Chapter 1: New World Order

"Do we have to go to Church?" Arthur Wells asked his Mother in a whiny voice, as she fussily dressed him in warm winter clothes. She slowly stood up put her hands on her hips and sighed.

"Yes dear, we do," she replied in the sort of condescending voice a Mother uses to talk to a 10 year old son. "We chose to believe in this Religion so we have to pay our respect to The Saviours."

"But Mum I didn't choose to believe!" replied Arthur, "You had me baptised when I was a baby, remember?" Arthur's eyes darted across to the open living room door where he could see his brand-new Playstation 32 already plugged into the Holo-TV, the box and the wrapping paper lying ripped open under the Christmas tree. The sleek round black console, with the wireless Cyberbrain-access controller lying next to it. Arthur touched the USB-port implants on the back of his neck in anticipation, he couldn't wait to plug into it.

"Arthur that's enough!" snapped his Mother. "Just get in the car."

Arthur rolled his eyes and turned around to walk out of the front door.


Arthur walked out of the door of their house and out onto the streets of the city. The sun dimly shone through the grey clouds and the cold Christmas Eve Night Air air greet him, he looked around at the council estate. Arthur looked out to the sky at the grey clouds blending in with the cityscape of skyscrapers in the distance lit up by Neon-signs and huge holographic displays. He could just make out the spaceships of all shapes and sizes dotted on the sky, zooming around from building to building, and above them hovering high in the sky were the large Frigate Warships over 100 metres long, like massive dark clouds ominously defending the city. Arthur's eye was caught by the street sign on the corner of the road: Wallace Road C3 7BE City of Neo-London.

Arthur's Mother tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around to face her.

"Come on, your Fathers waiting!"

She hurriedly pushed him across the road towards the family car. She slid open the back door of the people carrier and pushed Arthur in, who sat down. His Mother climbed in and sat down in the front passenger seat, next to his Father who was in the driving seat. His Father looked at him through his mirror.

"You all right buddy?" he asked.

Arthur removed his beanie hat to reveal his spiky blonde hair, he ran his hand through it.

"Yeah, come on lets go!" Arthur said irritably. "The sooner we get this over with the sooner I can play on my PS32!"

His parents chuckled.

"All right then," replied his Father, who reached down to his dashboard to where the Satnav console was located pulled out a long USB cable and plugged into the connection at the back of his neck. He started up the engine and drove off down the small road until they turned on to the main road. Arthur peered out of the car window and looked down below the road. From there he could see the huge metal support legs that carry the rigs that each city block rested on.

Arthur peered further down to see the waves of the radioactive water from the River Thames splashing against the foot of the rigs. Arthur could see the devastated ruins of the old city poking up out of the water where the flooding had consumed it. On the shore Arthur could see the City Slums, people wearing ragged clothes, living in houses made out of the ruins of central London. Going over to the river to collect water from it even though it was irradiated, because they needed to live. A feeling of sadness washed over Arthur every time he looked at them. Why did he and his family get the good life and not them?

A young girl caught Arthur's eye, about the same age as him. Wearing rags looking up at the main road. The two of them met eyes for a brief few seconds before the car sped off into the distance. The girl watched as the car disappeared into the distance. She was Japanese, with long black hair down to her waist. She turned around to walk back into her house, a shack made of corrugated iron.

She pushed past the piece of cloth that represented her door, and looked around the room. It was full of make-shift Soldiers preparing their Rifles for battle. They looked like they were prepared to fight, but not for a Government, more like a band of rebels. There was one pale white man in the corner who looked nervous, shaken like he was about to go to his death. A tall middle aged Japanese man walked over to him and handed him a belt lined with explosive charges, each one had a Radioactive symbol on it.. The white man stared at the belt- the device that would end his life. He took it from the Japanese man and slowly strapped it onto himself. Once it was on him, he sighed and looked up and the Japanese man, suddenly the two of them embraced each other.

"May the power of creation be with you," the Japanese man whispered.

The two of them let go, the Japanese man handed him the detonator. The soon to be suicide Bomber nodded slowly then turned to leave. The Soldiers gave him his wishes before he walked out the door. The girl watched him as he left, before quickly walking over to the Japanese man and tugging him on the sleeves, he turned to face her and his eyes widened.

"Ki...Kiyoko?" he said.

"Daddy, why is Freddy putting a Bomb on his chest?" she asked in panicked voice.

"Kiyoko, I asked you not to come here!"

"Kenji!" interrupted one of the Soldiers. The Japanese man turned around to face him, then slowly turned back to face his daughter. He placed his hands on her arms.

"Wait here..." he said in a quiet voice. He turned around and sighed, walking over to a makeshift table made out of crates. One of the Soldiers spread a map out across the tables and placed rocks on the four corners.

"All right, listen up." Kenji announced. "According to our source, the experimental subject will be delivered in an armoured vehicle to this building here by 11:00 hours." He pointed to a building on the map. "But the convoy will have to pass by the A36 road, that's where we will strike."

"But Sir, who is our source?" asked one of the Soldiers.

"That. Would be me."

They all turned around to see a young black boy of about 10 walk through the door, with dreadlocks. He had a strange haunting look in his eyes, with an aura of holiness about him. They all stared at him.

"Daniel Illain," one of the Soldiers whispered, suddenly they all knelt down in front of the boy.

"Please, that's not necessary, " said the boy in a calm voice, like he was a wise leader. "I am not my Mother."

"But...Sir you have the gift." said one the Soldiers.

"Having the gift, does not make me a God Mr. McCrowny."

The Soldier looked up at the boy with a confused face. He couldn't believe that this boy knew his name. There was a pause, Daniel gave a hand sign to show them to get to their feet.

"Your briefing Mr. Nimiru." continued Daniel.

Kenji nodded slowly.

