One afternoon a maniac burst through the door screaming, "Help!" when a balding man came and said "Jak what the hell are you doing in my house?" Nervously a tall lanky man who seemed to looked as if he had been released from the insane asylum then replies "I just torn out a mattress tag that said 'Don't not remove under penalty of law', please hide me Larry..." Tired of this being that it's 2:30 in the morning, Larry decides to humor Jak knowing he won't let up and said "Alright for this night where you can hide in the closet, they will try to find you here and that's why you will have to find another place to hide until the whole thing blows over"

Ecstatic Jak screams "THANK YOU!"

Later that morning Larry was ready to got to work when he realized he forgot something. He rushed to the closet to find Jak whimpering saying, "...they're coming to get me, they're coming to get me..." Tired of this Larry decides to call the insane asylum to take away that crazy tin-foil wearing maniac who idolized Alex Jones and Michael Moore for as long as he can remember. "Why do they let him out?" he muttered to himself as he went to the kitchen to pick up a phone when a doorbell rings, "What now?" he shouts before putting the phone back down. After he opens a door it was his friend Michael from the police.

"What is it now? Larry asked rudely

"Keep that up and I may have to haul you in so you can meet bubba" Michael replies

Soon after that Michael starts laughing and said, "Dude, why so cereal?"

"I hate that joke" answered Larry

"Emos don't live very long you know" said Michael as he enters the house, "Anyway how's it going?" he asks

"Okay, not much have been going on at the post office lately...that reminds me, I'm going to be late!" answers Larry as he grabs his jacket and was ready to leave when he suddenly remembers something, "Wait, Mike you're off-duty now right?"

"Um...yeah, why?" answers Michael

"There's something I will need you to do," said Larry