This is a rant, labeled Utopia, that is set as a mad man amongst a large stage. The mad man in a torn up business suit is pointing a gun at a frightened politician, perhaps a president or leader of some country. The entire crowd sitting below the stage is ready to tear the country apart, but is quietly, anxiously waiting to see happens next.

Why am I doing this? Why? Why, for utopia of course! But in order for that to happen I would have to remove all the diseases, weapons, pieces of unhappiness, and problems of this world. Your just one of the many diseases, a Politician, HA! The dirt of this world, the reason why it's nearly come to an end. But like I said, I need to remove all the diseases from this world so unfortunately, you've got to go. Utopia huh? The perfect society, but in order for that to happen we would have to remove all the imperfectness leaving us only with the ignorant, controlled, perfect person. What's wrong with the world now? Well, I'll tell you, everything, everything is wrong. What's going on now, some pointless war? Some meaningless conflict? We will destroy this world by ourselves, without the help of this so called god. Is that what we are fighting for? God? Why can we remove it, why can't we remove everything? Everything needs removing, everything needs fixing. Everything needs ME! Utopia, utopia, utopia, get it!