"We will wait at this position here until the armoured vehicle is right above support column six," explained Kenji.."Our Bomber will take out the support column, causing it to collapse. However the truck is built to withstand the fall, so once its safe we move in and cut through it's hull. Once done we will execute the test subject and then bug out."

"What kind of protection will the vehicle have?"

"I have foreseen that it will be escorted by several Police Cars and a Military Gunship." explained Daniel.


"That is why I we will have a two guys with a sniper Rifle and a rocket launcher left at this position to provide support in case things go tits up." explained Kenji. The Soldiers sighed. "Anybody here got a better plan?" There was a pause. "No? Then move out!" The Soldiers grabbed their Rifles and walked out of the door and into the slums. Kenji walked over to his daughter and knelt down to her level.

"Kiyoko you shouldn't come here..." he said. "It's not safe..."

"Daddy why has Freddy got a Bomb strapped to him?" she asked, tears breaking through. "Is he gonna die?"

There was a pause.

"What he does really important, I want you to understand that sweetheart."

"But why? Why is it so important?"

Kenji sighed.

"Do you know why we're here Kiyoko?" Kiyoko looked confused. "I mean in this place, in these slums instead of being up there in the city?"

"You said it was because the Government turned off yours and Mummy's microchip..."

"That's right...and do you know why they did that?" Kiyoko shook her head. "It's because we don't believe in the Religion that the people in the city believe in. They believe that the Government was appointed by their God, but we don't."

Kiyoko looked confused.

"They...turned off your microchips just because of what you believe?"

Kenji nodded.

"That's right...and the Government will go to a lot of trouble just to make people think that their Religion is the right one." His tone of voice changed, it was now quieter and more serious. "But that's what they're trying to do today...the machine they're transporting will trick everyone into thinking that they're right and that we're wrong. And if that happens then people like us will be hunted down...Freddy is giving his life to save all of us...he's a hero."

Kiyoko's eyes were filled with tears.

"But I don't understand...why does he want to die like that?"

Kenji paused.

"The Marines killed his wife a few days ago...he said he felt like he doesn't have anything to live for any was his idea."

There was a long pause.

"Does that mean you're going to kill yourself too?" Kiyoko asked. "Because the Marines killed Mummy?"

Kenji looked at his daughter in the eye and held her chin.

"I've got something to live for..." he said. He kissed his daughter on the forehead and the two of them hugged.

"One day you're just not going to come back though are you..." she said.

Kenji slowly stood up.

"I'm coming back." He turned and walked out of the house. As soon as he left Kiyoko began sobbing loudly and buried her face in her hands. Daniel, who had been standing in the background the whole time listening walked over to her and placed his hand on her back.

"Don't cry." he said. "I'm sure he will be fine."

Kiyoko turned to face Daniel.

"You know where they're going right?"

Daniel nodded. Kiyoko grabbed him by the wrist.

"Show me!" she cried and dragged him out of the house.

Arthur's family stopped outside of the Church. It was a large building, but it wasn't shaped like an old Christian church. It was a golden pyramid, with an eye on the spire at the top of building. There was a pair of automatic sliding doors at the front which people entered from. People kept crowding into the building.

"Here we are!" announced Arthur Mother.

"Oh joy." sighed Arthur.

"Something wrong?" asked his Father.

Arthur paused.

"Do we HAVE to do this?," he said. "Every word that comes out of that priests mouth just sounds so fake and forced..."

His Father turned around to face Arthur, a look of rage washed over his face.

"Are you questioning God?" asked his Father.

Arthur looked confused.

"Um...yeah but..." began Arthur.

"Because you know that's the sort of thing that could get your RFID chip turned off!"

Arthur looked confused.

"Yeah but..."

"It's Gods Government Arthur. It's not smart to question him."

There was a pause, before his Father got out of his car, soon followed by his Mother and then slowly by Arthur. The inside of the church was not unlike an old 21st century Christian church, it was painted gold, with drawings and statutes of 12 ancient religious figures lined the walls. One of the figures that kept re-occurring in the pictures were images of the traditional 'Grey' type aliens. The short little men with grey skin and bulging black eyes coming from the sky in spiralling disk shaped vessels- like Angels being worshipped. One symbol that kept re-occurring was the Yin-Yang image- the embodiment of God for this religion. At the front of the church was an altar, rows of pews were in front of it, where the congregation were sat. The priest stood up at the alter dressed up in a gold robe. A huge 3D-holographic display shone out behind the priest displaying a gold pyramid with an eye on top of it. The priest stood up held his hands out, and spoke into a microphone

"On this day over two-thousand years ago, God sent his Son into this world to save mankind. That is what the Christians of the old age used to believe."

Suddenly the holographic display began to show, images from old 20th century religious films like Jesus of Nazareth.

"Every ancient Religion had a saviour sent by their God or Gods, and how did we repay them? With war, famine, pollution and disease!"

The display began showing stock footage of wars from the 20th and 21st century, people suffering in Africa from aids and famine, crime, riots, cars and factories spewing out fumes, polar ice caps melting, hurricanes, Earthquakes.

"WE became the architects of our own demise."

The display showed footage of a Nuclear Explosion wiping out Manhattan, being consumed by the flames of death and the wind of destruction, the ominous mushroom cloud towered overhead signalling the end of the world. The display then switched to a satellite image of the Planet being lit up with explosions all over the surface.

"So God decided to give us our punishment."

The display showed a video of a huge red UFO hovering ominously among the mushroom clouds, over the devastated ruins of New York. It was shaped like a huge, long, round cigar, it had an evil red glowing aura and was lined with powerful looking advanced weapons. The camera zoomed in on the Ship and watched as the weapons on the Ship swivelled around, taking aim at the survivors on the ground firing out powerful beams of red Laser light setting fire to the ruins. Suddenly strange. half men-half reptile creatures with wings dropped out of the underside of the Ship and began swarming around the sky like Demons.

"He sent the Repti, a race of Demons from the stars to wipe the Planet clean of the scourge that was killing it. But God also decided to give mankind one last chance to redeem itself."

