A/N-- This kind of just popped into my mind; I felt like I needed to write it down. Hope you like it.

If you can't see how I hurt

You must be blind

If you can't hear my silent pleas

You must be deaf

If you couldn't hear my heart shatter

You are deeply unobservant

If you can't see how I care

You must be looking right through me

I feel my feelings are obvious

Like they are written out on my forehead

Plain as daylight

There for the whole world to see

I feel attached to you

Like you're my life line

You're my savior

You're the other half of my self

I feel dedicated

To winning your heart

To deserving your feelings

To have you in my life

With you I have no light

There are no stars

There is no sun

There is no moon

No guiding light

Without you in my life

I need you desperately

I hoped you would see

Before I fell

Fell in too deep

Now I stand here

Feeling broken and unwanted

Because you don't see

How I hurt

When you turn away