Six Months Later: The Day of the Exodus

The Repti dwelled in a massive network of caverns under the surface of the Earth. Their main city- was located in the largest pothole in the world. Miles wide and hundreds of feet deep. It was a damp and muddy cave, illuminated by a series of massive flame torches hung around the walls- revealing the giant stalactites and stalagmites suspended from the ceiling and the floor, which had been carved to make buildings for the citizens- everything from houses to skyscrapers. Massive underground waterfalls and rivers carved up the city- making it look like an underground version of Venice.

From a distance, it looked like the Repti might have been just like humans. Going about their every day business, shopping, going to work, taking care of their families. But it was only when you went inside each of the shops and noticed that they were selling bits of human bodies that they had recovered from the surface to be sold as food, that you realised that these were evil creatures.

The Repti Elders were gathered, sitting round a giant bonfire at the centre of the city. They were much older than most of the citizens, showing signs of wrinkling in their skin, as well as having tails and wings which they wore like capes to show their authority.

"What do we do now?" hissed one of the elders. "Mankind is leaving this Planet once and for will we survive with out our food supply?"

"It matters not..." replied another one. "We will follow them, they cannot escape their punishment forever. God is on our side..."

There was a pause between the Elders. Suddenly, a small stone collapsed from the ceiling of the cave and hit one of them on his head. The Elder rubbed his head and gave a small 'ouch'. He picked up the rock with his claws and stared at in confusion. Without warning, another rock fell from the roof and hit another one of the Elders. The rocks just kept on coming, getting larger in size and quantity, until it was practically raining in stones. The Elders abandoned the campfire as a large boulder collapsed on top of it and put out the flame.

They spun around with their cries of confusion and stared up at the ceiling. Something was drilling through- a loud mechanical whirring was coming from a device that was chewing and grinding up the rock. It wasn't long before the machine broke through and collapsed towards the ground. It was shaped like a Missile- but there was a drill at the head of the device instead of a warhead. One of the Elders squinted at the device- he could see a Radioactive Symbol on the side of the device. His eyes widened in fear- a missile is what it was. An underground nuclear missile.

"Oh shit..." he whispered.

The Missile Slammed into the ground and detonated. The resulting explosion consumed the entire city in a ten thousand degree fireball that incinerated everything and everyone in it's path, before being blown away by the blast wave, that reduced the buildings and people to little more than dust. The dust was then sucked upwards by the heat of the mushroom cloud- which collided with the roof of the cave trapping all the radioactive gases inside. Any survivors would choke to death. It was the same story all over the Planet. The Space Marines had planned the genocide of the Repti species. Aliens, Demons, Ancestors of Humanity- it didn't matter what they used to be now, because now, they were dust.

In orbit around the Earth, the surviving Military and Civilian ships slowly moved away from the Earth and out towards the endless ocean of the Stars, lead by the Aurora, which had been patched up since the Reactor Overload/fight with the Original Humans. Admiral Jusane stood on the Bridge and gave the order to the Helmsman to take them to Erra. The ship lifted up it's underside and pointed it's Anti-Gravity Engines towards the Lyra Constellation. This was where the Promised Land was located. The swirling vortex of Energy from the Engines shone out and formed a wormhole that the ship travelled through- the other ships in the fleet did the same and disappeared in a flash of light.

Twenty years Later

"You still believe that the Original Humans showed up that day?" laughed Ashmir, Admiral Jusanes son. They were both sitting on the side of a cliff, overlooking a grand valley. Ashmir now looked like a strong middle aged man, wearing a business suit- his legs had fully healed since his miraculous recovery.

"Yeah," replied Jusane. "Yeah I do..." She had aged a lot since that day- now in her early Sixties and retired from the Star Navy.

"But Mom, you're the only one who remembers any kind of Battle. They all say you were unconscious when Andreas made that broadcast- you seriously don't believe you dreamt the whole thing up?"

Jusane shrugged.

"Lots of people have memory loss when they encounter UFO's..." she replied.

Ashmir laughed again.

"That's a pretty Schizophrenic attitude! 'It's not me, it's the rest of the world.'"

Jusane smiled.

"Yeah well, I just don't see how else to explain me finding that Data Card...that just happened to have the location of the Promised Land on it."

There was a pause.

"Speaking of which," continued Ashmir. "Doesn't that make you the Final Saviour? I did lead us all to the Promised Land."

Jusane laughed and shrugged,

"I dunno...maybe...I mean. If I'm right...and I wasn't imagining it, then Kiyoko is the one who gave me the Data she could technically the Final Saviour...or it could be Arthur...the one who called forth the Original Humans to show us the way..." She chuckled. "Or maybe it was Andreas after all...for brining us all together."

There was a pause.

"Do you wanna know what I think?" Ashmir asked.

Jusane turned to him and smiled.

"Go on,"

"I don't think it matters....I think all mankind has to go on at the moment, is faith. It all starts with faith- but it doesn't end with it. Science is what will one day prove it right or wrong. Did the Original Humans really come to save us that day? Were the Repti really Aliens? One day Science will even prove whether God exists or not. It might be tomorrow, it might be in a million years...but one day It'll do it."

"Faith in Science huh?"

Ashmir nodded.

"Dues Ex Machina."

Jusane took a deep breath and rubbed Ashmir on the back.

"That's very wise of you son," she sighed. "But I'll tell you what is important. Weren't you supposed to be meeting Amy for Parenting lessons?"

"Oh crap I forgot!"

Ashmir jumped to his feet and turned to walk away.

"What are you gonna name the baby?" she asked.

Ashmir turned around with a smile on his face.

"I was thinking..." he called. "If it was a boy...Arthur."

Jusane looked surprised at the answer, but then smiled.

"Good choice..." she replied.

They said their goodbyes and she turned around to over look the beautiful hillside, over looking a vast rolling valley covered in lush green forests for as far as the eye could see. The sound of strange exotic alien birds could be heard singing over head in the clear blue sky without a single cloud blotting out the bright shining dual stars. In between the two hills at the foot of the valley was vast stretching beautiful beach that overlooked a seemingly endless blue ocean. To the west you could see the construction site for the new city- building massive gleaming beautiful skyscrapers. Jusane was overcome with a sense happiness- this was home, what home should have always been.