The holographic display switched to an image of the survivors holding their hands to their heads looked, confused, amazed even scared at what they were experiencing. They could hear voices in their head- but not just any voice- this voice claimed to be God himself.

"The world heard his divine voice and was united in his wisdom, and he gave us an ultimatum, if the world would truly unite once and for all, under the rein of a World Government appointed by all mighty God himself, then he would send 12 Saviours to repel the invaders."

The display began to show the ruins of the devastated United Nations building. The world leaders, looking all dirty and scruffy, shook hands and nodded in agreement. They all walked down to the central table and all put their signature on a new document.

"And so the world joined hands and gave themselves to God's eternal love, and in return, 12 Saviours came forth and used their amazing power granted them by God himself to destroy the Repti."

12 people stood in the centre of what was left of Times Square, right bellow the belly of the beast- the undercarriage of the alien spacecraft. 12 people representing mankind itself- Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian, African, Indian, Arab, they all joined hands and made a circle. Suddenly a bright orb of light appeared in the centre of them. The orb expanded outwards and consumed the 12 of them, the light rose up into the sky like a column and slammed into the underside of the Ship. Flames began to punch out of the side of the Ship until it finally blew up, in another nuclear explosion, sending derby scattering a crossing the city.

"They gave their lives to save mankind, but before they did they appointed the leaders of the new holy Government."

The display began to show images of a ceremony in what was left of Times Square. Thousands of people gathered in front of a stage, with thousands of survivors ushering in a new age. Bankers in suits came onto the stage and signed the treaty that the world leaders also signed- officially handing control of the world over to them, the crowd began to cheer with naïve glee.

"And since then the human race has never known a time of war, united once and for all by God himself!"

A montage of happy citizens living in the Neo-Cities began to show on the display. If you looked at this and took it at face value- you would believe the world was a happy place, the congregation cheered and clapped as though this is what they actually did believe, but Arthur couldn't help but think of the slums- he knew this wasn't the truth.

A few minutes later the three of them were back in the car and started preparing to drive home again. Arthur sighed as he sat down, he took off the glove on his right hand hand and looked a the small, glowing red lump on the back of his hand- the area where the RFID chip had been injected into his body. He fiddled with it using his other hand, his Father watched him through the mirror again.

"You okay Arthur?" he asked.

Arthur paused before asking, he had a feeling he knew what his Father was going to say, but he asked any way.

"Dad, if the Government was really appointed by God...Then why do they need to inject everyone with microchips that allow them to track us anywhere we go?"

His parents looked at each other in confusion, his Father paused before answering that.

"Er...well...God can see us wherever we are son...but the Senate don't have that power," He laughed nervously, like he was telling a bad joke.

"So they er...need the chips so that they know where we are, so they can make decisions that effect us on behalf of God." explained his Mother.

"But why do they turn peoples microchips off then?"

Another awkward pause washed over the car.

"I mean, if we're all Gods children then why does he condemn them to live them in the slums just for protesting against the Government?" Arthur asked again.

Still no response. Eventually his Father spoke.

"God gave mankind freewill, and look where it got us Arthur."

Arthur watched as the the water splashed across the metal legs of the rig.

"But now God has a plan for us again. Those who defy it will only drag the rest of us down...they need to be removed."

Arthur paused.

"But..." began Arthur but he was interrupted.

"No more questions Arthur," interrupted his Father. "God works in mysterious ways. One day when you're'll understand."

"Whatever..." Arthur sighed.

His Father paused before revving up the engine and then driving off again. They kept driving for about 10 minutes, before they arrived at the bridge that connected their city block to the main road, but suddenly his Father slammed his foot down on the brakes, the three of them where jolted forward as the car screech to the halt. His Mother screamed slightly before they stopped.

"What the hell was that about?" asked Arthur.

Arthur peered out from behind his Fathers chair to see a Police road block, protected by several armed Police Officers. Arthur stared in awe, wondering what was going on as three Police Cars began to drive slowly across the main road in front of them, followed shortly by the huge, long, sleek, rounded, white armoured truck they were escorting. The words: Cryotech corp. were painted in big green letters on the side, white Nitrogen gas kept irradiating from the cold surface of the truck. Suddenly the noise of a jet engine roared overhead, Arthur spun round to look up into the dark sky to see a spaceship hovering above the truck. Arthur's eyes widened and a grin appeared on his face- he recognised instantly what it was.

It was an AC-38 "Buzzer" Military Gunship designed to both carry troops and deliver heavy fire-power to the battlefield. The Ship was a similar shape and size to an old 21st Century Helicopter, but there were two large rounded wings sloping down from the top side of the Ship and instead of having helicopter rotors on the tail and top of the Ship, their were four large Rocket Boosters that were positioned on the tail and and on the wings of the Ship. On the underside of the Ship were three red lights one at the front and two at the back forming a triangle, in the centre of this triangle was a large swirling vortex of red light- the Anti-Gravity engine of the Ship. On the underside of each wing was the weapons array- Gatling guns, Rocket launchers, even a flamethrower. The entire Ship was painted in camouflage colours, with a symbol of the Earth with a large gold star next to it with the word- Marines painted in blue next to it.

There were two Pilots manning the controls, sitting at the Cockpit. They were both dressed in flight suits, wearing advanced helmets with Heads-Up display visors, they were both also directly connected into the Ships computer through the USB ports at the back of their necks. At the back of the Ship was a small passenger area, a small cabin with two wooden benches either side. Their were two Space Marines sitting on both benches- dressed in black Power-Exoskeletons, essentially body armour covering the entire body but with robotic joints to enhance their strength, they were also wearing similar helmets to the Pilots. Two more important looking were also sitting on the benches, a man and a woman. They were wearing blue military uniforms belonging to that of the United Earth Star Navy. Their name tags read Captain Amina Jusane and Commander Aaron Snider. Both were well built and middle aged. Jusane was an Arab woman and had a soft, lean face, with twinkling hazel eyes, and short black hair, but despite all these beautiful qualities, she still looked like a tough soldier. The other Snider, was clearly the tougher looking though, his face was much more intimidating, with a chizzle jaw to match. He had gelled back hair that formed spikes in places, and piercing blue eyes. But half his right cheek had been horribly burned- reduced to a melted plastic like substance. All of the officers were carrying Japanese Katanas in sheaths holstered on the right leg of their suits/exoskeletons, with the Exception of Captain Jusane. She had a strap on her back which was holstering a long golden-painted metal martial-arts staff with an energy grid running through it, with a Battle Laser positioned on the end- this was her Melee Weapon of choice.

