We sat on the couch simply talking about anything and everything we couldn't tell each other before.

"So Andrew..." Daniel held my hand entwining our fingers together.

"He's a hunter too."

He raised his eyebrows slowly. "I'm guessing he doesn't know where you are right now?"

I cleared my throat softly and smiled. "Actually, he does know." I scanned his confused face, I spoke again before he said anything. "Andrew surprisingly is okay with us."

"Really." Daniel sighed in disbelief.

"For once, he cares about how I feel." I laughed then suddenly got serious. "How about your family? Do they know?"

Daniel licked his flawless lips before he spoke. "I think it's just Anne and I. If my parents knew, Our family will be forced to relocate."

"Well this is going to be hard. I kind of want your parents to like me, even when they kind of automatically hate me already." I mumbled.

Daniel smiled kissing my forehead. "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll like you for who you are..." He paused then chuckled. "I guess... We don't have to tell them right away. Tell me about your parents. Are they really dead?"

I nodded. I haven't told anyone about my parents. The only one who knew was Caleb, but that was mainly because he and my father were so close. "My dad, he taught me everything. I kind of wished he kept to himself. I wanted to be normal." I whispered. "He was on the job one night, and he just didn't come home."

"And your mother?"

I knitted my eyebrows. "I don't really remember her. I was too young when she died." I said. "But my father said she was beautiful. I wish I could remember her face. I don't even have anything to remember her by."

Daniel kissed the side of my head as I rested it on his chest.

There was a noise at the front door. I snapped my head up. "Did you hear that?" I whispered, getting up.

He sniffed the air, his eyebrows furrowed. "Stay behind me." He stood up and held my hand firmly.

I nodded and did what I was told. I could smell something sweet as well and bitter in the air. My eyes widened when I saw the vampire who just walked into the room. He was holding someone covered in blood, a girl. It didn't look like she was breathing. I gripped Daniel's hand tightly when I recognized who the girl was.

"Anne!" Daniel took the bloody body from the vampire. He looked like Daniel but older, angrier. His eyes were a deep red. The kind of red that I only saw in vampires who were extremely angry. "What happened?" Daniel laid Anne on the couch gently.

"We went to the club right after I picked her up from the airport." His voice was low, his body was shaking. "It was a hunter."

I stood still. My eyes flickered towards the kitchen. Why did I leave my knife on the counter?

"I left her alone for a minute and the next thing I knew, she was on the side of the building. Like this." He was pacing. Pounding his fist into the palm of his hand. "If I ever find this son of a bitch..."

Daniel ran his fingers through his hair in frustration looking at Anne. "For the love of God Anne." he mumbled. Anne suddenly twitched, Daniel and the vampire came to her side. She coughed gasping for air, then fell limp. "She's gone." Daniel whispered looking at the floor.

I swallowed the lump in my throat. Anne was dead. And a hunter killed her. From what I knew, Andrew and I were the only hunters in town. And I was having dinner with a vampire. Andrew however, I had no idea.

The vampire whipped his head around to turn at me. He stood up angrily. "You." Daniel got up and stood in between us. "So you're the girlfriend." He took a step towards me.

Daniel put his hand on the vampire's chest above his bloody shirt. "Eric, stop."

This vampire, the one that looked like he was about to pounce on me was the brother. The other Slade. "You know, Anne has told me so much about you." His eyes were on me like a hawk. "THIS IS YOUR FAULT." He boomed.

I stood my ground. Meeting up to his eyes. I wasn't afraid of him.

"You're a hunter." he spat, then motioned his hand where Anne was lying. "MY SISTER IS DEAD BECAUSE OF YOU."

I exhaled sharply and took a step towards him. Daniel pushed Eric back with both hands. "Eric. I know you are upset." He said with a careful voice. "But there's nothing we can do now."

Eric pushed Daniel forcefully. "What the hell is wrong with you man? Are you stupid? She'll kill the rest of us. Get it through your head." He looked at me speaking through his teeth. "This is war."

Before Daniel walked out of the living room with Eric. He gave me a look which I understood completely. It was a look that said Go home, now. I nodded. I waited until they were upstairs, then took my knife from the counter. Right next to it, were Daniel's car keys. I took them remembering that he drove us here.

I hopped into his car and sped home. My mind was spiraling. Andrew killed Anne. "That idiot." I muttered. I burst into the house. Something wasn't right. There was the smell of blood in the air. Dark red spots on the living room carpet. I walked into the bathroom, blood all over the sink and floor.

"Charlie?" Andrew was in my room wailing. He was lying on my bed holding his bloody shoulder. "It's burning."

I ran back to the bathroom and grabbed some towels. "Let me look at that." I frowned looking at his arm. My eyes widened. "She bit you." I gasped. "Are you stupid?" I was almost yelling. "You killed Daniel's sister AND you got bitten?"

Andrew held the towel up to his shoulder and sat up wincing. "She was a Slade?"

I glared at him. He had really screwed up. "Yes, and thanks to you. I could have been killed too. They're pissed Andrew. And Caleb will be too when he finds out you're going to turn into one of them." I spat.

"I thought you liked vampires." Andrew gave me a grin then screamed in agony. There was about two things I was absolutely sure about the process of turning into a vampire. One, it was going to hurt like a bitch. And two, there was no way to stop it.

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