Yes, this is a clip from a main (a lot longer) story a Sairy = a 4 foot Fairy, butterfly wings, with short stubby wands – they sure look harmless. Alex and Den are Sairys. Goblin is pretty self explanatory. And a Night is a heavily armored, black, hairy beast – intelligent and created only for fighting – they ride a Dreadful, a muscular horse like creature with long black dreadlocks that cover its entire body, hiding its dark eyes.


"There are two Sairys retreating towards us, one looks dead."

"Well, B said kill them all."

"Kill," The Night snapped a metal arrow into his hand held cross bow and aimed it steadily at the pair of Sairy's in range.


Movement was slow but the safety of the forest is now only a few feet away. Den didn't seem frightened he felt the forest's edge was safe, no one had followed him either.


"Fire already!" the goblin stared at the Night in excitement. The Night pulled the trigger and the arrow released charging towards the two Sairys.


Alex's eyes began to open; everything around him was in a slow blur. His leg hurt, it was probably broken and his throat burned like fire. He noticed he was moving slowly, sound around him was blurred as he slowly looked at Den who was flying a few feet away guiding the hover spell. Den looked back down at him, "You're awake!" He stopped 20 feet away from the forest's edge. He called a voice spell "Red! Alex has finally come to, progress will be a lot faster with him awake, expect reinforcements soon." Den looked into the forest; relief was obvious on his face.

The world froze around him. By instinct Den grabbed at his throat, he couldn't reach it. A metal rod stuck out of his neck, he couldn't pull it out, his hands wouldn't move, it was stuck. Everything went white as an everlasting buzz rung in his ears.

Alex looked over, his vision cleared but something was wrong. A white flash exploded from Den and Alex dropped hitting the ground, the hover spell abruptly stopped. Sound came flooding back into his ears and his sight was now crystal clear, they were under attack. Where? What was attacking? He looked over at Den lying on the trampled grass next to him; Den's eyes were still wide open and stared off lifelessly into the sky. Grass? Alex tried to look around; they were in the Roots Meadow, why? Why out in the open? He looked back at Den, a metal arrow was lodged into the center of his throat, almost no blood etched his wound, he was dead.


"The other one's not dead!" The goblin laughed.

The Night hooked his crossbow into the pack on his Dreadful grazing behind him then pulled a rifle-like gun off of it.

"Less accurate then the crossbow, loud, and less effective, but how can I miss a still target?" The Night aimed at Alex. Gun's though illegal on Harmenage where not actively regulated unless they wielded gunpowder, as long as a police working the ground didn't see you with the weapon no one really cared. His air powered spring gun increased noise while lowering accuracy and range by almost 90% of a gunpowder gun. The gun he wielded was about useless unless it was in close combat.

Gunpowder on the other hand is highly regulated and monitored by satellites 24/7, It's not allowed within 5000 miles of the planets atmosphere if ships are spotted they are disabled and the crew arrested. If gunpowder plants were spotted on the ground or wielders are spotted they will be killed immediately by satellite guided weapons.

The Night loaded 16 bullets into his rifle and aimed at the disabled Sairy 30 feet away.


*Bang!* a thunder rung out of the forest. Alex flinched as a hole blew though his right wing tearing the fragile membrane into pieces. Panicked he looked around, the grass was trampled, no where to hide at all, only way to escape was to fix his wing and fly into the forest. But where is his wand? Den must have it. Alex rolled from his side onto his stomach and pulled his body over to Den, his broken leg wasn't helping. Once Alex reached the body he pulled himself on top of it and another crack rang from the forest. The bullet nailed the bone connecting his right wing to his back and ricocheted digging into his shoulder blade. The wing snapped and flattened uselessly over Den's body, the bone shattered.

Alex shook in the pain but forced himself to concentrate, the wand, Den's pockets, first one was empty, second one empty too, he tried the back pocked, a familiar rod, his wand! He quickly pulled it out of the pocket and chanted a health spell, the cracked wing healed but the torn hole from the first shot didn't, He took to long and still couldn't fly. He couldn't walk either, or fight without seeing what he was attacking; there was only one thing left to do, surrender.

Alex forced himself up onto his one good leg and tried his best to stand. He slowly placed his wand down on the ground and removed his shoe to set his wand on top of his foot. Maybe if he surrenders the shooter will come out, not knowing that he can still cast spells as long as he touches his wand. He rose his hands into the air and yelled out towards the forest "I surrender!" No shots have been fired, that's a good sign. He muttered a hearing spell and listened to movement in the forest, something moved closer to him, still behind the trees only 20 feet directly in front of him, he stared into the forest trying to get a glimpse of his attacker, it blended in with the dark forest. Alex got ready for it to pop out; he got ready to make his kill.

Two objects shined from around the tree directly in front of him, *Bang! Bang!* two cracks echoed, the first crashed into Alex's chest just below his heart while the second nailed him in the cheek digging deep into his mouth before crashing into his jaw bone and ricocheting upward out of the back of his head.

His body was shocked, finished, blood spewed out of his chest as his severed throat gasped for air it couldn't quite reach. Alex tried with the last of his strength to call out a health spell, but his lips wouldn't move, frozen, because of his dislocated jaw. Sound drifted away from his ears, the Night had won.