Oliver: Nothing to be done. (silence) I asked my wife what are were waiting for. She patiently told me that we were waiting for Godot. Waiting. For. Godot. "What a stupid idea it was", I told her. What a stupid idea to name the child Godot. Godot will never come. "But why are we waiting?" I asked again. "Why can't we just leave?" And you know, she told me this. She told me something that broke my heart. "Time will tell." She said. Time will tell. Fuck. Indeed time will tell. Time told me something would happen. Time told me that something would come. Time told me something will change. And look at that tree there: that weeping willow dead in the middle of nowhere. I saw it one day while walking in the park with her, holding her hand tightly because of the cold and I saw the tree. Suddenly, an inspiration struck me. "Why don't we hang ourselves? Why don't we hang ourselves with a thin piece of rope I have on that willow over there?" I told her enthusiastically. She looked at me and said with the strictest face ever. "But that will give you an erection. And it is not as if the rope is going to carry your weight." What a nice wife I have; always logical, always rational, always there to park her nose into your affairs. And you ask me how I manage to tolerate it. I keep telling myself day after day that I must leave and that we can't be together. And when we are having a huge fight, I scream to her "Let us go our separate ways." She yells back, "FINE!" And then, we go our separate ways. (Long pause and actor does not move) But we always come crawling back to each other after every night, going back to her and telling her, "I love you". Then she hugs me. And I know. There's no place like home.