A/N: OK, this is a little bit odd, (especialldy the first story), but my sister and I decided that we should try and write some short stories. The consequences were, of course, inevitable and disastrous. But, no matter, here they are; exactly 100 words each. Enjoy, my friends. (By the way, note the sudden change of atmosphere from one story to the next. That was unintentional, but it makes an interesting contrast of manipulation.)

The duck marched with its fellow ducklings. Their path… Unknown. Their fates… Unpredictable. They were heading to war. The one way ticket, to hell and back. Their enemies, the geese, had set base camp near the river with their allies – the swans. The snakes had vowed to join the duck's league, marching across the swamp that streamed towards the river. As they reached their destination, the battle began. Many were dying, and as they fell, the ducks said to themselves; "We're dying for a good cause: our right to cross breed with snakes." The warriors then drew their final breath.

The "what ifs" and "maybe thens" flowed through my mind. A razor blade stood, staring at me incredulously, daring me to meet my temptations. My eyes flickered between reality and fantasies.

But should I give into this irreversible fate?

I drew it across my flesh, a pool of blood drowning my senses. An ocean escaping from its banks, setting free a world of insanity. Chaos controlled my mind, reigning indestructibility everywhere, coursing across my veins and filling my lungs with metaphorical fluids. I imagined my pulse thinning; my heart ceasing to beat.

So should I give into my self-made destiny?