"It's all coming true." spoke Snider. "The prophecy, the Repti scriptures, it's all coming true." He pointed to the truck below them. "This proves it."

Jusane paused before responding.

"Yeah...true." she said in a low uneasy voice.

Snider looked confused.

"What? Don't you believe that this is it?"

Jusane sighed.

"No. No you're right Aaron. This does prove the scriptures right."

Snider looked confused, he gave his friend a puzzled look and then turned to face out of the Ships wind screen.

Kiyoko and Daniel ran quietly along the ruins of the city until they came to a good mound of rubble that they could hide behind. The two of them crouched down and peered over the twisted metal, from where they were they could see the foot of the support column supporting the road above, standing in the muddy shore of the river. There were three Space Marines holding advanced looking Assault Rifles standing around it's circumference, guarding it. A man slowly emerged from the wasteland and began to walk towards the Marines. Kiyoko squinted, her vision slowly focused and she could make out who it was.

"Oh my God it's Freddy..." she said tears beginning to well in her eyes. "Please..please don't do this."

Daniel paused for a second. He slowly reached out and put his hand on her shoulder.

"There's nothing you can do." he said in a small reassuring voice. "His mind is made up."

At the same time, Kenji and his Soldiers climbed to the top of a tall pile of rubble about two hundred metres to the west of where Kiyoko and Daniel were hiding. They crouched down to take cover. One of the Soldiers was holding a Sniper Rifle- he rested the barrel of the gun on top of the rubble and peered down the scope of the Gun to observe the situation below.

"Our guy is in position," said the Sniper.

Kenji sighed.

"Pray for him," he said finally.

The Soldiers paused for a second, but then slowly put down their weapons, closed their eyes and put their hands together.

"Oh mighty creation, we pray that the soul of Freddy James Cartera will be graciously received into your hands," began Kenji.

Freddy slowly began make his way towards the Soldiers. Nervously holding the detonator in his hand. The Marines hadn't noticed him yet, so he began to pick up speed, starting to sprint towards them.

"Come on what the hell is taking so long!" Arthur's Father complained.

"We pray that he shall be taken to the other side, where he shall find peace," continued Kenji.

"This is gonna be a start of a brand new life for all of us Amina," explained Snider. "Don't you see that?"

"If that's what you want to believe Aaron that's fine by me," replied Jusane.

"This is so wrong..." cried Kiyoko. "Why would any God allow this?"

"It is not God who chooses this for us," replied Daniel. "This is human nature."

Freddy was now practically running towards the Marines, he raised up the hand that was holding the detonator. He stretched out his thumb, now suspended above the red button of death.

"Bloody military," continued Arthur's Father. "They think they own this God-damn city."

"What's that supposed to mean?" cried Snider.

Jusane just smiled back at him.

"May he be reborn in a new and better life," finished Kenji.

Freddy was now only a few metres away from the support column, suddenly the Soldiers spun around and pointed their Rifles at him.

"FREEZE!" yelled one of the Soldiers.

Freddy closed his eyes.

"I'll be with you soon Lucy..." he whispered.

He slammed his thumb down on the detonator.

"Why? Why do we do this...I mean..." cried Kiyoko.

"GET DOWN!" yelled Daniel, he grabbed her from behind and pushed her to to the ground, a second later a flash of bright light and gust of powerful wind from a miniature nuclear explosion swept over them. A huge fireball expanded out from Freddy's corpse and consumed the Soldiers and the foot of the support column before blossoming out into a mushroom cloud. The concrete and steel support began to shatter as the heat wave blasted across it. The shock waves spread across the bridge like an Earthquake.

"What the hell happened?" yelled Arthur's Father.

Arthur's eyes widened in fear as he watched the road way in front of them crumble away and collapse to the ground. The truck fell away, followed by the Police barricade, consumed by the 20ft drop below. Arthur watched in horror as the Officers fell screaming, flailing to their deaths. The truck landed upside down and slammed into the ground, breaking every window and crunching the chassis- but it was still intact, which was more than could be said about the Police Officers. Suddenly Arthur's eyes were drawn to the fissures that were now spreading to the surface of the road below them, suddenly their car began to shake and he lunged out for his Mother, the two of them embraced, a few seconds before the whole thing gave way.

The car tumbled and somersaulted through the air, the three of them screaming as they watched the world roll past along with bits of the bridge. Finally they crash landed the right way up on top of the rubble with a deafening bang, before bouncing off it and landing upside down on the hood of the car smashing all the windows. The world went dark for Arthur for a split second, he slowly blinked and began to wake up. He was hanging upside down from his chair, held in place only by his seatbelt, he could feel the blood rushing to his head, he could taste it in his mouth as well. He reached up and felt his chin, there was a cut on it blood was running down his face in little streams running into his lips. He shook his head to wake himself up, before doing the same to his )Parents. They both groaned and also shook themselves to conciousness, his Mother turned around to face Arthur and burst into tears and hugged him.

Kenji and his Soldiers observed the devastation from a distance. The muddy shore had now been littered by the flaming rubble of the bridge. Kenji waved his arm and pointed towards the truck.

"Move out!" he yelled.

