Headstrong by AndromedaMarine

I'm independent – full of flair,
yet as I sit here, you sit there.
I keep You close to my damaged heart,
praying it won't be ripped apart.

I trust You, friend, as You well know,
but feelings can be hard to show.
Perhaps there's more to this hard Fate,
of waiting now – then it's too late.

I sit alone beside my thought,
wond'ring 'bout what we have wrought.
And keep in mind my calling true
will bring a future involving You.

My time at home has taught me much:
writing, reading, the comforting touch.
Yet as You sit across from me,
my eyes glance down. I cannot see.

You saved me from an awful road,
You picked me up, so I followed.
You taught me to admit my sin,
and forgive the past – that which has been.

I've turned to You to keep me straight;
the narrow path that is so Great.
And I imagine the grand 'what if.'
I might've fallen off that cliff.

You keep me steady, up on my feet.
You walk with me along the street.
The others see me stand alone,
but it's in You that I have grown.

And if I've been convinced at all,
You were the one who stopped my fall.
My memories show that when I cried,
I felt You there, right by my side.

You kept me safe when I was scared.
You showed me that you really cared.
Now, as I look upon my past
I see the sins I have amassed.

Yet they are not atop my head,
You've taken them, that's why you bled.
And now my mind is clear and still.
You've let me see – it was His will.

But even death can't keep its grip.
You came back to all, to our friendship.
You catch my eye and remind me of
the fact that I have all Your love.

And now that I can meet Your eye,
I see the truth – we cannot die.
And every time I right a wrong,
You let me know: we are headstrong.