In the hall, Michael starts sprinting to the restroom to relieve himself when he remember something didn't seem to fit.

"Wait a the heck did I managed to get out of that standoff?"

Then he remember what happened at the school cafeteria where he and several thugs along with a random security guard were locked up in a Mexican standoff. Tensions starts rising when Jak continues to whimper and wets his pants. Seeing this, the thug Jak have taken hostage then elbow him on the groin and wrestle the gun away before proceeding to shoot him in the knee.


With everyone distracted, Michael and a security guard quickly move out of their position and starts to fire at the thugs. After few of the thugs are killed, the rest runs off into the hall way where the security guard give chase. Michael stays there and yells "Someone help this man, SOMEBODY!!!"

Jak lies on the floor in agony as the blood starts leaking out of his knee, eventually one of the school doctors came as Michael runs off because the blood leaking made him want to take a whiz.

"You stay for a moment, I need to go to the bathroom" he said

"I WANT MY MOMMY!!!" Jak continues to scream

"Don't worry, I'll be back here safely, the security guard will take care of those people"

After finishing relieving himself, he hears someone running by the restroom. He came out and tackles him to the ground before turning him around to see who it is...

"Wait a're that bastard who shot Jak!" he said

"So what are ya gonna do about it?" said the thug

Michael then twist his neck all the way to his back.

"It's a good thing I watched plenty of martial arts films" he said to himself

As he heads back to the cafeteria, one of the remaining thugs came and confronts him.

"You bastard, you killed some of my I won't let you get away with this!" he screams

"Put down the gun kid" Michael said

"NO! In fact I'll kill you by using a technique I have learned from playing Metal Gear!"


Soon the thug starts twirling his pistol around with his right hand while Michael stood there in disbelief. After several minutes of watching an idiot twirling his gun, Michael starts thinking to himself...

Can this become any more ridiculous? Seriously even I'm not that stu...oh wait...I hate irony!

After another several minutes of twirling with no result, Michael then said "If you don't mind I'll get going"

"Okay, just be sure to get back in time so I can kill you" said the idiot

"Okay, sure kid"

As he's leaving, a mental image of a thug doing leek spin made him shudder. But unfortunately upon trying to find his way back to the cafeteria, he realize he got lost and finds himself at the boiler room.

"I really need to start paying more attention" he said to himself

While making his way out of the boiler room, a security guard from earlier stumbles toward him. Soon he falls with several kitchen knives sticking on his back as the killer throws another one onto his body. Then the assailant steps forward out of the shadow into the spot where the sun shone through the window to reveal himself while twirling his knife around before proceeding to quickly take out a couple more to start juggling them. The initial horror Michael had have now been replaced with confusion and surprise with one question in his mind, is he supposed to take this guy seriously?

"Is this a circus?" he said

The assailant starts throwing a knife at Michael, grazing his cheek in the process.

"Don't mock me!" the knife-thrower yells

"What the hell is that for? I wasn't mocking you, the whole thing's getting ridiculous, it's like living in a web comic by that livejournal user" Michael yells

Angry, the knife-thrower throws three more knives at Michael who barely dodge them all. Then he takes out several more knives that were attached to his belt before throwing them with no success at all thanks to the predictability of the knife-thrower which tipped Michael off, thus allowing him to dodge them all. Afterward, the knife-thrower reaches for more only to find out they're all out.

"Next time don't use all those knives on one person, understand?" said Michael

"Guess I should have thought this one through" said the knife-thrower

"Indeed you do"

Then Michael picks up a knife and throws it into the knife-thrower's throat.

"I really need to stop reading those web comics in livejournal" he said before moving to find the cafeteria despite few armed thugs are still on the loose.

While waiting from outside of the building, Larry and the lieutenant are discussing whether they should send in the SWAT team to smoke out the thugs.

"I know it didn't work out well in Russia few years ago but those thugs are the ones who raped a young girl in Miami, Florida over a year ago, been on the run since that time" said the lieutenant

"You mean Susanna Rogers case?" Larry exclaims

"It's them, from the grainy video footage the identity matched"

"Just do it!"

"There's a risk however..."

"Michael will make it worse, he haven't been the same ever since the incident in Canada few years ago"

"Very well then"

Meanwhile at the hall way, Michael became surprised to see that idiot is still standing there twirling his gun.

"Don't give up kid" he said

"Don't worry, it'll happen an minute now..." the idiot answers as he continues to twirl his gun

"...any minute now..."

"Okay..." said Michael who became spooked as he starts to find his way back to the cafeteria before running into a leader of the group

"You may have killed my friends but no one messes with me!" he said while pointing a gun at Michael

"Then what?" said Michael who expects the thug to shoot him

"I'll challenge you to a fist-fight, we'll go to the basement!"

"Okay then..."

Why couldn't he just shoot him? For whatever reason, all Michael knew is that he caught a lucky break. But what will happen next? For all he knows, there's only one way to find out soon enough.