He waved his Soldiers on as they all scrambled down the rubble pile and ran towards the truck, Kenji soon followed leaving behind only two Soldiers, one armed with a Sniper Rifle and one with a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher. The platoon of Soldiers ran towards the truck and slid behind the far side of it to take cover from the Gunship.

"Come on!" ordered Kenji. "Get it open, get it open!"

One of the Soldiers pulled out a Circular Saw and revved up the engine. The Soldier slowly leaned toward the hull of the truck. The sound of screeching metal rang through out the waste land as it began to cut through the chassis as sparks were sent flying out. A gush of high-pressure Nitrogen came spewing out as the first crack began to appear.

Admiral Jusane and Commander Snider were stood up at the front of the Gunship peering out of the windscreen trying to see what was going on.

"Holy fucking shit." cried Snider.

Jusane's eyes darted around the battlefield.

"Sitrep!" she ordered.

"Low yield Nuclear Detonation on the surface Captain," replied one of the Pilots. "One of our guys on the ground reported a Nochip approaching towards them just before the explosion."

"A suicide Bomber?" asked Jusane.

"It's bloody Spiritform!" yelled Snider. "God-damn terrorists!"

"Is the Transport Truck still intact?"

"Yes Sir," continued the Pilot. "But sensors are picking up movement around it, I think someone is trying to cut through the hull."

A worried look washed over Snider's face, he turned to face Jusane.

"Amina we've gotta stop them." he said in a panicked voice. "If they get the subject then it's all over for us."

Jusane sighed and looked down at her feet in frustration.

"Take us in and engage the enemy." ordered Jusane.

"Aye Captain," replied the Pilot.

Snider turned around and gave hand signals, and started barking orders at the Marines to get themselves prepared for battle.

Daniel and Kiyoko were still lying on their bellies with their hands on their heads. Suddenly the two of them shook the rubble and dust that had settled on their heads. The two of them slowly rose up and peered over to look at the flaming wreckage of the main road.

"Oh my God..." whispered Kiyoko.

She slowly turned around and noticed that Daniel's hand was still on her shoulder. Daniel simultaneously noticed before blushing and quickly removing his hand from it. Kiyoko gave Daniel a confused look, and then turned back to look at the truck. She squinted and could just about make out Kenji and his Soldiers hidden by the smoke. A smile appeared over Kiyoko's face and her eyes widened in glee when she saw him.

"That's my Dad!" she cried. Suddenly she stood up straight, Daniel tried to stop her but she did it anyway yelling out at the top of her voice. "DADDY!"

Kenji spun around when he heard his daughters voice, he squinted and saw her in the distance and could make out Kiyoko jumping up and down and waving her arms at him. Kenji's eyes widened in surprise.

"Ki...Kiyoko?" He gritted his teeth his teeth in anger. "Shit!"

One of the Soldiers turned around to face what Kenji was looking at.

"Hey, isn't that your daughter?" he asked. The Soldier squinted again. "Wait, she's got Daniel Illain with her!" He ran over to Kenji and grabbed him by the shoulder. "Kenji that boy can NOT get into the hands of the Government. We've gotta get them outta here."

Kenji clutched his fists and gritted his teeth harder.

"Shit!" he yelled out, he turned to face the soldier. "Take two men, get 'em to safety!"

"Yes Sir!" He turned to face two of his colleagues, pointed at them and ordered him to come with him to protect the children.

"Dammit Kiyoko..." muttered Kenji to himself. "Why couldn't you do as your told?"

The three Soldiers grabbed their stuff and turned and ran out from behind the cover of the truck towards where Kiyoko and Daniel were standing- and they were greeted with a powerful gust of wind and the sound of a jet engine. The three of them spun around to face the Gunship pointing it's Gatling guns at them.

"Oh crap!" yelled one of the Soldiers.

"Weapons free." ordered Admiral Jusane.

The Gunship opened fire with its guns, sending a spray of bullets across the battlefield, ripping through the bodies of the Soldiers, sending blood and body parts flying in all directions from them. Kiyoko screamed as she watched in horror. Suddenly Daniel grabbed her by the arm and yelled

"Come on we've gotta get out of here!"

He pulled her away and the two of them began to ran into the distance.

Kenji jumped back as he watched the bodies of his men disintegrate before his eyes.

"Fuck!" he shouted out.

He crawled into cover behind the truck and began hurriedly preparing his Rifle. He turned to the Soldierwho was cutting through the truck.

"How much longer is it gonna take?!" he barked at him.

"At least another three minute Sarge!"

"We're gonna be dead in three minutes!"

Kenji pulled out a radio handset from his pocket and yelled orders to his Soldiers on the hill to open fire on the Gunship.

Meanwhile Arthur's parents had successfully managed to crawl out of their up turned car and were now trying to help their son escape. They had slid the door of the people carrier back and were both standing by their son who was still hanging upside down. His Mother undid his seat belt releasing him while his Father simultaneously grabbed him, turned him the right way up and placed him on the ground.

"You okay squirt?" his Father asked.

Arthur's eye had been caught by the Gunship shooting at the small band of Soldiers hiding behind the truck. Arthur slowly nodded and then pointed towards the battle.

"Dad what's going on?"

Arthur's Father turned to face the battle.

"Yeah, yeah I'll tell you what's going on," he sneered. "Those Spiritform bastards are getting what they deserve!" He bent down and picked up a rock and hurled it towards the battle. "Go to hell you God-damn murderers!"

Arthur's Mother grabbed him by his shoulders and pulled him along.

"Charles come on, we've got to go!" she cried. "It's not safe!".

"Yeah whatever..."

The three of them turned to leave, when suddenly they spun around again when they heard a loud whooshing noise blast by. They watched as a Rocket-Propelled Grenade sailed through the sky blazing a trail of smoke behind it, before it slammed into the tail of the Gunship. One of the Rocket Boosters burst into flames, and the Ship began to spin out of control sending smoke spewing out of the tail.

