This is a remake of, "My Dream." This time, I am telling my dream in actual story form. This is the prologue.

It was amazing to reflect on the team's adventures in God's wonderful world. They had been places such as the Great Wall of China, to the towering snow capped peaks of Mount Everest. Each place preaching the name of God. Not all of their journeys had been pleasant though. Each of them had near death experiences. God seemed to always keep them on their toes, but they didn't mind. There were five members of the team, Kevin, Zach, Aubrey, Sarah, and Jacob.

God's adventures had now placed them on an island. All of their possessions had been lost except for their Bible. The only other occupants of the island were the fierce natives. So far, the team had successfully stayed hidden. Kevin, the team leader tried to keep the team calm each week went by. Everything was becomming choatic. Everyday they prayed for God's protection, and he had been keeping them safe. Faith was the only thing keeping them alive. Even though everything seemed to be going wrong, the team remembered this verse...

Psalms 73:26

"My body and mind may fail, but you are my strength and my choice forever."