Seeing Time tow his way through the day
Is stupefying.
He moves like a beast with special power.
Like a mutant that came fresh off an X-Men series.

Time has the ability to change his mass.
If he is in a great mood, he is skinny and light.
If he is in a terrible mood, he is fat and heavy.
When skinny and light, Time moves like an eagle,
Soaring through the sky up high.
When fat and heavy, Time moves like a monitor lizard,
Only moving when the sun gets too hot.

Time has the ability to heal, apparently.
But I say, Time also has the ability to un-heal.
If he likes you, he puts his hands on your wounds
And regenerate the cells to its original state.
But if he hates you, he stretches hands from everywhere
And tear open those wounds of yours.
Pain is subjective.

Don't get on his bad books
For he will put on his fake moustache
And attack you from behind.
He is a master of disguise
And will do whatever it takes to hurt you.
Put you in pain.

To see Time manoeuvre through the day
Is mind-boggling.
He demonstrates an array of powers
That it is difficult to list him as a timeless classic from an X-Men series.