I Wish by AndromedaMarine

I wish there was more to this world.
We wage wars, cause death, lose sight.
I wish I could see global peace,
but Earth has a temper – can't win without a fight.

I wish there was more to this life.
I see destruction and death,
and our freedom isn't free – it's bought and paid for.
Too many people draw their last breath.

I wish I could calm the conflict.
I wish I could be one to aide.
Yet so many refuse to compromise,
and now I wish the light would just fade.

I wish for the dawn of the future,
and for the realization to hit:
no one thinks the same anymore,
and everyone just wants to quit.

I wish there was more than there is,
that there's more to look forward to in life.
I wish I had a chance to simply know.
I wish there was an end to this strife.

I wish I could silence the fears.
Screams of terror echo across the globe.
I wish there was something to hold,
or that I could simply go through the Wardrobe.

I wish I could take leave of this place.
I wish I could hide every sin.
Or, maybe, I wish for the end.
That He would come back. He would win.

I wish for the hole to be filled.
My heart was so empty.
I wish I could triumph over death.
But I also wish to simply be.

I wish I could know all there is.
I wish I could hear every sound.
I wish I could travel the world.
And I wish for my life to be found.

I wish to seek comfort within.
But most minds are just full of dust.
I wish more could be expected.
And I wish people were easier to trust.

I wish I could wonder 'bout love.
And I wonder if it would be tough,
to wonder if there could be hope,
And to wonder if wishing's enough.