Faction 26


Battle I : Collection

Delta Base Report

November 1, 2015

Kyle Manning, Α Squad Leader - Weapon of choice: Shotgun

Kyle Jobes, Ώ Squad Leader - Weapon of choice: SMG

Base Weapons: None

Base Documents: None


The lakeside house was lit up with firelight, increasing the need for warmth. Jobes soaked himself in the falling water, the sweat tumbling off. In a matter of seconds both he and Manning's hair were drenched.

As both of the walked over through the grass to the edge of the lake, a deep and familiar feeling welled up inside them as they saw what was occurring on the other side of the old reservoir.

Military troops marched next to their mighty tanks.

They're back, both of them thought.

November 2, hr 0505


"What the hell?!!

Manning jumped up right from beneath his black blanket, falling onto the floor somewhere in the chaos. Jobes was right in the doorway of his small room, fortunately remembering that his parents were dead asleep upstairs.

"Oh my god, what the hell do you want?"

Jobes just smiled and held a set of papers up in the air.

The older teenager Manning lived with Jobes and his parents. He slept in the small basement room, but it was enough. The two friends usually spent all their time handing out in the woods and the deserted parts of Vernon. But today was not a normal day--Manning grabbed his plaid coat and large brown boots and busted out the door, running for the small wooden dock that hung at the edge of the lake.

Jobes lifted the papers with more excitement than the other had ever seen. The other half expected them to hold a check for a million dollars.

"This is it! The day that out meaningless lives have been waiting for!" Jobes's face went from over excited to deep red with exhaustion.

Opposite, Manning could figure out what he meant. His tired, puzzled face exploded the younger man holding the papers.

"Remember Xavier, addict that moved away with his sister to Washington?" Manning nodded. "He sent these to me. You know how he had money? Well, he had some inside contacts. He sent these to me because they were only pertaining to these areas. He figured the brother of D. Manning could use them somehow. "

Kyle Manning opened the papers. First, a bunch of random maps of New York State and some directions and contacts. The others were a little more interesting. An assortment of military orders, letters, and one or two faxes and hand-written notes. Kyle Jobes began to talk at an amazing speed, summarizing the meanings of all of them.

"Invasion. The entire eastern coast is being fucking invaded! A couple states south of NYC is being flooded with Reds. They're sending troops behind enemy lines and setting up some kind of sabotage for the American troops. It's finally happened!"

"Holy crap," Manning breathed. "You're right." A million speeches made to him by his brother flashed through his head. His brother talked about invasion before anyone else did. He had the Free Peoples' Militia assembled before there was a need for it. Now this was their chance to go Red Dawn on some Chinese invading on their land.

By the end of that day, Delta Base had been established--the old metal garage that sat adjacent from Jobes' house. The other papers had been locations of some people that they could get some light weaponry from, once they had collected some money. Both of their lives changed that day.

At first, it seemed like some crazy fantasy they had whipped up while watching a movie or playing video games. 'Lets separate ourselves from the government and kill some commies!'

But both of them knew that they could do this.

A huge amount of numbers had been called in the noontime. Unfortunately for them, the passing of American troops had started an immense commotion, and all help was collecting to help them with shelter and food. They had received three people to come to Delta Base and be lectured on their cause.

Nick F, 16 - Jobes' friend, known locally to be a pretty tough guy. Alex T - just a weird guy, recruited because of man shortage. Then there was Justin - very large and very fierce. Both Kyles had met him over the years.

Then there was Franco--Almost best friends with Kyle Manning for years. His aged father had been in Vietnam, and before the war he always talked about becoming a marine.

Just to put it frankly, one of those guys was me.

"You're here because of the people that are invading on this country."

Manning was the one that spoke--Jobes was never really good at that. Kyle J cringed at the look of their guests. We expected a party, but instead we were summoned to Delta Base to be enlisted.

"There is a four man squad of communist troops heading through. The government says it is part of the small diplomacy, and that the people coming through are just business. We are asking you to help us take them out."

Franco and Alex sat silent. Justin...well, not so much.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Manning rolled his eyes. "We'll be thrown in jail. Killing ambassadors? That would cause the Chinese just to invade us with even more force.

"They already are," Kyle Jobes said quietly. We all looked to the back wehre he was perched up against a workbench. "They are sending covert squads through the woods of the Eastern Coast. That's what the troops coming through are really doing.

Justin, his immense body jumping up, yelled, "Do you know how many people have tried to rise against invaded troops! Thousands! Millions! It just so happens that Manning is the brother of one of the only successful militia leaders in American history!" He pushed his chair away with his thick legs and walked out the garage. Alex left as well, not knowing anything that was going on around them.

"You guys are crazy," Nick said, laughing. But he stood his place. Jobes knew that his friend would stay.

He just sat there, his fathers' Vietnam coat on his shoulders. "Franco?" Manning said. He just smiled.