The crew inside the gunship were pressed hard against the walls by the centripetal force as the world span around them.

"Mayday, Mayday, Mayday!" cried the Pilot. "We are going down! Repeat: We are going down!"

"All hands brace for impact!" yelled Jusane.

The Ship spiralled closer and closer to the ground until it eventually slammed into it, bouncing onto its hood and landing upside down. The vortex of light on the underside burst into flames and began bellowing smoke. It took a few moments for the sliding door on the side of the Ship to open up and for the crew to begin to start clambering out of the side of the Ship. First came the two Pilots, they were about to begin to run from the wreckage, but before they had a chance the Sniper opened fire on them Both were head shots, scattering bits of brain and skull across the wreck. They were quickly followed by Jusane and Snider and the three Marines, who were able to run away from the Ship too fast for the Sniper to be able to get a clear shot at them, He took the shots but narrowly missed them by a couple of Centimetres. The five of them ran to cover behind a pile of rubble and collapsed into a small ditch landing on the ground panting, before watching a huge fireball punch it's way from the fuel cells of the Ship, throwing debris and shrapnel in all direction.

"Sitrep!" panted Jusane.

One of the Marines pressed a button on the side of his helmet. There was a small cylindrical glass container on the back of his Exoskeleton, shaped like a syringe. It was full of a Grey liquid, with a strange. This was a special type of Drug called Limit Removers- Nanomachines designed to release some of the latent Spiritual Energy with in the body. On their own, the Limit Removers didn't do much (other than cause an extreme feeling of being High), however combined with the Cyberisation of the human body, the Spiritual Energy becomes the ammunition for various Psychic Abilities that could be downloaded direct into the Brain- a powerful tool of warfare.

Limit Removers were standard issue for most Soldiers, however they had to be careful when to use them, since getting High and addiction was a nasty side effect. The liquid slowly drained away and entered into his blood stream, he breathed deeply and could feel his consciousness ascending- like he was becoming one with the universe. The Soldier opened his eyes- they were now glowing with the same energy. He had been granted the ability known as 'Second Sight', so he could see where distant objects and people where, though it wasn't always clear. He reported back to Jusane the location of the Sniper, the number of Soldiers who were attempting to cut through the truck. He also pointed out that he could see three stationary people (Arthur's family) and two targets running away (Kiyoko and Daniel).

"Hold on a second Sir..." continued the Marine. "I just got a visual ID on one of the moving targets...Sir it's Daniel Illain."

Jusane and Snider looked surprised at this news.

"Divina Illain's son?" asked Snider.

The Marine nodded.

"We can't miss this opportunity to capture him." sighed Jusane.

Snider crawled up to her.

"Amina you can't loose track of the real goal here., if they get the subject then..."


The Marines spun round to face her in surprise. She sighed and then turned back to face the Marine.

"Can you get a visual ID on the three stationary targets?"

"No Sir too much interference in the area, but it's safe to assume that they're enemy reinforcements."

"Can you take out the Sniper from here?"

"Yes Sir,"

"All right here's what we do." She pointed at the Marine ."You take aim and eliminate the sniper, once we're clear you will go with Captain Snider and take out the targets trying to extract the test subject." She turned to one of the other Marines. "You head South east and take the Illain boy prisoner." She now looked at the last of the three Marines. "You and I will head South East and take out the enemy reinforcements. The Gunships transponder should have sent out an automated distress signal so backup should be here ASAP, so all we've gotta do is hold the line until then. Is that clear?"

"YES Sir!" they all barked back.

"Let's do this Marines!"

The first Marine jumped to attention, ran over to a small pile of rubble and lay down on top of it to take aim at the Sniper. He switched his visor to Thermal vision and could see the Infra-red laser sight shining out of the end of this laser. He could also see the Sniper off in the distance on the top of the hill, reloading his Rifle. The Marine slowly moved his gun to the right until the sniper was finally in his sights.

"Target acquired,"

"Take the shot," ordered Jusane.

The Marine took the shot, a single bullet sped out across the sky and landed straight in the forehead of the Sniper on the top of the hill, causing a small coin sized wound to appear there as it burrowed through his brain and came out the other side. He fell over backwards and blood began to gush out across the hill.

"Target neutralized."

"Go! Go! Go!" yelled Jusane.

The five of them jumped up and began to sprint out of the ditch and split off into three directions like they agreed.

Kiyoko and Daniel were still running over the hills of rubble desperately trying to get away. Kiyoko was trailing behind panting with Daniel doing all the hard work and sweating in front. Suddenly the sound of a Gunshot rang out and the bullet landed on the ground a few feet in front of the two of them, clanging against the metal rubble. Kiyoko screamed and the two of them spun around to face one of the Marines pointing his Rifle at the two of them.

"Okay that's far enough!" yelled the Marine. "Don't move a muscle!"

The Marine slowly inched his way towards the two of them, Kiyoko looked scared and hid behind Daniel, but he quickly shook her off him and pushed her away.

"Kiyoko go, run, get out of here!" shouted Daniel. Kiyoko's eyes widened in surprised. "What are you waiting for?" Daniel waved his hand and pointed her away. "Run!"

Kiyoko, turned her eyes full of tears and turned to run away just as Daniel turned to face back to the Marine. Kiyoko could see Commander Snider and another one of the Marines running towards her where her Father was. She paused for a second, there was nothing she wanted more right now than to just go home, but if she didn't do something her Father was going to die. She looked down at her feet for a second, and then looked up again with a look of determination on her face. She ran back towards the battle. At the same time Daniel turned to face the Marine and slowly walked towards the Marine with his arms out.

"You can let the girl go," he said calmly "It's me you want."
The Marine edged closer and closer towards the boy, but before he had a chance to grab him- Daniel raised out his hand...and something happened. The Marine couldn't get any closer to him, it was as if a force field was blocking his hand. The Marine struggled to get free but it was also holding him place, stopping him from moving- Daniel was a natural psychic, someone who started out with these abilities, but have gradually gotten stronger through use of Limit Removers, to the point where they're not needed any more.

