The Rings Of Power


Made of gold and made indestructible by magic, the five rings were placed in a jeweled box. The apprentice magician admired his master and asked, "What are the rings for, Sire? The master looked down upon his student and smiled, "Come child, let us sit." The old magician walked to the corner of the room and sat in his wooden chair. The boy laughed to himself. He knew his master for five years now and it seemed if he was not teaching the boy he was always sitting in his chair. The old magician's tattered robes were too long and kicked up dust as they hit the stone floor.

The boy kneeled on a pillow as his master told him the story of the rings. "Jubei, these rings are filled with incredible power. One along is more powerful than the almighty Lalita herself." Jubei thought back to his studies. Lalita was the Queen of the gods. Her husband and slave was a great sorcerer until he destroyed the Temple of Lalita. As punishment she forced him to marry her and become her slave. It is said that he beds with her every night along with ten more men and women. This is an honour, however as she is supposed to be the most beautiful being in the land. Together Lalita and the Sorcerer had a daughter. The daughter disappeared one day and Lalita sent out followers to find her. They found her body dead. Lalita's seer Kalimaya has foretold that Lalita's daughter will be reborn in a mere mortal's body but posses powers beyond the God's imagination. "Within the next few years the bearers of the rings will be born and raised then when the time comes they will travel to this land and take these rings. The rings are here to fight the reborn evil of Kyndor." Jubei looked mesmerized as his Master told him this story but there were many unanswered questions.

"Sire, who are these ring bearers?" The apprentice asked. He knew that his master did not know the answers to his questions but he had to ask.

"I do not know young Jubei. For you are the one that the Gods have appointed to seek them out. Let me ask you something. Have you been having strange dreams lately?"

"No Sire. Nothing stranger than the usual." The old Master pulled out a diary from inside his cloak. It was covered in parchment and had an emerald in the center. As a title it said William which means unwavering protector.

"Jubei every dream you have I wish that you write down exactly what happens. You are the one to lead the ring bearers to the great evil." He stood up from his chair and walked over to a shelf where he keeps all of the ancient scrolls of the sorcerers. I have only briefly read about the evil of Kyndor in my studies. It was told that 25,000 years ago the ancient sorcerer's moulded the perfect being. He was to be their weapon against the rising empire. The so called perfect being had one flaw and that was he was made up of the wizard's hate. He reeked havoc all over the lands until one day a sole survivor sacrificed himself and trapped Visser, the great evil, in the orb of light until his powers were drained and died an old man. His master placed a scroll on the desk so study in the morning. It grew late and he would sleep soon.

"Master? Visser is dead. How is it that he will be the antagonist in this battle." Jubei was confused if his master has been mistaken.

"Yes the physical being Visser is dead. However one of the five ring bearers is the reborn Visser and will try to seek and destroy the five rings of power. We must stop him from doing this." But alas I grow tired and must rest. Please help me to my bed." Jubei supported his Master's arm and took him to the oak bed.

"Rest well Master." Jubei turned to the desk to examined the scroll.