Nothing is going to cover this.

I'm going to write until
the need to scream and rip
you into little bits is gone,

The need to destroy you
until you're as fucking
broken and useless as you
pretend to be.

And I'm going to watch
you whine and put your
'tragic, self-loathing'
mind and body
back into it's correct shape.

God knows I'd help you
until I had nothing left to give.
And you know.
The whole fucking internet knows
I would give you anything and

That I have emptied my
wallet for you more times
then I care to remember or count.

That I was only sex,
and the only thing you might
regret was getting along with me.

Or however you like
to phrase it.
'Take advantage of'
What ever.

I'm sick of it.
Stop guilt tripping
over the wrong things.
Get over yourself and

You want to save the world,
Good for fucking you!
Join the club and volunteer
for the god damned salvation army!

Write letters to soldiers,
donate food,
just do something.

Stop pitying yourself and
driving everyone away.

Because one day
when you're alone
you will have no one.

No one will give a damn if
you live or die.
No one will cry.

You won't have
anything left.
Just the thought of every
person you pushed away.

And the hope that when
you take your final step
into traffic
one of us will be there
to scream your name.

This doesn't come close, and I sincerely hope it never ends this way.