"What the...what the hell?"

Daniel jumped backwards and gave a powerful wave of his arm, sending a blast of invisible energy rippling through the rubble sending bits of metal and dust flying up into the Marines face, knocking him backwards and tumbling down the side of the hill. When the Marine finally reached the bottom of the hill, Daniel was holding out his hand again- a large twisted bar of metal was floating a few inches in front of it. The Marines eyes widened in fear, suddenly Daniel wave his hand out like he was throwing a javelin, propelling the metal bar through the sky and landing it smack on top of the Marines head- crushing it.

Daniel collapsed on his knees panting, blood began to run out his nose. When he finally got to his feet and turned around, he could see Kiyoko running back towards the fight. He yelled out after her, but she couldn't hear him. Daniel gritted his teeth and clenched his fists. He was about to run after her, when he noticed a group of three C-280 "Albatross" Military Dropships flying towards the battle. The Dropships were shaped similarly to the Gunship, however they had two sets of wings (one at the front one at the back) each with a Rocket Booster on them, and their bodies were longer and slimmer- more like that of Chinook helicopters from the 21st century, so they could carry more troops, but the Ship itself didn't have any armaments.


Daniel gritted his teeth, before turning to run away from the fight.

"Come on hurry up, hurry up!" cried Kenji.

"Nearly there Sarge."

Finally the Soldier finished cutting a nice large rectangle in the hull of the truck. The slab of metal creaked as it finally gave way. The two of them jumped out of the way to avoid being crushed by it, and another large gush of Nitrogen came pouring out of the vehicle.

"Nice job," complimented Kenji. "All right, let's get the subject so we can all..."

But before he had a chance to finish his sentence, a powerful invisible force pushed him backwards and slammed him into the pile of concrete. His Soldiers turned around to face what had happened, but they were all knocked back by the same power- they landed harder against the concrete. Some of them were knocked unconscious- a couple of them broke their necks.

Slowly out of the shadows of the gas, emerged a figure. A bald naked boy- no older than Arthur or Kiyoko, collapsed out of truck and landed hard against the ground, he cried out in pain and turned over onto his front, huddled up in a ball, he began to puke, vomiting all over the rubble. He raised his hand and grabbed his head, and yelled out in pain again.

Arthur was standing in the distance watching all this happening, his eyes widened in amazement and a grin appeared on his face.

"Whoa," he said. "Cool!"

Something came over him- he suddenly had an irresistible compulsion to go and investigate what was going on. His parents were just turning to leave, but Arthur slid down the flaming pile of rubble and ran towards the truck. His Mother spun around and tried to stop him, but she was too late. She tried calling him again but he still wasn't listening. His Mother swore loudly and then started to run after him, followed quickly by his Father.

Kenji shook himself awake again, he looked around, his vision was still blurry but it was starting to recover. He saw the child, lying on the ground- but to him he wasn't a child, he was the experimental test subject that could bring about the end of the world, and he wasn't going to let that happen. Kenji pushed himself to his feet and pulled out a Handgun from a holster on his belt. He took a few steps towards the boy, grabbed him by the shoulder and flipped him onto his back, he shoved his gun in the boys forehead. A frightened look washed over the boys face, like an animal trapped in a cage- his eyes widened. Kenji looked down into his small little innocent eyes- they reminded him of Kiyoko's. A look of sadness washed over his face, he tried desperately to squeeze down on the trigger, but he couldn't. He couldn't do it, he couldn't become a child killer. Suddenly he spun around and threw the gun away into the distance, in anger and frustration with himself.

"Shit!" he yelled. The child continued to stare at his back in fear- this man had the power to end his life. Kenji sighed deeply and slowly started to speak again. "Do you even...have any idea what you're capable of?" The child didn't answer. "I can't let that happen...never...but I can't kill you either...what am I supposed to do?" Kenji looked up at the sky. "Creation...what am I supposed to do?"

Suddenly without warning, Commander Snider quickly snuck up behind Kenji, grabbed him across the chest with his left arm, pulled out his Sword with his right hand and held it up to Kenji's throat.

"Your God doesn't exist." Snider whispered into Kenji's ear, he pressed the Sword against his throat and slit it wide open. Blood began gushing out the wound, spilling out onto Kenji's clothes. Snider watched in glee as the life drained out of his body, when he was finally dead he let go of him, letting his limp lifeless body fall hard against the ground.

"He can't help you."

Kiyoko had been watching from a distance, stood frozen on the spot. Her world had just been shattered right before her eyes.

"D...daddy..." she said quietly. Before bursting into tears and yelling it out on the top of her lungs. She began to run towards the body, but a powerful gust of wind caught her from behind and knocked her onto the ground on all fours. She turned around to watch the three Dropships descend closer and closer to the ground before opening up their sliding doors and throwing out several ropes . Dozens of Marines began sliding down the ropes and landed on the ground. They sprinted towards the battle, but one of them stopped right in front of Kiyoko and shoved a gun in her face.

"Freeze!" he yelled.

Kiyoko's eyes widened in fear and the tears began to form streams on her cheeks.

Snider turned around to face the test subject. He walked slowly towards him and stopped right in front of him, he held out his hand.

"Come with me son." said Snider in calm voice.

The boy just stared up at Snider in fear, he didn't respond, he didn't even react, before suddenly his eyes turned pitch black- like an evil powerful presence was trapped inside him. Snider jumped back in fear and swore loudly. The boy yelled out, and suddenly all the nitrogen gas around him began to swirl towards him like a tornado, enshrouding him in it's mist. Before the loud sound of a sonic boom rang out and all the gas disappeared into a vacuum along with boy- he was gone. Snider slowly lifted his arms away from his face and looked at what was left- nothing.

"Shit..." said Snider quietly to himself.

Arthur screeched to a halt when he realised what he had just seen. He stood and stared at it in disbelief.

