SUMMARY: Leah was forced to be Calvin's girlfriend.A hot, sexy, rich, and apparently annoying first nothing seems wrong about this relationship until Leah's life became a complete suddenly,she found out something about their 'fake' relationship. Whatever it is, she's not to happy about it. What will she do? Go on and find out...

Chapter One: Pretending? So not fun!

"Okay, Ill pay it. Just give me a second."

He checked his pockets and took out his cell phone. Dialed some numbers…


Then a man's voice greeted him.

"Yeah, how was the shop?"


"That's nice. Uhmm…I might send a car there someone, well my girlfriend smashed a car 'accidentally'"

He glared at me and I glared back. You know the I'm-so-going-to-kick-your-ass glare. I mean call me his Girlfriend?? As if. I just broke up with my retard boyfriend. And I will never repeat NEVER be his girlfriend. He's a freaking Jerk!

"Okay thanks Bill. Take Care. Bye." Closed his phone and shoved it in his pocket.

"Everything's good" he informed me and the owner of the car… That I smashed…

"Okay. Thank You. Bro you have to watch your girlfriend. She's kind a dangerous you know"

"Yeah I know. And I will keep my eyes on her." He winked with a dazzling smile. Nice try but I will not be dazzled. He lifts his arm and put it on my waist pushing me closer to him.

"Eeeww Dude Back off!" I hollered.

"Yeah, sorry she's PMSing (premenstrual syndrome) It's the time of the month. 'Kay we'll see you later bro." He pulled me to his car and still his arm on my waist

"Look I'm not your girl—" Before I can finish my sentence, he pushed me closer and his lips crushing against mine. The kiss lasted for a while because I have no idea what the hell is happening. Then suddenly, my brain is telling me to push him away because he's Calvin Sullivan and he's a playboy! He broke a lot of hearts before just like what Jordan did to me.

Then BOOM! I finally pushed him away and yelled "What the hell is your problem?"

"Look you're the one that has a freaking problem! Why in the world would you smash a freaking car?"

"Why in the world would you care?"

"Because I paid the repairing."

"I didn't ask you to pay!" Its true right? I don't remember telling him to pay for the reparing.

"You said you were broke and the man looked like he's going to eat you so I volunteered to pay it." He reasoned

Why does this guy even care? Why in the freaking world would he care about me? Why would he care if that guy is going to eat me? I'm just a nobody to him. He probably doesn't even know my name. He probably just wanted me to sleep with him just like all his girls.

"What do you want?" I asked. Pissed.

"Why do you think I wanted something?"

"Because you wouldn't do this. You wouldn't pay the repairing for the car that I smashed for nothing. You wouldn't do anything to a girl without wanting something in return. And F.Y.I. I won't sleep with you like you're other girls! Because I'm not as stupid as you think!"

Oh great I'm mad again. Maybe ill go burn a house this time. I was so mad at him I didn't notice tears are falling from my eyes making my cheeks wet. Wonderful! I promised myself I won't cry after I smashed the freaking car and here I am crying because of an ignorant guy.

"You're so melodramatic. Okay you're right. I do want something from you."

See? I told you. And we all know what my answer and it's a —

"I wanted you to be my girlfriend—"

Okay for sure this is a no! I knew it! He just wanted me to sleep with him then after that we'll break up just like what Jordan did. Great!

"Not because I wanted to sleep with you but if you want…" Jerk!

"Anyway, I wanted you pretend not to make anyone jealous, but for my grandfather." Lie! Why the hell did his grandfather get in this conversation? I mean he's his grandfather!

"You see he's very ill and well do you remember Alyssa?"

I nodded. How can I forget her? She's his ex girlfriend. She's his first girlfriend, and well his longest relationship ever. Two and a half years. Long shiny blonde hair, slim body and deep stunning blue eyes.

"My grandfather really likes her and he enjoyed her company but we broke up and she's in New York. So I wanted you to pretend that you're my girlfriend. Please?" He's saying please? Wow he's not just an ignorant person he's also a hypocrite. This so confusing though. Why can't he just ask his other girls? Why me?

"You're probably wondering why I chose you. Well, it's because you kind a look a like Alyssa."

Did he just read mind? Wait for it. Wait for it .Okay read my mind. Nothing. He just stared at me waiting for my answer. It's still a no and I do not look like her.

"What? No I do not. She has this long blonde hair and I have this long Brown hair. She has her beautiful and mesmerizing eyes and I have this hideous green eyes. So why —"

I didn't continue because he was staring straight in my eyes. It was distracting.

"Your eyes are not hideous. They're beautiful." Right. Like I m going to believe that. Oh did I mention his hands are resting on my cheeks?

"Whatever" I rolled my eyes.

"And for some reason you reminds me of her." He gave a dazzling smile but once again I will NOT be dazzled. Instead I gave him the 'whatever' look and rolled my eyes.

"No! And for your information Lover boy I am very hard to get."

"Awww you called me lover boy. That so sweet of you. Please? I know you needed money and I can pay you. Ill pay you 50 bucks a day and you'll get 250 bucks a week. But I wont pay you for the first month because of I paid the —"

"Yea Yea I got it!" Sheesh I m tired of hearing it. Okay I smashed and destroyed a car because of a person that happens to be an asshole. Big Deal.

"Please? I promise I won't hurt you like what you're ex did. Who's your ex by the way?"

"It's none of your business!" So what should I say yes or no? Well he's right. I do need money. I'm broke. And I need to pay the repairing for the car because of the 'accident' so I have no choice but to say yes. Except. Should I get a job or take this offer? Let's see...

Job: Have to work.

Offer: Have to pretend to be his girlfriend.

Which on is easier?

"Fine. Deal. But no Sex! No kissing. And no touching."

"Deal. No sex. But kissing and touching are normal. And besides 250 bucks in a week is a big money. And I was the one paying so…"


And there you go. I am officially his (pretend) girlfriend. And we made a contract.



-50 bucks per day. If the girl is not doing what the guy wanted, the guy will decrease the pot money ($50)

-Parents and other people should know about our relationship.

-During the first month, the girl cannot quit because she still need to pay the You Know What.

-Girl will receive the money at the end of the day.

-Girl and Guy should treat each other as a girlfriend/boyfriend.

-No one can quit! Until the guy said so.



Calvin Sullivan

Leah Miller

Yeah…uhmmm this will be fun…..NOT!

As long as I don't fall in love with him, then I m good.

Goal: Do NOT Fall In Love.

Or at least try…

A/N: Hi guyz!! Uhmm... I hope you like this. If you don't I m really sorry ill try my best next time 

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Chapter Two: