found by taking ones own life experiences and adventures, taking the lessons from their day to day experiences and compose them like Jazz. The spontaneity of life and music. Even jazz needs a little bit of structure to survive, without structure it would be dissonance and even in dissonance, by design it has structure. Too much structure on the other creates monotony, boredom. Sucking the life from the soul, making it a puppet show, with know one to enjoy it.

As I have been learning more about myself I have come to realize something very important. We have lost something precious to us. It has been stolen away for so long that only memory left is a feeling of something familiar and yet you can't place or describe it.

That is my quest.


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