There you sit

Across from me

Face hard

Immobile as stone

Eyes cold

Frosty as ice

You sit there


And yet here I am

Feeling free

Feeling wild

Feeling exactly as I should

You place me here

Here in your world

Under your gaze

Under your rules

But I see things


I may sit here

Here in the presence

Of your world

But I carry

Mine with me

Your world says

I am here

Here to obey

My world declares

I am here

Here to be different

I am my world

I am me

Wild Free

I am me

You seek to change me

Change my role

My role is

To soak in


To cleanse

My soul


My world is small

Yours is large

Mine is free

Yours confines

My will is


Stronger than


My world

Has power

Power over

Your rule


That's the difference

Between you and I

That is why

You cannot

Defy me my rights

I fought for them

Fought against you

Now you must

Deal with the


My world has

The freedom

It has rightfully