"B...but that's impossible," he thought.

"ARTHUR!" yelled his Mother.

Arthur spun around to face her with annoyed look on his face, but before he had a chance to talk back, another one of the Marines popped up from behind the rubble and pointed his Rifle at Arthur's Mother.

"Freeze!" yelled the Marine.

The two of them spun round to face him, Arthur's Mother gave out a freighted scream before the Marine pulled the trigger in a state of panic. The Gunshot rang out, Arthur's eyes widened as he watched almost in slow motion, the bullet travel across its deadly path, before it pierced his Mothers heart, sending blood spurting from both her chest and her back.

"Mo...Mom?" said Arthur in a panicked state.

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" came his Fathers voice ringing down from the top of the hill. Arthur and the Marine spun around to face him, yelling and stampeding towards him like an angry bull who could see nothing but a big red building.

"Kiss the ground hands on your head!" barked the Marine. Arthur's Father ignored the orders completely and continued to charge towards the two of them, the Marine repeated himself but there was still no response. The Marine took aim and fired, Arthur watched again as the bullet landed slap bang in the middle of his chest. Arthur's Father staggered backwards in pain and clenched the wound, blood spilled out staining his shirt. He held out his hand and tried desperately to reach Arthur, but collapsed limply on top of his wife. Tears began to roll down Arthur's cheeks.

"No..." he whispered. "No, no, no, no, no!"

He ran over to the bodies of his parents and collapsed onto his knees. It looked as though the two of them were embracing, embracing in death. Their clothes and faces were covered in blood stains, and the pool around them was growing with every passing second. The Marine took aim at Arthur, but luckily Admiral Jusane came up from behind and grabbed the barrell of the gun and stopped him from firing.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" yelled Admiral Jusane. "They were unarmed! They had a kid with them! Do these LOOK like terrorists to you?"

The Marine paused before answering, but he couldn't, he just looked down at his feet in shame. Arthur started to shake from head to toe, he slowly reached and touched the faces of his parents, one last time.


An hour later Arthur was sat on some uncomfortable bench in the waiting room of a Police Station. One of the officers had given him their coat which was placed over his shoulders, and he had a cup of hot chocolate in his hand. There were Police Officers on the other side of a window, talking among themselves deciding what they would do with his life. He just sat, looking depressed staring into the chocolate. The dark colour made him think about what his life was going to be now his parents were gone. He slowly looked up and noticed that Kiyoko was sitting on the bench opposite him, also looking into her hot chocolate with the same look on her face. Arthur paused for a second, to think about what he was going to say, eventually he just said it.


Kiyoko slowly looked up.


The two of them introduced themselves, but that's as far as they got before an awkward silence filled the Space between them.

"So what are you in for?" Arthur joked.

Another awkward silence. The two of them giggled slightly before returning to their depressive state.

"The Space Marines killed my Daddy...they're deciding what to do with me."

Arthur looked surprised.

"Really?" he slowly replied. Kiyoko nodded. "Oh....they killed my parents too..."

Kiyoko looked surprised too, another pause came between them.

"Do you...want revenge on them?" she asked.

Arthur looked quite surprised.

"Revenge?" he repeated. He paused for a second to think about this, he sighed. "You know...I don't know what I want any more..."

Kiyoko nodded. Suddenly she started to snivel, she dropped her hot chocolate letting spill out all over the floor and buried her face in her hands. Arthur put down his chocolate and came over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

"Hey, hey, hey..." he said in calm reassuring voice. "I don't know what to do either...but I'm sure...I know...we'll figure it out together."

Kiyoko looked up at him and then wrapped her arms around him. Arthur placed his hands on her back and sighed, before letting the tears roll down his face.

It wasn't long before the two of them fell asleep, exhausted from what had happened to them. The two of them were cuddling under a blanket, with Kiyoko's head resting on Arthur's shoulder. Her eyes were flickering rapidly- like she was dreaming.

Kiyoko's vision of the dream was suddenly consumed by a bright flash of light, blinding her. It remained that way for about ten seconds, before slowly fading away so that she could see again. Kiyoko stared out into the darkness of what appeared to be the empty void of her subconscious. She was sitting on a rock surrounded by fog, in a big black nothingness. Her imagination must not be so good she thought to herself.

"This dream sucks." she said.

A loud laugh came from her left. She slowly turned to see who it was. Her eyes widened in amazement when she realised who she was looking at.

"Allow me to lighten it up for you." Laughed Kenji her Father.

"D…Daddy?" Kiyoko said, her voice beginning to break, her eyes stinging and filling up with tears. " can't be…"

"I'm here sweetheart." Replied Kenji. He reached out and stroked out her face. Kiyoko felt his hand brush over her cheek, the familiar skin that she hadn't felt for years. She couldn't hold it back any more. She jumped off the rock and wrapped her arms around him, bursting into tears and sobbing hard into his shoulder. The two of them stood there for about ten seconds, Kiyoko getting over the shock of seeing her dead father, while Kenji tried to comfort her. Eventually she took a deep breath and stepped back.

"You can't be real…" she sighed.

"Maybe I'm not," replied Kenji. "But I want you to know something Kiyoko." He paused for breath. "I will always be with you. Always watching over you."

Kiyoko smiled weakly.

"Like an angel?" she asked.

Kenji laughed.

"No sweetheart." He replied. "Your the angel."

Kiyoko suddenly woke up, panting, covered in sweat. She looked around at the dark room in confusion, trying to get a sense of what was real and what wasn't. The dream had been so real, she couldn't believe that it wasn't. She took several deep breaths and shook her head, trying to concentrate. When she finally felt like it was out of her mind, she rested her head back on Arthur and went back to sleep.

Meanwhile, many miles away. The experimental test subject boy lay unconscious, still naked in a dumpster in a dark dirty alleyway. Two dark figures walked up to him, and cast their long ominous shadows over him.